Also what happened to equibooru?

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Imagine how amazing that would feel...

No one?

So fucking hot, i love horse cocks

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never went there myself - I'm guessing it got entirely eclipsed by the existence of e621

Interesting topic

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Liters of sperm dripping out of your butt while he is using you as his toy

how do i find a horse to fuck? i dont own one or know anyone with a horse


What's wrong with you? You don't think that flare would feel fucking AWESOME?

equibooru still up for me buddy.

What's the domain?

You yanks sure do love your horse porn haha

Google it. :)

why are you not on /gif/ in the first place, where there actually already is a horse thread?

you now have a horse cock, but no hands. only hooves. and your arms don't bend in any way that can let you touch your cock. happy?

you could ask Mr Hands.

oh, wait, no, you can't. he's dead.

because it's a cgi horse thread, and therefore unrealistic.

what would cost more - containing your horse lust, or doing the research and buying one?

then start a realistic horse thread on /gif/ the point still stands, why make a gif thread on Cred Forums when theres a whole board for gifs