Cant wear sweaters all the time, whats the best way to hide this??

Cant wear sweaters all the time, whats the best way to hide this??

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Is this loss?

Instead of hiding it, get some help. You clearly need it.

maybe don't do it

i found not being a crybaby faggot tryhard always helped

paint yourself black

Can you wear a long sleeve shirt? Also, you’ve probably heard this a lot, but please get professional help. If you’re feeling suicidal, no one wants to lose you. Please remember that.


I don't self-mutilate but I am an IV drug user so I have a similar enough problem. I personally use cover up makeup on my arms, I typically blend it out quite thin etc and then apply another layer closer onto the scarring etc.

Your scars will likely be worse than mine but I know some users who had much worse track marks who resorted to tattoo cover-up. Like the kind of shit theatrical/ film productions might use to cover-up tattoos on actors etc, you should probably look into that.

That's bitch shit.
I got cuts on my arms right now. Stop being a pansy little faggot and grow up.

Super glue you retard

Get help, make up and ointment helps.

That shit won't leave any scars, he could just say that the got attacked by a cat.

I've seen people get tattoos to cover them but yours aren't even that bad

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those arent deep at all

Hide it behind transgenderism, no one is allowed to criticize you when you have special victim status


I dunno, maybe stop fucking cutting your arms?

don't care what others think about it

Stick your arm up a cat anus and call it mittens

Stop shilling faggot

they are so shallow they might as well be cat scratches, nobody would give a shit

You can cut your arm

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There's no two ways about it - If you're conscious of it you have to wear long sleeves and sweaters until it begins to heal. That's what I used to do.

Take nudes
Share nudes
it will fix your depression

stop cutting tard

Ironically I have used that exact excuse before haha! I have scars so I know for a fact that IV drug use can leave scars; mine are subtle enough that after awhile of not using they are practically unnoticeable (doctors etc don't even notice.) More serious use definitely leaves more lasting traces though (I know people who have gotten tattoos over their tracks.)

Alright... I have seen your reply’s. I have stopped cutting for a couple weeks, my family all knows about my cutting. It was a shit show. Was also drunk at the time. I might consider a professional soon. Still feel like dying, trying to find a place to lay my body. Used my credit to find my family a good home. Hopefully all goes well and i can die happy. Still feel like shit but getting good. Wish me a good life Cred Forumsruhs

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DERP, you are referring to OPs cuts. Yeah, they won't leave scars but they should still be covered up, the cat excuse only flies once. That might not be an actual photo of OP either, plenty of self-mutilators have some serious lasting damage.

Real image

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Cut your other arm completely off, it will take attention away from the lesser. Blame mittens.

Will consider

Look mate, seems like stuff is shitty right now but kick this shit. Theres no point. I'm not gonna sit and bully you but i am gonna say if you do it, do it on your legs so you can hide them. Thing is these leave lasting scars on your body from a small period of time when you were sad. Its just very stupid, things will get better. I was in your position.

Scratches are cool, I scratch myself too

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I used to do it on my legs but it didnt do anything and i was worse than i am now.
Oh look, a penny.
i never thought about doing it on top of my arm, you just blew my fucking mind. Imma try that.

over 30 mins and no one checked this gentleman. this is why I never come to Cred Forums. you guys just suck

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Forgot pic.

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gonna need timestamp, you faggots

Stop cutting yourself


No, fuck you

what a fucking pussy attention whore

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Cutting your arm off allows you to keep it hidden at all times while you go wherever you want

thought as much

by killing yourself and being buried or burned

Why yes, i love to fuck attention whores pussys, how’d you know?

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I go way harder

Buy a cat

If you are a man, cut your dick. If you are a girl, cut your tits. Try this though.

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Oh LOOK!! The mark of the millennial.

do you show them your "I'm sad boo-boos" right up front, or do your surprise them?

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You don't need to cover them who gives a fuck

The knife i used

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Surprises are always fun

Dirt and mud in a shallow grave are a good way to hide this..

>one drop of blood

Why do you cut? For the pain? Because one deep cut hurts more and is easier to hide and explain than your 25 scratches.

The only reason you would scratch yourself like that is for attention so why are you hiding it?

Might as well, healed nicer than i thought

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Cut your thighs instead. And I'm sure I don't really have to say it, but don't listen to anyone telling you to cut deeper, those guys are actual creeps.

Been thinking about it, might cut my legs again

Little tip, cut your upper arm so a long t shirt can hide it or cut your chest that's what i did when i was a fucking retarded faggot like yourself but i grew out of it

a pine box

no wonder you cut yourself bitch, your arm/skin tone leads me to believe you're genetically inferior to actual humans, and ugly too

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An hero by boiling bleach with potassium chloride then mix with sulfuric acid

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About 6 feet of dirt in a decorative box

thanks guys, those are some nice cuts

No vagene OP?

Wow you even suck at cutting.

You may be correct about being ugly but I’m intrigued by the genetic inferiority.

I am aware it’s not how I’m gonna an hero

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first off, assuming your a girl from hair tie, that dark long arm hair tells me your some type of brown person. probably have the mustach to match.

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This thread is full of homosexuals, if you’re going to cut. Fucking dig in there you attention seeking faggots.

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> guys can have long hair too
> white guy
> does currently have the mustache seeing I haven’t shaved in a few weeks

I'm gonna vomit

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> cough meds
> car
> sleep meds
> cliff and hope

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>no one

>is a seething self harming faggot

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You don't (checked) dubs retarded

You don't steal pictures.
Also, you don't cut yourself in the first place.
To hide it get jacked and get a tan

unironically this
no one really pays attention to that shit.
pic related. over a year old and it hasn't shrunk at all. i stopped being self conscious after a few months.

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dubs check em' is the fucking meme. lurk more newfag

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get a log of this guy

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my girlfriend has a bunch of scars from cutting along her arms and thighs, she just doesn't give a fuck about hiding it

Cut deeper be an hero.

Just do what I do and do it higher on your arms. But wearing long sleeves is critical it will be less noticeable in 2-3 weeks and you’ll be fine

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keep them shallow and nobody will notice them in a month.

Keep it covered. upper arms, thighs, and torso are the best areas.

What do you guys get out of cutting I don’t understand

The pain shocks you out of being a sad fuck. I mostly did it to see how far I would go and to push myself because I was really self destructive

Most interesting thread all week. Even if you do it lighter, it will still leave white scars. I have so many over the years that there is a crosshatch pattern on my upper arms

I thought this thread was as ded as I wanted to be

It doesn’t shock me out of anything I usually just do it until I’m scared to bleed anymore, then go back to being an even sadder fuck. It doesn’t help it’s more of a compulsion

I hope not. Bored of jerking off and I want to relate to more anons I didn’t realize others did this. Usually a teen girl thing

Not sure if you can see but this is other arm. Just faint white scars like that other postee said they aren’t noticeable

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You did it for attention you whiney pussy little faggot. And you know it. Little bitch soyboy that needs attention. Cut deeper and in the right direction, pussy.

it's a coping mechanism. think of it more like people who self medicate with weed. It doesn't fix an underlying issue, but it helps you get through a shitty situation.

Teens are well known for it yeah but there's a lot of 25 year olds who do it occasionally.

I have been since I was a teenager
Never really been deep cuts but enough to sting and feel the pain

Maybe stop pissing off your cat so you don't have to hide shit

its a rush man, and a way to actually be in control of the immense internal pain a person feels on a daily basis

I think u responsed to wrong post. Also stfu if he is hiding it why is it for attention? U don’t know shit about mental health pls kys and fuck off

Trips checked

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no one gives a fuck you fucking faggot

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Ive been 3 years cut-sober. I like long sleeve even tho i live in a reasonably hot climate. I just kinda deal with it now. Ive never been confronted by anyone about my scars. I even forget i have them sometimes. Ideally u wouldnt have to cut. Its a shitty addiction and i hope u get better user, wish u the best

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I don't know about you guys, but what I get out of chicks cutting themselves is an erection

but you give enough of a fuck to respond?

stop being depressed fag and get help retard

I get help, see therapist and take ssris. Still borderline suicidal nothing helps brain is fucked. Natural selection I guess I’m an hero soon


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you didn't let me finish, I was gonna say no one gives a fuck you fucking faggot except for me, I love you and your faggotty ways wad want nothing more than to feel the cum dribletts on my chin as you explode into by wet whore mouth

>Cant wear sweaters all the time
Not with that attitude.

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>Cant wear sweaters all the time, whats the best way to hide this??

A Coffin.

A casket


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