My wife has cancer

my wife has cancer
should i leave her ?

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What kind?

Got damn, that's a beautiful pussy! Got any more?

is pic related?

If so, stay with her and bust nuts

no, cancer pussy’s the best pussy.
if she says no, what’s she gonna do? get better?

Yes, spare her from the delusion that you're not an insufferable cunt for even asking this question.

This. Kill yourself OP

if thats her post more
if not get cancer with her

Yes. Dealing with cancer treatment as well as you would be inhumane.

Pic not related

Glad to see Cred Forums finally getting a conscious.

Do it. Pls.

Holy fucking shit thats lulz

show her this video

if she laughs,you should stay with her.if she doesnt.then punch her in the tits and leave

Why? If she gets better then you get to go on and can leave her whenever if you're still not in love, if she doesn't she croaks and your free.

And please tell her that you're thinking about leaving her for not having the balls to go through it for her.
Don't let her die without the truth you fucking asshole.

>if she gets better

you dont understand how cancer works do you dumbass

at least op can have a nice cold pussy to fuck when she dies

That’s why he got a heater for her thighs

You're a bit of a shit spot. Leave and you're an asshole but you might save some heartache. Stay and you'll invest in some future sympathy fucks if she dies as long as you can handle the emotional rollercoaster. I'm honestly hoping she'll pull through but you got to be honest with yourself and reflect on the fact that this might be some of the most trying experiences you'll go through. If you know that you aren't going to be able to take it, it's better for both of you if you just split up.

Retard, if she doesn't survive he gets his wish, no need for drama, just play the role and wait

>no need for drama

fuck you retard,you dont get better from die from it,its not a cureable disease like your mother's std ridden pussy

Cheers man

cuz he knows it's not her time

Nah, you leave her and you can kiss her life insurance goodbye. Might as well collect that first.

Yes. Divorcing your wife would rid her of the greatest cancer in her life.

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Are you leaving her because she has cancer(to clarify)?

Why leave her? She'll be out of your hair soon anyway.


No, either:
>you support her as best as possible
>she lives
>she is grateful for the rest of her life
>you are cherished and taken care of
>until the day she dies
>you support her
>she dies
>you ard a widower that was supportive to the end
>you have a sob story
>that will moisten then drop countless panties

It's a win-win to stay.


>survival rate for tit cancer

yeah u should. shes gonna leave you eventually.


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Cancer can be very expensive and women are traitors. If she recovers there is always the possibility that she leaves you for someone else. There are tons of experiences in this matter, just google it.


explain how I just got eye cancer, from reading that? You're the expert and all...

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won't she be leaving you soon?

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Depends on the type, some are less than 10%

Yeah, if it is unnoticed until stage IV and it's already rampant throughout her whole body. But every other stage is better than 50/50 odds.

Stay with her so when you wake up one morning and realize she bit it sometime during the night, you can fuck her corpse in the ass