Ylyl no racism ver. 1.2

ylyl no racism ver. 1.2

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What did I just say

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How the fuck is this funny

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No, not really


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You gotta be smart to understand it. It's ok that you don't.

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striped cat on a hoodrat?

Cred Forumstards are the most contrarian people around. If your op says not to do something, there is a 100% chance of someone doing the opposite.
Also, fuck niggers.

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White people invented civilization?

Have you seen any black civilizations that werent in absolute ruin from their own failures?

But that didn't address the fact that white people did not invent civilization


lol, ok :)

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You know you can do more research than none at all before you post?

I'm a real girl

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I think it has something to do with colonization and black people blaming whites for everything