The Hunger Games Commandments;

The Hunger Games Commandments;

>No Dupes
>No Groups
>The previous host may be afforded a spot if they don't make roster
>First 24 are in
>Hold any swaps till Roster Check

All are welcome to the Lord's Games.

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Nutella Girl

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Big Tits Kylie

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Dlanor A. Knox

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Ultimate predator

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Chester A. Arthur

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My! You seem to be lucky tonight Miss Knox!



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Intellectual Rapist

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Huh? Really?
I missed the conclusion of the last game I was in.

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An abomination from the Cats movie

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Eldritch horror

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I meant in obtaining triple sevens!

Only 14 more to go.

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How careless of me. I didn't notice.

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Has that been photoshopped or is that legitimately a screenshot from the movie?

james bond

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Veruca Salt

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Rosa "Best Mom" Ushiromiya
>tfw I don't want to samefag too hard.

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Hank Hills clapping cheeks

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Ducke detective(s)

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This Case of Duff

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I haven't seen Miss Megumi and Orinrin, I do hope they participate



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midget apple

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Divine Cat

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Dos mas!

Big Bang Bernadette

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Homo Yoda

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Check it!

Also, nice job on the slowpoke.

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Pretty sure slowpoke is #24

Let's get this game going


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Would you like to host?

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On mobile, so it's too much of a pain in the ass to host

Ü‚Goodluck Megumi

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Fuck it. Here we go.

Dogge eats ass. Not a solid decision.
Ah fuck. Slowpoke had an allergy.
That Cats movie though.

Then shut your hole, user.

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Good luck

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>Insert laugh here

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I can see how Mister Rawlings finds you charming Miss Knox

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Fuck blueberries.

Good. Cause we already started.

Is it a bra?

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>Cats movie
That movie is a abomination, and must be purged

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Way to jinx it, now its gonna win

Haven't seen it but agree.

Kylie gets called out!

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Wait, you're DFC?

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Apparently there is a downside to being based.

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Power will get her time soon

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Who's DFC?

Kylie...gets well...

Baphomet is breddy cool.

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Power is the holiest

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The case of beer is pretty enticing.

That's blasphemy and pride. You're fucked.

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No... I'm not.

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Welcome to Purgatory Drills

here, have some...something

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I hate Purgatory...

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She earned her pride

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Paranoid user here i spent days trying to understand a sarcastic joke that rigs made and just now came to the conclusion it was a joke. I dont know what to do with this research other than i shouldn't take adderall. I have pepesilvia'd.

Nice bloomers

Bummer you didn't beat out Chet Arthur

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Everyone's favorite intellectual rapist is still in the game.

See what pride gets you?
Lookit my kid go! Love that little dickhead.
Nutella, you're on notice.
The Cats event is gold.
Meta shit for Duff.

You are not the Catholic Church.

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Chet, you're ok with me. Prohibition isn't the way though.
Q did not come through on this one.
Orinrin? Please explain yourself.
I'd hit Bernadette too.
The Cat is powerful af.

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i lyove to pway hungy game, go james bondy!!

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There was some bad legislation on my watch good sir, but Prohibition was not it.

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Uh oh

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Charlotte and the Pope are a thing I guess.
Anyone else smell roasting nuts?

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Oh it's real. It's real m8.

>rings the dinner bell

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>Cats Movie died

Final 4. Pick your pony.

I do what I can.

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It appears as though I shall not win again this weekend.

I have it on good authority that the hosts of these Hunger Games are in this very drawing! I wonder which ones they are...

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I'm gonna go lay down enjoy your game results everybody

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So much peace. We go fast.

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Gonna jinx the Duckes since I like Megumi and DJC killed Chet Arthur

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WNS. Get them bets in.

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I defy your silly jinx Mister Rawlings and give my full-throated endorsement to Miss Megumi

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I can never fully tell if you are a samefag or not.

He is



Welp. Here it is. The finale.

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So close!

Thanks for hosting OP!

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Congrats Megumi
Thanks for hosting, JC.

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Thank you for hosting good sir

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Apologies. Computer got fucky. Grats, Megs.

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Stats for nerds.

Thanks for playing, y'all. WC after 2 more games.

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Thanks for hosting

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No problem, my guys. Sleep tight.

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Goodnight everyone!

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