What are all you faggots doing to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic...

What are all you faggots doing to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic? Shit is going to get fucked up here in the next few months, what is y'alls plan?

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My plan is to live in a country with good healthcare and that is reasonably isolated, and to be somebody young in decent health.

embrace it and die a hero.

>what is y'alls plan?
fap ofc

Probably just going to get sick and die, what’s yours?

Preparing for a pandemic in 2020 while living in a modern and hygienic country...what for? Shitholes like China and Mexico can worry all they like...we wash our fucking hands around here.

There will likely be regional shortages as people stop going to work. It's wise to prepare a few weeks supplies when cases start exploding in your area and people start rioting over cans of beans.

Buying a ticket to Madagascar before they close it off

Made sure Ive got a couple months food I can live off if needed.

Bought a pack of N95 masks before they got scooped up.

Bought a pair of P100 masks that I /really/ hope I dont need to open but, if it comes down to it, I am ready.

Bought some cold medication, stocked up on my meds for my disease I have, bought a pack of ibuprofen, bought a fresh water filter.

The key is to prep in a "Well if this blows over I dont need to go shopping for 2 months" kind of way, so best case scenario is your bills are cheaper for 2 months.

I approach it as "Id rather feel foolish for buying some masks, than feel fucked that I didnt"

Masks are now sold out everywhere in my city, so I am glad I bought the pack when I did. Only 20 of em though, wont last long.

This guy gets it

I hope fucking die. I have nothing left, nothing to lose. All I wish for is death and its redemption...

Release some COVID-19 porn videos with sick bitches to start a new kink

Stocking up on porn and ramen

What evidence do you have to indicate that this is the case?

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Going out as a true gentleman and scholar

I have a couple months worth of food and water. of course masks and meds, and all the normal stuff. wash your hands, use wipes, wipe down your door handles, ect.

also booze, lots of booze.

Answer my question you stupid fucking faggot.

if things don't calm down shortly ill take my kids out of school and head to our bug out location. this shit is totally out of control in china, and it looks like japan, south korea, and italy are following a similar exponential curve. When that starts in the US i'll cut off contract from society for 2-3 months and see if it takes off here. both my wife and i can work 95% remotely.

If you look at SARS as a model, then map its spread but on the scale COVID is at, you approach the tens of millions infected by May.

SARS capped out at like 8K infected over all of 2003. COVID pulled that off in like a week.

People also took SARS a LOT more serious in 2003, people actually talked about it and cared about it, countries imposed quarentines asap.

With COVID, people now just seem to either not care, laugh it off, "Its just a flu", "The flu is way more dangerous", or not even know what you are talking about.

So its kind of a double whammy. Its like 10x as infections, substantially more deadly, already has hit several orders of magnitude more people, and yet despite that people don't seem to care much.

So, you do the math there.

This is mostly accurate, we think wuflu is going to end up between 2-5% fatal, around 100x more fatal than the flu. SARs was more like 10-15% fatal. The kicker here is covid appears to be 20+x more infectious.

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>you said this last month.

i simply dont believe china's numbers. I believe they're still experiencing exponential growth on part with japan, italy, and south korea. Theres not much we can do to figure that out until the next 2-4 cycles have past, and thats 3-10 weeks from now.

The number was and has been 1-2.
Flu is a little under 1.
Why are you STILL fear mongering?

Then go by the "Others" Graph if you dont believe china.

what are you a paid CCP shill? why are you spreading BS info? on average the flu death rates or confirmed cases are around .05%, and we think less than 20% of cases are confirmed, thats around .01%. Currently theres 20k recovered and 2.5k dead, thats over a 10% death rate. We think that number is quite high because many people have mild or no symptoms, so we expect the number to drop. Fucking read something once in a while.

facts livescience.com/new-coronavirus-compare-with-flu.html

COVID fatality rate outside of china atm is around 11.2%

214 recovered

27 fatalities.

27 / (214+27) = 11.2%

You dont use infected as a number in the formula, you only use Recovered and Fatal to actually see the fatality rate.

Basically, the only cases that count for the rate are the people who have seen it through to the end, which are those who have recovered, or those that died.

People who have had neither are still in limbo and we dont know if they'll live or die yet. They dont have any bearing on the formula.

i actually have a plan to loot as much stuff as i can , including houses , pharmacy , grocery stores and other retail spaces.

I am going to get so many pills from CVS, and maybe some new guns

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