Social 4

Social 4

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Smash or pass?

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Smash hard

i could park my car on her forhead

would you fuck?

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big brain though

anyone still want more?

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Thoughts? Wwyd?

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She's cute af

Right first


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fuck yes, more right


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If anyone wanna show off their girl on kik: 20190416
Bonus for busty/thic

want more?

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Those legs could lock tight

more plz

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Tie her to a bed and face fuck her

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Go ahead

keep going

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kik or disc?

only if you're stroking for her

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Yes please


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Which one you want, why?

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Way ahead of you

cock is def out

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How would you use her holes

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are you the same user from last thread?

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good man- what would you do to her?

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Kik anyone?

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fuck me

Keep going

good man

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Those fucking lips on my cock now

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kik/disc? op

don't stop, she's so hot

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yeah? she making you hard?

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never been harder here op please have disc

plz keep going, so hot


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Nah sorry neither

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she's making me stroke so hard

More both or,either

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good- i want you to blow a load for her

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keep going and I def will....disc?

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no but i wont stop- tell me what you want to do to her

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fuck, stroking hard


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def a tittyfuck but I want to suck those toes while I pound inside her unprotected

she's a good one

You like?

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Keep going

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more just like this please

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Very much

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her feet are def underrated- i'd love to see her tits slick with spit

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damn look at that tiny waist

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keep going?

she's making me so horny

eyes tits freckles

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fuck yes, rubbing my throbbing cock inbetween

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she was built for it

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Right ass

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fuck she's got the best tight sexy body

she's amazing

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wwyd to this fuckmeat? guess her name for bikini pics

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her proportions are insane

more of her with booze

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she makes me hard instantly- i want her so bad

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You want her drunk?

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This is all I have found of her!

More skirt!

no but i'll keep sharing if you're jerking

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Stunning and she has a nice set of lips.

if I ever caught her alone at a party, I'd drug her and take her to a room to impregnate her

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mmm, fuck yes



The two bitches on the right, more

stroking hard, more shorts

it would be worth the risk no doubt

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Who would smash?

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Who wouldn’t smash?

you like her little legs?

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These girls got some tight asses

I'd make my time with her worth the risk

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As you wish

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oh yeah? what would you do?

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fuck yes, so hot for her

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Sexy more. Kik? 20190416

finish that bottle then fuck her twat with it

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Fuck, kik?

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me too- i get off thinking of you stroking for her

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Also this.


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spread those legs apart then press my cock into her

what an ass

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Anyone got more of her

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Moar user


Make her cry her slutty make up off as I fuck her tight asshole

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Fuck yea

good, Im so horny, my cock is throbbing like crazy

i bet she'd love every second of that

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i want you to cum for her so bad- she deserves it

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ohh fuck more ass??

stroking to her as well

any more booze?

You're right, my bad

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im jerking so hard, I want to moan her name

god i want to drain our loads onto her so fucking bad

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hold her down, thrust her deep and hear her moan

all over her slutty nipples

i have a huge load for her

Just irresistible

killer fucking body

Nope sorry this is it

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Sara ;)

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love a good party slut

God damn her ass would swallow my cock

Yeah she's beautiful

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Im so hot for Sara its crazy, precum leaking

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yeah she'd find a way to have a fun night

more super tight dresses pls

She needs a good bbc

finish for her right now- this is all i have. show her what she deserves

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got discord?


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spraying all over this dress, soaking it

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good man- so glad you enjoyed

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discord before thread is nuked?

No discord sorry

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How do you finish with them?

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would not pull out

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bigger pic?

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make glasses chick swallow every last drop of cum

Pulling out of left at the last second so I can cover her face while middle moves in to stroke me off. Right cleans left off while I cum

Mmmm right

good choice. And the others?

how does she finish you?

Mm stroking hard



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yes please

Honestly I'm not the op but I had pics of that girl so I dumped them after the OP did the first two

keep going