We’re having a few drinks. What’s next?

We’re having a few drinks. What’s next?

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Show some b00ty

Sharpie in asshole with shoe on head

Show her tits

yeah starting off with tits and timestamp would help

Op here. Booty in 2 min.

She wants to try on different pairs

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vid of her bending over

Can’t post videos. Honestly don’t know how I’d go about it. Want to see another pair?

Yes get nasty

Let’s see some titty too OP

what sort of stuff is she into?

She’s into public sex. We had sex on a lifeguard tower in Ocean City before.

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take a nude pic outside

Bro it’s 10:30 at night and 20 degrees. Sorry lol

MD? B-more here

Never mind. She’s totally into it. Give us a minute.

Show vagoo.

She chained her pair for you all.

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Ocean City, MD? I did the same thing during senior week.

Nice! We were around that age when it happened. Yep. Ocmd

Another pic of her tits? I miss those nights in OC

spread that ass

Excuse the shitty looking balcony.

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Do you welcome others into your fun nights? As long as faces stay out of it, 3 some pics for the Cred Forumsros would be epic

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No not interested. On both sides we said there would definitely be some animosity/jealousy. We can pleasure each other by ourselves.

I apologize about the sideways pictures. Should I snap them in landscape?

Do you trade pics at all with other guys?

That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing this much, she’s gorgeous and I envy the communication y’all have.

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Only one wearing a wedding ring?

She thinks her tits are too small and sort of insecure about it. Thoughts?

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nice, thank you ;) she do any full body?

Engagement ring. Wedding booked and soon. She’s surprised you noticed!

No those are perfect shouldn’t be worried about them

Let’s see some penetration

theyre nice, id blast them with my cum

They’re great tits... and I’m no degen incel neckbeard.


Age? I like her tits but that's just me.

Full body outside?


What gets her off most? Clit stimulation, or penetration?

Fingers or toys preferred?

Not yet lol. She’s enjoying the teasing.

She’s 24. I’m 26.


You on kik? Any interest in trading pics?


Vibrators for sure. She can squirt but mainly from penetration.

Dubs. Finger in asshole

No butt stuff

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gonna fuck her tonight?


pics of your cock in her?

hot af, tell her were all gonna cum for her tonight ;)

I am President Donald Trump and I approve of this.

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Working on it. We’re playing around now.

any pics of her hair?

pic of her spreading her ass

Yeah one second.

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Here ya go.

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love it. put your cock in her already

Wanna see that pussy drip

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fuck her outside or infront of window

Bless you for not being a faggot, OP. You've done good.

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Considering I’m not packing fire, my penis would turn inside out in this cold lol.

No problem. We enjoyed it. Might be back same time tomorrow.

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All done for tonight bros. She’s finished, headed to bed. I’ll be happy to answer any questions for a while.

when she's asleep you're gonna post full face sucking cock right

That's a nice looking pussy

Her tits are great.

Down for the count.

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flip her onto her back and lets get round two going