Sunday comfy thread. Get comfy, boys

Sunday comfy thread. Get comfy, boys

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reminder that City Pop is the official music genre of comfy threads

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dropping some chill jazz for the thread

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What makes snow so comfy?

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Those go great with City Pop. thanks!

It's not so much the snow itself. It's the feeling of being snug and warm inside while it's snowy outside. That's my take on it, anyway.

reminder comfy is a state of mind

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Not having to live anywhere near it, unless you commute via a car that parks in a heated garage and can afford to pay someone to clear the driveway for you.

Or just being a NEET that gets to look out the window all day while everyone else struggles with it.

for me, it's the almost eerie quietness due to the sound muffling effects of the snow. everything seems frozen in time

It wasn't me this time! I deleted it from my comfy folder!

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no way thats comfy, your head barely fits under that sloped ceiling. Id pull out the bed a little at bedtime

When schools are closed, I don't go into work, feelsgoodman.jpg

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man, i wish i could ride the train like this, having my own room and sleep away

...and the constant rumbling of snow clearing equipment and the incessant BEEP BEEP BEEP every time they back up.

yeah there's nothing like being in a comfy chair with some hot chocolate while looking at a frozen landscape outside. I grew up in Florida (I moved north later on) and it was the same with thunderstorms. I loved sitting on the porch and reading a book, Nowadays I still find rain and especially thunderstorms especially comfy

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I very much agree. I like rain too, maybe even more than snow because there's less to clean up.

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Sorry to fag up the thread, we had a week long state of emergency declared due to snowfall last month. People ran out of food, prescriptions, everything. I'll stop now. Havsum comfy.

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Neon rainbows are ironically comfy now

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I got no more snow.

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Any lurkers?

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Ah! There you are!

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contributin few i have

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Still find good Midcentury Modern comfy

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o no the doggy gonna fall

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bill evans is so fucking good

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>Every item purchased with student loans/parent's money
>Not comfy

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Contribute, assholes.

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I love this art style so much

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Congratulations. You're a bigger faggot than OP.

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yuri is the comfiest love

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Ran out of comfy I wanted to post so I opened my "girls kissing" folder instead. Thank all these niggers who quit posting.

If anyone is wondering, this is Mark J Ferrari that drew this

>no people around
>everything appears to be covered in a thick soft blanket
>I know it's cold there but the lights emit a nice warm looking glow that plays off the snow