S/fur last thread reached limit

s/fur last thread reached limit

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Bunny girls?

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i have very few buns

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H/fur or caught masturbating or comics or huge creampies or some combination of all of that please =]

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I made brownies :3

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I love brownies, I haven't had any in a while. I prefer cookies tho.

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box or homemade?

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just out of a box
from scratch brownies aren't much more difficult though

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homemade brownies have more love in them
and by love i mean extra steps

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only difference is that the dry ingredients come pre-measured and mixed
boxed or homemade, key is to avoid over-mixing, otherwise you end up with a cake-like texture

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>Kiva hair
Thanks for reminding me of a fun old cartoon that Ill never get to see again

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can i request some cute reptiles :3

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The only thing I remember from that show is one episode ended with the sidekick flirting with an furry wolf girl alien.

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Ya that's an episode were they were competing on a Universal game show, if i'm remembering correctly.

One of the few shows to tease human/furry romance.

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and which show was that?

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ive always wondered, how many unique posters are in these fur threads. i bet it's just like 2 of you freaks sharing the same images back and forth

17 in this thread

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About 18 named people, with a few anons. I'd say a couple dozen total people come to post fur here. there's a handful of trolls and observers and people who come here to prod the furries as well.

>being this new and oblivious.

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Ya just like there are 10 people always posting
>Andy Sixx meme
Or you know this thing called a VPN or Dynamic ip

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alright ill see you guys in a little gn

I’m not a regular poster, but I browse. You’ll notice the poster count goes up with my reply

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Megas XLR

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True but again with a VPN or Dynamic ip then number will still go up regardless of if there really is or isn't more than one poster

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nice feet

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Which of course is based on preference for brownies, generally cake brownies are for different crowds of people
But I suppose we're talking about fudge brownies

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nice feet

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you can't post here through a vpn without a pass.
dynamic ip can actually be hard to change because most isp's don't only set ridiculous lease times, but also will assign you the same ip when the lease expires. tons of customers have to call their isp to get the ip address changed...unless you're on cellular internet...which even then it's still a hassle switching data off and on in between posts.

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nice feet


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Yeah I totally get you there, I have no proof that’s not the case, but I do know these guys have some plugin that allows them to trip on Cred Forums, so there is at least a couple + some lurkers like myself

Torrents exist iirc tho it's been years since I dl'd it. Still have the files.

I don't think so

No it's really not that hard to cut data off in phone. As or isp it's all about the provider, because for some because they have such a weak infrastructure it can be really easily changed. Like unplugging the router then plugging it back in while also clearing cookies.

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a few lurk. I dont post much anymore

nice feet

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more sexy thiccabelle

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a little hyper on the nipples but otherwise good hot art
artist name

keep the belle coming, pun intended

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moar isabelle

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I leave

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nice feet

nice feet

top tier Isabelle
I wish she wasn't in the suit with hips like that

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anyone have some cute frogs? :3

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Good morning (eventually night) everyone here :3

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Such a good cartoon.
Really wish they would put it out on DVD.


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If I remember correctly they more or less wrote the show off as a loss and sued it to fill in the red on the books. I kinda remember reading because of that it has to be pulled from air or re-airing old episodes and they more or less can never re-release it on any kind of media. But it would be really cool if they could.

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Fat furries are little more than food for the predators of the world. You don't have to be the fastest or the strongest, just faster or stronger than the fat person next to you. If you happen to be that fat person then thanks for being predator bait.

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Fucking unf

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Sage this abomination

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The mouse was from great mouse Detective.Pretty good Disney movie

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Nice feet

Damn can't post more

To be honest the idea fucking a motorcycle chick like that would be interesting