Trap thread 8623

trap thread 8623

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Damn I'd tap that

Yes she is lovely

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I like this one

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But wait
Y my pp hard?

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Finally a new shirt.
Rip dat yellow top

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Moar nerdy qts please

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ur back!

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Like to see in just the panties

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Wow!!! So sexy

lets keep going

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Yes please continue!

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Mouth watering

Luna is actually one of my fav

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I can see why

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Looking ready for some fun

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dump from a few days ago too

someone got pics of skye?

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Very hot!.... and thanks for the high quality

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Ahh, i love little trap titties they are my favorite

Oh tumblr how I miss the old you

A body I would love to explore


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What are filters supposed to show us

Anyone got cute moaning femboy videos?

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Nobody puts baby in the corner

Please moar!

Twitter @LeniaLen1


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To the Tweet machine!

You guys aint foolon anyone

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Gonna take my horse to the old town roadddd

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Wish jes would learn to make quality webms

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oh hey

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I like traps and sissies as much as the next guy, but it's important not to be delusional.
that's the reason people can't stand fags, they live in their own world

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Thank you for this!!


yw ;)

Your body looks soft can I feel

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They are beautiful in both cases

Any other trump supporting traps itt besides myself? Also fuck communism

>Implying we want to be fooled

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I'm soft and weak I sure hope nobody takes advantage of me! c;

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location? what, exactly, are you into?

Here is a little more

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Eww who got politics in my trap thread

I don't support him exactly but I don't hate him either.

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Love this. More please?

Your skin looks so soft


I would let my lips explore your body too

I’d like to support her body against mine

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nice one

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Boulder CO, and it doesn't matter I'm rape meat use me for what you're into and don't think twice about me.

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Is there some trap gore someone can post?

I rate this 8 UwUs out of 10. Moar

Someone posted a vid of a trap lactating earlier anyone save it?

I'm taken but I appreciate the love

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Thanks ! (-:

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It's a fucking scam

I'd shop up in real life and ask you to grow old with me, you're so cute

You’re welcome spread those cheeks so I can make you mine

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Ok. Idk what it is about this one but I want it bad.I claim her. Come trap. You can live with me now.

I'm going to CUB, you wanna hang out some time user

So is life

Fuuuuucccck, who is this? They're cute af

Kik EverydayCoconut

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do it I'm right here (:
all it takes to have me is to show up and take me!

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Lol thinking faggots are loyal enough for that

>thinking I wouldn't do anything for rent
I would love a Daddy to be loyal to

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Aw I'm flattered anons !

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Twitter @transdaughter

more feet

You could add me on Discord Devour#6699

would you be someone's live in slut wife with me? I'd love that! I'm super not the jealous type, and I'm a switch so I'm pretty sure we could find fun things to do!
Ok but I don't want to RP, Daddy, I really want it.

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but I like playing with my food user, why would you wanna rush things

My god. I just want to spoil you. You got medias? So cute.

because I'm a stupid brainless cockwhore, Daddy! I just want to get used

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How the fuck can you tell? You ain't seen their face or even really their body either, just cock and balls

How tall are you

You bring

And we can explore the fuckin world tofether.

Some aus chick

6' :/
I can't wear heels unless it's for pictures... IDK why people want to be model tall it's not fun
I'm trying, let's hope they're into it!

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Finally a user with a brain

I would drain my balls in that ass daily until I pass out

Bro. Why tf you care. Thats a fine ass and hella soft thighs lol i can imagine the rest. Now you go on somehwere and let me be horny :p

Cute prostitute, post more

Lucky guy! In my dreams you will be mine

Is me butthead :)

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Fucking love that body

would you marry a 5'10" manlet?

Fucking good

It stinks of desperate sadness in here
These niggers will gaslight a hairy dude if they think it'll get them attention

Mmmm tasty

Quite the downgrade kek

Ooof. Why are you so soft and fine. You need a daddy?

A man can wish



What’s the best way to discretely fuck a cute trap?

where are you from ? sounds unprobable but hot nevertheless
Do you have kik ?

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I was referring to the tall dude

Yeah it's pretty comical tho but it's a shame cause they run off the actual pretty ones that pass

show me your cock d:
I just switched to nair, such an upgrade
I feel like a baby
eh I'm already poly, it works great!
Boulder, CO
but maybe Daddy will take us somewhere!

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Anyone from Mass?


Lol no shit
Coz the good looking ones don't put up with their shit and call them out for acting like idiots
And they don't like people telling them the truth, they want to live in a fantasy

It unlikely. Im from the South. No but i could have. Drop it.

we all want our fantasy

Sexy. Got more?

Haha yall are even bigger losers just hoppin on here dick ridin for no reason. At least the chasers are doin it cause theyre horny yall just cold hatin like some tru queers

What are you even on about?
We're saying there are no traps anymore
It's just regular ass dudes that couldn't fool a blind man ans ita disgusting that people will call these faggots traps

Do you like the taste of your own ass?

Lot of haters in here denying their sexual desires

What's being denied pray tell?

of course, Daddy! Also, doesn't matter what I like, I'm meat you can do whatever you want to me and that's exactly what I was made for. I'll never be happy unless someone's using me (:

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Yeah you're right to some extent, its more close to crossdressing as you can't see the face
Yet, not everyone wish to have their faces exposed on here

You should chillout bro tho

Lol we wouldn't be hating if the traps posting where actually attractive. Theses arent traps these are dudes in girls clothes theres a big difference they need to go so we can have real traps

Omg log on disc already slut ;p

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Your ass is flat as a pancake do more squats and lunges and come back in a few months that ass is a disgrace to all traps.

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Dude fuck that you aint shit. I say they're fine as hell. Go to pornhub or some shit

I'm just saying it's dumb to call someone cute when all you've seen is their cock and balls and maybe their hairy asshole

Man feet looking ass look at those big ass veins.

Amen brother
Bring back the real traps in 2020
No more of these gross faggots

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nah bruh that ass is wack bro show me real traps and I'll stop

Well its like your opinion bro

However some posted really cute body despite the lack of face, you should look closer or maybe its just me i don't know

I'm off peace out

lol sorry I'll do better I guess

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Bad traps are like fat chicks: they’ll let you fuck them in the ass just to get some

He can hate, id still plow bby

We needa start a movement or something this shits terrible nothing but boner killers on here now

Make b great again 2020

Rape meat that demands to see cock without earning it?

come do it, please

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You say your sorry yet u still post that flat ass like wtf are you stupid

who says I'm not into earning it?
nah I'm just ignoring you, like wtf are you stupid?

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Your terrible at pics I cant even see you which is probably a good thing

Yummy ass, spread sissy pussy

Nope just someone with taste which u dont have apparently

Femenine buttholes

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Exactly right
Kill the boner killers!

More with better lighting

Lol there not posting much now looks like a mission success for me lol

No thanks I might vomit

Pick one that fits in both your holes and go back and forth slut

More of you qt. Any socials?

Kek, it's a start

they all fit both and I always do

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Aww. Cute clitty. Drop kik

Yea his ig is dude_with_a_flat_ass

That hole gonna eat my cock up
I love you

OP here

Maybe you should both start posting things you like instead of just hating for no good reasons

Needa boobs but atleast your hips look kinda feminine

You are high

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Go we dont want to see your ugly ass do you not get it or what are u retarded

Naw I'm here to criticize if they dont hear the truth they'll never improve

Gonna? I like the sound of that, come here and force it in me
You want me caged?
nah I'm still just ignoring the one butthurt faggot who screams cause nobody listens to him
sorry you didn't get attention from mommy and daddy, kid

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Good girl

Don't got anything saved on phone

Yeah I just ripped a dab and was hoping to see something good on here but it's all trash

Show hips

His ass is great

You got my attention down there

Need to be caged tbh
Or not, I like frotting

Oh damb that hurts coming from someone whose a embarrassment to his family

No his ass is flat u need glasses

either way! no difference to me, I just wanna do what you want
learn to spell

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lol I don't have much, but I'll show anyways. My pics are a bit scattered unless I put something on right now

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Hehe awww thank you!! I still soft and silky by lotioning 4-5 times a day! I smell like macadamia nuts ayyy :) always need a daddy
Hahah omg, sorry!! I barely get on it D:
Sure sure! My discord issss ABST1#0862 and I have a plebbit that I barely use these days!
Heyyy! My ass is literally all I have going for me hahaha what the hell :(
Thanks busta :)

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It was obviously a type o I'm sorry it's hard to type when I'm gagging from your pictures your posting

Look at those fucking man hands dude just quit this is not for you


You need a rough daddy

Soo cute. Dont listen to these dudes. Youre fine as heeeeell.

There's a difference from being nb and being mtf and clearly you don't know it. Just chill out dude and either enjoy the pics or fuck off. If you wanna prove your ass is better, be my guest.

See that pic isnt nearly as bad as the others you need to work on your angles to actually make it pop out like this pic the others just made your ass look like a nascar race track. But I'll give credit where its do I'm not a total asshole but on a serious not do more ass workouts u do need them

the word is typo learn to spell
tell me what else to show you

Attached: EMH4csSU8AIlqJS.jpg (640x480, 55K)

ps it's actually just shorthand for 'typographical error' so go fuck yourself

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Why would I show my ass I'm not a trap I just enjoy looking at them but the ones on now need work there not there yet

Bro post a live pic. Right now.

Surely you must be confusing me with someone else? I always say my ass is too fat :(
Exactly what I need :')
Aww thank you! I appreciate it. usually I'm hurt by that stuff because I'm sensitive but I know I at least have ass hahahh
Hahah wait now I feel like you gotta be confusing me with someone else!! I've only posted like 2 pics in this whole thread, idk what "others" ya mean??

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Send me your asses on kik ;)

Attached: p01tmmdp1eh41.jpg (600x800, 61K)

Oh shit flat ass is mad lol get mad while I laugh at you I love it

thanks dog, agender and nb are close enough that I'll accept that title

Attached: cap 5.jpg (4096x2160, 792K)

Hot af, Babe insert that cute finger inside of your yummy butt and send us the pic

Let me cut out the veins from their legs and hands so you can finally be at peace

Yeah sorry I miss took you for old flat ass that's been posting with his man hands my bad your ass ain't half bad



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You need a cute collar and choke chain

Not just an ass, but your body looks good too
Cute back arch compliments your ass well
And your legs are good too ;)

I'll protect you abstkun :D

Now you must be stupid to think I'd post my pic in a trap thread. Even the washed up traps here dont show face

Attached: IMG_20190908_174344403.jpg (1280x720, 620K)

No need to cause I'm not the one here tryna be something I'm not. give up and stop posting man hands


Attached: L1.jpg (1119x3258, 402K)

yo that's a great defense for being stupid
I bet you're the type to yell something over and over cause you think it sounds better the more you shout it
here's this for now guess I gotta go take a picture
which means I should paint my nails
thank god my ass is baby smooth right now (: should be easy enough

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Hahah omg, well thank you! My hands are super tiny D
I've already got a collar and leash ready! :)
Aww thank you! I'm a bit on the pudge side if you ask me but I really appreciate it user

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Beautiful, I will fuck you the entire night

You're extremely kawaii
Why so kawaii????

See terrible pic taking again you might have stood a chance at looking nice if u knew how to use your camera to actually focus what little feminine features you might have if you even have any at all

Heeeeyyy. I remember you. We keep dodging each other on disc. Hop on that bish lol

Damn, wish I had a cut trap gf like you :(

that ain't me pal

See man hands this is what a trap is ment to look like small hands feminine hips and lil bubble butt you need to take notes maybe if you ask nice this one will help you

Doesn't matter still a terrible trap take notes from

Hes a know nothing troll acting like some kind of weird trap coach or some shit i souldnt stunt his ass lol

Come grab my collar :P
Hahha I mean to be fair, I was blackmailed for literally all of my money when I showed face because I was doxxed... Cred Forums is the last place you should be showing face :(
Hehhe oh goodness, I hope kawaii is a good thing! That's anime and all right?
Hahahh howdy mister! Alright I'll boot the old bad boy up!
Awww this warms my heart to read, but I feel sad at the same time since I could be that for you :'(
Hahah omg, be nice babes, but thank you!!

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Nope not a trap couch just telling it how it is if your nasty your nasty I ain't gonna entertain your bullshit when you suck

Jesus. I would never stop fucking your beautiful fucking body. Damn.

I'm sorry but if your nice to them they keep back I'm tired of seeing shitty looking traps but I do wanna see more of you :)

Noone asked you to say shit at all. I can smell your fatass from over here

Attached: L2.jpg (1560x3322, 512K)

You could true, if we potentially meet
I havent had any luck finding any near me
I just want a cute trap gf to take out on a date
Live my life with and have a romantic love making session

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>obligatory traps and sissies aren't necessarily trans women.
Like, if I spot her in a restaurant, and go asking around "hey have you seen a dude in glasses?" People are going to be fucking confused shitless. It's impractical to misgender most trans people outside of fucking them, and a.) By that point, why does it matter and b.) Most will just leave if you suddenly start calling them men while balls deep inside them.

Attached: 1579993279272m.jpg (399x1024, 83K)

Not fat nor do I stink but nice try. I noticed you quit posting pucks lol insecurities messing with you?

Attached: 158798354225.webm (640x480, 1.42M)

Awwww. Cmon. Give
A shot he's warming my cold soul.

Please daddy, don't ever stop :'(
Awww well I guess people just wanna be happy, ya know? But thank you again :)
That sounds too adorable! And why is that pic so smol I want it to be bigger :'(
I gladly will give him a shot!! He seems too cute :)

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Sinners here
Kik sindyjlove
Discord sindyjlove#1259

Attached: received_741141269745920.jpg (1085x1924, 114K)

Leaving you this on my way out then :p

Attached: IMG_20200223_111251.jpg (653x918, 134K)

Rawr!! I’m Daddy Sammy. Dominant White Muscular Daddy. 6’2”, 235, muscular. Big magical penis. Uncut. 33. Financially set for life. Cuddly. Kinky. Rough. DDF. Homes in Seattle and NYC. I’m looking to adopt, dominate, feminize and objectify a clingy, needy, pathetic, dumb, young-at-heart, gay barefoot submissive SISSY. Tired of work and school? Sick of living a lie as a normal adult? Do you want to be fully feminized and made into a sissy plastic bimbo toy? If you’re interested, message me and say “DADDY, SAVE ME!” Include with this a specific photo. Bare curves. Laying on your stomach. Bare feet visible and scrunched up behind you. Tongue out. I will only reply if you send the photo. This is 100% real and not RP. Don’t waste my time. Kik: DominantDaddySammy

Attached: bba (3).jpg (1920x1080, 1.01M)

Statistically that probably won't happen sorry to say. Your probably just end up with one that has man hands like

You know what. Fuck. It. Your my favorite trap ever. You were too good for plebbit. Please come live with me now.

What about this pic is a just look like a man in pants either put in the effort or stop pls and thank you

Aww. Bye QT

thick is best


Boulder? I'm in Denver, hmu on snap MarcelTheSeal

I dont care. I find him cute as well
If they're nice and they look cute I dont care
I just want to fill a void in my life

Thx c :

Attached: aaa (50).jpg (1723x1070, 196K)

I want my face on your bulge

no snap, not worth on burner phones
As long as you promise to also fill my void

Attached: 00005 (1).webm (1920x1080, 1.7M)

Damn, this is super hot, but I reckon it should say "shut up slut" ;)
Hahha FUCK IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE! That's so sweet, thank you! Fuck plebbitttt

Attached: ABST2.jpg (719x1280, 230K)

this is my ultimate dream...
side note, do all traps want to be assfucked only?

hey gals ^_^

Attached: D0403D98-CC6F-4EA7-AEE5-D1D0CC0CE48B.jpg (1125x1895, 337K)

Nah. Blowjobs seem pretty fun too tbh.

Sounds fun

Attached: bbb (12).jpg (1920x1080, 831K)

Attached: 14C7FA25-DF27-44BC-8880-FD13EEDB670D.jpg (3088x2320, 1.23M)

Blowjobs are fun as fuck, what you talkin' about?

no I love my throat used

Attached: fotofriend_4556224-1.jpg (361x478, 53K)

Pretty much hit every thing I want in a trap. Shame I live in the middle of nowhere

Ill make sure to give you all my love and attention
All night long if possible

hey I like being used in my sleep too so don't feel bad
in fact get me too fucked up and use me while I'm out, that's super hot

Attached: 00010.1.webm (1280x720, 1.92M)

Attached: 13993215435.webm (400x300, 1.39M)

Nice hairline bro.

Fresh oc

Attached: 20200223_204602.jpg (4032x1960, 1.37M)


bby girl

violet duck#0894

Attached: 00008.webm (1280x720, 1.97M)

ps still doing my nails and stuff
think I'm nairing my face and doing full slut makeup too
try to get fucked about it

Attached: DSC00255-min (1).jpg (4608x3456, 1.84M)

that’s lunatrap

çI am not a trap and people acuse me of being one, wtf? I am a woman, I do not have Adam's apple, wth? Advice guys.

is it safe on face?, don't burn your self :I

Attached: 11.jpg (3024x4032, 1.51M)

Antnysbeast on kik down for anything need to cum

idk i can put it on my balls and butthole
like directly all over them
I was shocked, cause those are my super sensitive parts. I can't do those with electric razor, even my thighs, but my face is fine
I'll for sure do like a pea-sized test patch

Attached: fotofriend_4580101.jpg (640x480, 41K)

post face

gynacomastia looks like

Me uwu~

Attached: Screenshot_20200224-004528_Gallery.jpg (1080x1022, 736K)

i figured as much. The more you believe you're garbage the more strongly you resemble it. I

Similar to her.

Attached: fhthj.jpg (288x175, 11K)

That's not really that manly. It's still a soft face and you could tell it was a girl right away.

please uwu all over my face

Thanx, my body is like this...

Attached: mkk.jpg (677x1395, 226K)

Kik Antnysbeast to cum with me

Attached: 72868DCB-E63A-494B-BBDB-3D46DD066D65.jpg (1080x1920, 240K)

Again, what are you complaining about? That's a very feminine body. You just seem very self conscious.

holy fuck do you have anymore of your feet? you have the best feet of anyone in any trap thread i've ever seen lol

Well, my husband's mistress keeps body shaming me calling me fat, nvm. I get your point nd you are right. Btw, congrats to everybody for being yourselves.

Attached: 38.jpg (1735x1827, 385K)

get a load of this faggot

Attached: youreGey.gif (320x240, 1.85M)

that's two different person

Oh, I will~

Requests anyone owo

Attached: 20200224_010152.jpg (1651x2440, 1.84M)

Any oc traps here?

Do you have a twitter or something that I can follow?

trap is not a real thing, it's an informal term, trannies are women, sissies are not, both can be traps, that person from your picture is a he because he's a crossdresser, a very sexy one tho

-50 ass

Attached: 1563786640537.png (500x461, 139K)

colorado cutie enbee, are you back or is someone reposting?

>model tall
models are like 5'10, i like 6'2 amazons

it's usually me

Attached: 20200221_124539.jpg (966x1288, 322K)


this is pretty cringe ngl. you've taken the whole "im a massive faggot" thing a bit too far

it's been a while, i missed you, are you sure the trap thread is the right place tho

that man in that dress is not something I wish to see ever again

...I mean correct me if I'm wrong but runway models are traditionally at least 5'10", taller preferred?
eh whatever
also how'd you miss me? I'm here ALL the time! look for this pic, recently

Attached: 80958481934.jpg (270x360, 21K)

kill yourself or leave


Attached: Screenshot_20200224-011454_Gallery.jpg (1080x1689, 1.05M)

i swear i didn't see you for a while then i found your twitter, also you don't use discord anymore do you?

idk I keep losing discords and making new ones, I'm not super inspired to stay there cause it's not the voip I use I guess

Attached: 20200223_001133.jpg (2938x2204, 1.36M)

Fuck off