B I need some people to talk to. I know I sound like a total edgelord but I really need help...

B I need some people to talk to. I know I sound like a total edgelord but I really need help. Sometimes when I’m with people, I get an urge to hurt them and try to kill them. I contemplate methods and the consequences, while I’m sitting with this person. I was just sitting with my little sister and reading a book with her. I sat there with her, while she was looking at the pictures of the book, I kept want to put a pillow over her head and kill her. I didn’t care whether I was caught or not or if I would get in trouble. I just wanted to kill her. These thoughts feel good, but I don’t want them too. How can I make these go away? Please help me

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Bedcome jesus christ then
Then you can do anything

I’m not religious

Never ignore what your heart feels...

Kill that bitch

I don’t want to. I want to not want to

>B I need some people to talk to.
>I'm not religious
I think you need to talk to God.

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You cant you just live a unhappy life, just think about things really good and execute with perfection

Fuck off faggot

I dont really have these urges that much anymore when i was 15 i would sneak out the house around 3 am and walk w a knife in my pants daring myself to kill the first person i saw never did it tho kind of waiting to get my own place and have freedom idk what ill will do in the future

Well, to a certain degree it is normal to have these thoughts.
But if you really fear of becoming a danger to others, try to really rationalize (since you are not religious) why the fuck these thoughts feel so dangerous, why don't you trust in yourself enough to not do these things. Why these thoughts appearing so many times in your head in the least opportune moments.

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Just think of ninjas theyll do anything for 100 pounds of gold

Even at my sons birthday party

Dirty filthy whore ninjas

I really want to go out and make homemade bombs and blow myself up in a crowded building. I have researched many recipes and have thought up scenarios in my head. I want to see people die. I want to kill people, but at the same time I know it’s stupid

Why is it stupid humans are fking pathetic things, blowing urself up w the ppl u kill sounds kinda boring, do u wanna die w the thought of u killed someone or actually see someones life drain from their filthy bodies

There's nothing after death man. You really gonna risk all the shit that could be for a little bit of fun?

Yea I see what your saying. I kinda tried to kill my little brother once. I held him down with a pillow over his face until he was gasping for air. He started screaming so I stopped

Im not opAnd i wouldnt kill myself

I don’t really care. I don’t have any thing I’m looking forward to ever. I’m not really into meeting a girl and having children. I don’t have any aspirations to a job I like, and I don’t have any real hobbies. All I do is sit around and play video games. Nothing really that interesting

Yh easiest to kill someone close to u but u gotta think bout how easy it is to get locked up, gotta pick someone totally random

How old are you

Have fun being v& after posting this here and googling such things.

15. Go ahead and report I don’t really care. I just wanted people to talk to and don’t have anyone in real life or any other friends to really talk to this about.

You sound like a faggot.

Couldn’t have said it better myself

Edgy incel. Also underage. Mooods. I bet 100$ you're still a virgin and fap to hentai.

Who am i a fking mod lul...

Well im 19 years old right now im the guy who walked in the night w a knife when i was 15 i only got 1 goal in life and thats making enough money to dont do shit anymore and just play video games
Right now im making 5k a week 2k profit

Am virgin. Also I don’t masturbate to hentai I tend to gravitate towards traps. You expect a 15 year old to not be a virgin?

your sister would probably beat the fuck out of you for being such a degenerate cuck, cry into your soylent and fuck off faggot

She’s 2

Well not in 2020 but its okay to be a virgin trust me

Well its because you are gay since you fap to traps.

my point still stands cuck rogers


I had an gf with 15 which gave me BJ and which had sex with me

I’m not trying to refute what you saying but I keked at cuck rodgers

Lucky you

Doesnt seem like it by the way the you phrase that sentence

> Doesn't seem like it by the way the you phrase that sentence
> by the way the you

I dont understand how u are 15 and so depressed when i was 15 behind my pc i was having the time of my life

Its 4:20 am here and im on my phone alright


I don’t have a pc. I use my moms boyfriends pc. He’s a retard sadly so I get grounded whenever I do something that makes him mad. I got grounded once because I beat him at halo and he started trash talking so I trash talked back and he got pissed. He almost killed himself when he slammed a door and accidentally slammed his hand through it. It cut his arm and he almost bled out

thanks user or OP, whichever you are


You can easily fasten his pc and he will be happy. Easy to do. Just open cmd then type format c:. It will take some time but after it, the pc will be as fast as new. He will be very happy :) maybe he will be more nice to you then.

1. Get TOR browser.
2. Search for cp in darknet
3. Save lots of videos on his laptop
4. Get some old condom with his semen
5. Tell your mom he raped you

Lol. I’m going to a tech school for IT so I’m not that stupid


Not really into girls. That’s something I wish I could rid from my life is my attraction to girls. I wish I didn’t have crushes. I know theyll never like me so there’s no point in even trying. Beside I’m too much of a sperg to be emotional with a girl.

I study it. I can confirm it will fasten pc. Your school is shit.

Thanks user

I struggled with this for a long time although for me a large part of the thrills came from figuring out how I wasn't going to get caught, started smoking weed every day and some coke on the weekends so now I'm to high to be fucked with killing.

Not into drugs. The thrill for me is being caught. I want to be caught. I want to be quilts and everyone to hate me. I want to feel like dirt


I wasn't until I started taking them.
You sound like you are young so the one thing I will say is it never goes away, its always there that desire to watch someone's life drain from their eyes or to simply beat them until no one could recognise the body. You just learn to control the thoughts or you take fuck loads of drugs like me so you can't hear them for a while

Alright. Did you have any other Colin methods other than drugs?

coke is fucking elite, even my most straight edge loser friends admit it's the best drug

Fucking autocorrect. *coping

That’s great for them. Not me

have you tried it?

No. Know people who have. Literally my least favorite people on the planet

whereabouts are you from?


ah that explains it

Use your anger and feelings.. join the Military, we love guys like you!

Thinking about Air Force.

Honestly drugs are the only method I know and I don't just mean illegal ones. Anti depressants helped take some of it away but without something like that your only hope is your own mental strength to not act on those thoughts.

Maybe writing them down could help?
Hurting animals is worse than hurting humans so don't do that shit.

Hurting animals is actually something I’ve contemplated and actually have done. One time a mouse was in my moms garden so waited outside for it to eat a tomato and threw a rock at it. Direct hit to the head. I don’t give a shit about animals unless it’s cats. And still I don’t really care

We humans deserve what we get in the end for we are the cancer, we know what we do is bad yet do it anyway so humanity deserves to burn
Animals are innocent and deserve to be left alone

To me they are like npcs in a vidya game. If you fuck with them you could get in deep shit, but it’s one of the best parts

We humans deserve what we get in the end for we are the cancer, we know what we do is bad yet do it anyway so humanity deserves to burn

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That's how I see people, but I think our fundamental reasoning is different here. You come across like a seemingly normal run of the mill psychopath. Hurts animals, dreams of hurting people and all the normal psyco shit so maybe a shrink could help you

hurting animals is a dick move, idc how fucked up your life is at least pick on something that can fight back

Maybe. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like an attention whore. I guess that might be from not having very good parents. I love feeling awful and disgusting. I like the feeling of depression. But at the same time a rational part of my brain says I’m a fucking wacko and I need to snap out of it


Shhhh my wording might not be great as it's 4am and I'm fucking fucked. Humanity as a whole can see all the awful things we do to the planet, the animals and each other, the people are outraged but they do nothing about it but talk, never action only ever words so why not just eradicate the lot of us as that's the only answer to a question people refuse to ask

I don’t care about those issues. I don’t care about climate or animals or gay rights or the next president. I don’t about gender race sexuality nothing. I only care about my observations of someone. I wouldn’t be killing for meaning. Just for feeling

I'm not saying give it meaning, I'm saying humans deserve it so fucking crack on. You quite clearly love the depression and feeling shitty as every suggestion that's been made to you has been followed up will an excuse so either go kill someone and get locked up and hated or just kill yourself instead of giving strangers on the Internet a load of bullshit

I don’t know anymore. Thanks for calling me out on it. Was waiting for it. I have shit I got do do anyway and it’s 11:30 and I have to wake up at 6. Thanks for talking to me. I feel 1 million time better after talking to you guys.

You kids need calling out. You sound quite young like puberty young which fucks with your mind, get to about 18-21 as the thoughts get more manageable even if they never go

That’s what I keep telling myself. That it’s just a phase. 15 btw

OK you shouldn't be on here at all but then again I was on this site from a younger age and I'm nearing 30 now. At 15 is pretty much the peak of those hormones absolutely fucking your brain. Just make it to the end of puberty and then reassess how you feel about it