Anyone from Rhode Island or Massachusetts tonight?

Anyone from Rhode Island or Massachusetts tonight?

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MA here

Foster posting


What's good nigga? Whereabouts?

Providence yo yo yo

617 all others can fuck off

God I want to raise my kids in foster. I wish I wasn’t poor.

Age? Sex?

25/M why?

22 m

Fall River unfortunately, what about you

Asking because I have no friends.

Guys I’m a wagie who just wants to buy a house in the boonies of foster or west greenwich. Can’t stand this urban wasteland much longer. What jobs are left that still make money up here?


420Throwaway69 for 25

MA 508 here

Where though?

Any of you ever want a dude to jerk you off?


anybody got 978 wins by chance?

I'll give you a dollar for a bj.
Do you travel to Pawtucket?

I’m from Collinsport Maine