This flower makes my sprinkler turn on Cred Forums

This flower makes my sprinkler turn on Cred Forums

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Wait what lol

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I second this op, fuckin wat??

The flower. sex. yes

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Do you make these yourself?

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i mod them myself yes, but the only one i have fully made myself is the flower

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where did you get that one? the style is familiar

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This guy makes them, looks like he's not selling anymore for the time being.

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yep thought it was lugavi. im in a discord server with him. his stuff is really really cute

I wish I would have bought one when I had the chance, but they were a little too pricey for me at the time.
I'd like to see more of your work however.

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of course. like i said most of what i have done so far is simply modding though

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Still cool.

i actually just started work on a new plush tonight though, but it will probably be sfw

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Ooh man, I want one like that!

holy shit
its good enough that when i searched the image it came up with actual animal genitals jesus

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that was one that got sent in to me to get modded. i wish i had one to keep too.

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Wow, even the mouth works, that's really something user.

Thanks.I try.

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