Eurofag here

Eurofag here
Do you Americans actually enjoy these kind of debates? Talking about politics is okaybut this setting is fucking ridiculous, these idiots hanging there like cods, damn American flags all around, Is this shit serious?
America's got a lot of incredible stuff but this is just embarassing to me.

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Flag fetishism is a thing everywhere in this country, not just debates.

No one enjoys that shit but it’s like Church, you’re part of it because you feel like you have to so “they” don’t “win”.

The flag thing is self explanatory, part pandering part show of strength. America is legit powerful and that flag is respected, if only in fear.

Mike B got raped in the last one. So yes

I just catch the highlights. Curious to see who eventually will get their ass handed to them by Trump

Bernie will be your president. Start your crying now, bitch

1v1 debates can occasionally be worth watching. Even still, the moderator approach and agenda usually ruins what could be learned. Having a large group and asking each different shit is not a debate. Plus a lot of the questions are scripted and sometimes provided in advance to the debators.
In school we learned debating and it's nothing like these shitfests. Should be a question that one answers and the other person provides a rebuttal. Then the first person responds to the rebuttal. Next question the order is switched. At the end a concluding remark is made by each summing up the entire debate topic.

Debates are a meme. The only people watching them are those in news media and other politicians.

One gets you a job at Home Depot, the "shitfest" gets you in the White House. But I guess the moral superiority makes up for it

It looks ridiculous because the media is center-right politically as is our government.

We all know nobody, not even yourself believes this

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Yes we do. Sanders won 3 primaries and is on to win Super Tuesday. The momentum is there. Don't be a faggot.

Haha...He has no chance. Even the DNC hates him. The loud bernie bro minority ain't enough

Fatboy didn't win the first 3 states. Bernie is literally the only one in history. Stay in denial, cuck

It isn't just Berniebros anymore. Sanders just won NV with the help of their large Latino community.

This, tbh. Watching the debates is like watching a train wreck. If you know it's happening, you can't look away.

He has the working class behind him. All Trump has are the sister-fuckers and retards

It was the only debate that totally delivered.

If the structure was less gay, then people would actually learn about candidate positions. It wouldn't be all dramatically faggy, so it wont happen. Networks want everything to be a drama reality show, not an educational and informative discussion.

Trump has been effective with the blue collar workers. Incumbents have a advantage anyway. Economy is good. Unemployment down. It's not the right environment for a open socialist to win.

Not to mention the insane amount of money it takes to broadcast a debate. It'll all be on the Internet next Election.

>He has the working class
I'm not user, but I automatically assumed you were talking about Trump until I read further. Trump stole the working class vote last election. They all love him. Thd economy has improved under Trump, wages for workers has increased, their taxes decreased. What is Bernie offering them? Free shit, that will never pass Congress, because it's impossible to pay for?

I was for Yang. His UBI would have cost trillions, but it was possible. Thd things Bernie wants to do are so far from possible that it's a joke. Just like him. Workers in the US will never support socialists.

Every clown on the dem side doesnt have a prayer. I was slightly concerned about Bloomberg. But after his shitastical performance at his first debate...hes fucked too

There aren't any open socialists except Trump and the establishment who love socialism for the rich and corporations. All you have are stupid, bad faith talking points

Look, another idiot

Copy and and paste regurgitation.

Talking points? Ever heard bernie actually present a plan on how hes going to accomplish the bullshit hes selling? If you really have a problem with socialists..who do you think is less so that Trump on the other side?

>who do you think is less so that Trump on the other side

Burger here. I despise the format of our debates. It only encourages car salesman pitches and zingers. If a candidate can't make something into a 90 second sound bite, better to say nothing at all.

Give burgers a chance, we might surprise you. I do have an attention span longer than 90 seconds, believe it or not. And 90 seconds is not nearly enough to provide nuance, context, and conditional plans for major policies. We're interviewing for the leader of the free world for crying out loud, not the button pusher at the drive up photomart. If the debate takes four hours so that candidates can really dig into their policy positions, I'm fine with this.

Such a intelligent response..fucking idiot

Kill yourself

Wait until you get financially ass raped by some huge medical bills, Skippy. Shit like that will make anyone want universal health care

>direct response to a post
>copy pasta

It is disturbing how much time you faggots spend obsessing about the US. Why is it embarrassing to you? It has nothing to do with you. Why do you think anyone in the US cares about your opinion? Under just about every news article there is always "I'm not American but..." as if pontificating on the goings on in the US is your job and anyone in the US gives a shit. Fuck off.

>the actual tactics of political shills

I pay for my health insurance .its called adulting.

>its called adulting
Cringe lord, welcome

Completely agree with you, user. Dare I say it, but I want them to be tired and stressed from fielding questions for hours. I want to know who's going to keep their shit together in a crisis, and who is going to wilt like a lilly.

As do I . Stop being a shill.

Much like words universal health care...that's cringeworthy too

I will when you stop being a bitch who wishes the govt control every aspect of your life

Every other country has it. But you and your representatives prefer to lick the ass of insurance companies so as not to make them mad. Bootlicker

"Bernie will be your president. Start your crying now, bitch"

When he loses are cities going to burn to the ground? Kyle Jurek has the citizens of Milwaukee shaking in their A bunch of soyboys crying and youtube videos of communists crying will go around YouTube just like last election. Did you see the amount of people at Trumps Rally? Sanders is going to die before the election anyways. Hes gonna get hit by a heart attack that will hurt more than Hillary when she slipped and got CTE... her reaction to those balloons dropping and when all the reporters asked her a question and she had a seizure and responded with "you have got to try the ice chai" is almost as funny as all the Democrat crying videos we will be seeing later this year. Trump us going to win and theres nothing you can do about it.

Every flag fetishist I know is a Republican. Religious gun nut with racist tendencies. Every time I see the flag now it just comes across as a symbol of racism.

Dem debates are fucking boring but when trump joins the debates It will be fun to watch

Its really just for soundbites and "gotcha" moments. All the time they spend leading up to these things, and the debates themselves, would be better spent in a 1 on 1 debate, allowing each candidate to debate another candidate. Rotate through it so each can speak to another and argue their shit out. They don't need that long to pick each other apart, maybe a half hour each. One guy arguing with eight other people would take four hours, plus breaks. That means they'd generate about 32 hours of viewable discussion, and they could do that about once a month as they winnow down the competition. Not that everyone would watch it (I wouldn't) but it would be more thorough, and everything would be on record.

Ooh no, the right is getting better at comedy and its making lefties nervous.jpg

>Sanders is going to die before the election anyways
Trump is 300 pounds and high on meth 24/7 but sure okay

We don’t watch. They know we don’t watch but they have to have shit to talk about on the myriad 24 hour cable news shows. They don’t matter and this bothers them beyond belief. Term for it is, the chattering class, I believe. Most of us aren’t consumed with this nonsense. Just trying to get by. You listen to them and you’d think we are at each other’s throats, arguing about politics. We aren’t. It’s all bullshit. When someone does start yapping about politics, everyone kind of rolls their eyes and tries to ignore them, hoping they’ll shut up or just leave

Your lack of experience is showing

300 lbs and high on meth at the same time? K

It's not summer yet, newfag. Come back later dipshit

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Universal health care became synonymous with incels living off their parents and illegals. Doesnt matter how many white people with existing conditions die in the street, as long as beaners dont get free emergency room visits were willing to make the sacrifice. Please help.

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I see you have invested in Morse.
Good taste.

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The left was never serious.

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Oh shit! Sorry guys. Wrong thread.

You yanks just take your politics far too seriously. Choosing sides. Hating the other side. Going to rallies holding your signs chanting all sorts of bullshit. Calm down for fucks sake. Politicians by nature are lying cocksuckers. Theyll do anything to get into power, then fuck you in the ass anyway. So why bother being so passionate about it all in the first place

debates are like nascar
you dont care about the actual thing, you are just waiting for it to all go up in flames

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Universal healthcare became synonymous with being a good idea in the fifties, and finally got passed for the elderly in 1966.

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Thats why the two-party system is fucked. Even the founders didn't like it.

Its America. Theyd televise shitting contests if there were enough sponsors willing.

Thats Japan.