30yr old wizard here

30yr old wizard here
kissless and hugless
im the butt of all my friend's jokes and whatnot, but they've all said to me in some form or another that im lucky. lucky that i've never suffered a woman. lucky i dont have kids. lucky i can do what I want when i want. lucky that my money is my own.
for all that i still dont feel so lucky, just emptiness and lacking in life

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Study ancient Sumerian or Sanskrit. You can amass power and knowledge the rest of us can’t even imagine.

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You're pure user. Hone your body and mind to perfection, free from distraction, heartbreak, and sorrow. Become greatness

how tf are you hugless

They are telling the truth. You have freedom. Women are the scum of the earth.

just never even got a hug from any woman

you have friends?

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they are pretty retarded to think women causes them suffering. when women can be controlled and molded. its just this society they are too stupid to see made women insufferable.

I've been with plenty of women but decided to never have kids or marry. I'm older than you and guys tell me all the time how envious they are. Tbh I think it's just the grass is always greener on the other side thing.

>never have kids or marry
Enjoy your empty, selfish life.

How's it selfish?

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roastie detected

>denied by the opposite sex before any of those things come to fruition


What's more selfish than playing God and creating sentient life?

I think your lucky woman are a pain in the ass.

But I sure your a fucking moron

Holy shit

>But I sure your a fucking moron

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How is this even possible?


You get the point, douche bag.

>But I sure your a fucking moron

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Not even from a female relative?

If anything it is selfish to create life that wasn't asked to be created. Life is pain, a beautiful fucked up thing. Don't wanna die but wished I was never born at all.

>But I sure your a fucking moron

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He can't even get a girl to hug him, how is it his fault? Besides... anyone this fucked up, it would be selfish if he did have kids. Imagine the shitty life they would have if he managed to find a female as desperate as him and somehow procreate.

Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Just get a dog user.
Women are great and all when it comes to simple companionship, and, while it feels great in the moment, unfortunately sex is a bit more underwhelming than the internet has made it out to be. They become annoying and honestly you'll find yourself questioning the value of the relationship compared to other life commodities (money, space, making your own decisions etc..) But a dog will always be a good friend, and only require relatively low maintenance compared to women.

sound like a loser. u feel the need to come on here and tell everyone ur problems? so ur lucky. good for u. now fuck off

Lucky that you don't care about your blood work.
Lucky that only discount stores carry your 42in waist jeans.
Lucky that you only have to buy for one at dinner, but it's all your fat add can afford
Lucky that the ambulance has to cut out part of your house to pick you up instead of you bleeding in the streets.
Lucky that you can't wipe your ass but can still smell it.
Lucky that your tits are bigger than most girls you Google.
Lucky you can't taste the yeast growing in your primary folds.

try harder fag

Don't need to.
Life will do worse than I could ever mention.

at this point, don't force it. make sure you exercise and eat healthy. i'd recommend looking for an early 30s divorcee who's looking for a father figure and has lowered standards

How did you end up obsessed over weight issues?
Is this a gay thing?

Ignore the OMG WTF IS RONG W/ U already posted and answer as honestly as you can. Why? Why are you this old and have never even had the most minimal contact with a woman? What is preventing you? or them I suppose?

Nope. Just know what keeps you single.
Also, weight has nothing to do with blood work, being poor, gynocomastia, and succeptability to yeast.

whoa, I've seen the original footage of this work but not a painting of a still from the work, where did you get this OP?

also, here's the work that the image came from:



underage reported

Unless you get snipped that "choice" of not having kids is always looming. I had 1 friend that every one of his ex popped a baby out the next guy they dated. We always laughed about that, but even he somehow settled down and has 2 kids now.

I'm 30 and still the only women i know anymore that don't have kids are full on professionals in their field. I think one might have a kid in the next few years though.The part that is hard for me is deciding if the kid is worth the hassle to be around the girl. Some are no big deal but other make me look like an asshole.

This was the worst rabbithole.

Have you considered that you are an asshole?
Evidence is abound.

Get a dog and a sex doll. You get companionship from one, and can fuck the other.

Your choice.

Fuck. Beat me to it by seconds.

Get gud.

user, I'll give you a hug

I sure like to think so,¯\_(ヅ)_/¯

were on /b so aren't we all right now?

>the butt of all my friend's jokes

These people are not your friends, fuck them. Have some self respect, start there. Once you respect yourself you will be able to find people that will also respect you and lift you up instead of bringing you down.

It's more selfish to have kids and not want them. Like fags that have a kid to prove their not gay and then hate every minuet of fatherhood.

Enjoy being dumped at the nursing home by your ungreatful kids. But atleast you lived a "meaningful" life.