Ever fucked another mans gf or wife? or shared ur own gf? or had someone cheat on you whhat happen?

ever fucked another mans gf or wife? or shared ur own gf? or had someone cheat on you whhat happen?

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I one time woke up to my then best friend fucking my gf in bed next to me. I was the worst feeling I have ever had and I fell into a major depression for like 6 months.

what happened when u saw em

I pretend to be asleep because at that point in my life I didn't know how to stand up for myself.



Been cheated on MANY times. Never cheated on anyone, but did sleep with a married girl. We play a sport together and kinda flirted on and off. She was getting ready to move out of state. Hooked up one weekend. It was amazing.

I fucked a lot of guys wife's their all whores. Also fucked a guy's wife in front of him while he jerked off.

Fucked a married chick for a few months.
After I broke it off she started fucking her husbands boss, divorced him and moved up.
She had the pussy to go anywhere it was fucking amazing.

Fucked around with this guys gf. Didn’t think much of it. She didn’t mention him. Few weeks later I get a call from a number I didn’t recognize. It’s him and he’s crying asking if I did anything with “Alex”. I said yes and it was kind of awkward. They broke up and somehow years later he became my best friend.

Kind of partner swapped with my girlfriend's friend and her boyfriend. It was thrilling, though the sex I have with my girlfriend is usually better. Though apparently I was the only one who thought that, because both women said that I was better than the boyfriend.
Which honestly was a detriment because now he doesn't want to do it again.

I had a fight with this guy until i was kicking him on the floor in front of his gf. That night the girl went to my place to yell at me but at some point, i was fucking her on the couch. Not proud.
I let my wife to fuck some guys too.

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I post my GFs nudes on b and jack off to he fear that someone will start reposting them.

Cool story, bro

Fucked my gf's friend while she was living with us and she was seperated from her bf and child at the time, then we all had a three way involving drugs. Kinda regret it costing me 2 years away from my gf but worth it

Have been sleeping with my brothers wife for the last 6 months, pic related

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I've fucked other dudes' women a couple of times and I've shared my girl once (pic related)

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I fuck other guys wives and gfs all the time. Being a Bull for cuckold couples is an awesome gig. Love taking videos to send the cucks after. Guarantee no clingers too lol

Pic related

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Shes hot

im in a open relationship with my gf, and she is usually sleeping 4 times a week out of the apartment, i just got used to that and ask her for pics and what happened when she is back

did it ever happen again?

more pics?

>be me 24-years old, not too long out of the military, fit
>in a plane back home in MT
>sit next to older woman, late 40s or early 50s, fit, with a nice california tan
>begin chatting, she's an real estate communications director going to some writing retreat at a resort nearby
>she's married and has a son my age
>casual chatting but she keeps touching me and initiating conversation
>nice flight
>we get off plane, she invites me to dinner with her at the resort and gives me her number
>go to resort, have dinner, she buys me drinks
>she calls me her son to the waiter
>ok whatever
>a little buzzed, invites me over to her room to discuss what she's been writing (a book about how fucked society is with social networking etc.)
>we talk about how stupid facebook is etc.
>she keeps touching me more
>4play escalates to sex
>holy shit she is so good
>surprisingly tight for how old she was, knows how to work her muscles so she can squeeze in sync
>best sex of my life still...
>takes me out to breakfast in morning and part ways
>we text nudes a few days afterwards
>text her back weeks later, no response

I know I was being used for her fantasy but I don't care. also she's probably a gilf now

I was fucking my friends GF in college, even picked her up from his house once.

It was pretty hot and I don't think he ever found out.

>ever fucked another mans gf or wife?
Of course.
Who hasn't?

i love her ass - it's small but plump

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Fucked my niece and my friends wife

I fuck some guys girl. Someone will fuck mine. It's cool for me

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blew my load in a married drunk sluts mouths as her boyfriend was blowing up her phone.

Most of the girls I've had sex with were not single. Women are fucked up. And it a massive reason I'd rather not have a girlfriend.

Love it

Fucked another dude's wife a few times while he was away working up at an oil patch. She confessed to him what happened and she stopped talking to me. Two weeks pass and she tells me she needs one last fuck before she can be faithful, so of course I fuck her that whole night. Don't know how she needed sex to be faithful but I wasn't complaining. Best head I have ever received, her mouth was like a fucking hoover.

youre a scumbag

I've fucked 3 married women. Each was cash.

fucked a married woman, she lied to me and said they were divorced. women are absolute trash. but fun to fuck

I got my sister in law to fuck me when she was like 18 and I was in my 20s. She regretted it so much but got her to show me tits a few times.

I used to have threeways with my ex-gf, with a regular named Hannah.G. Years later, Hannah shows up, has me bang her with her boyfriend. He cried, and left the room over and over. I came in her, and well. Thats the last i heard from either. Go times. true story bro.

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Nice pussy?


My husband is cheating on me...wanna pics of her? Hack her account and get the nudes XD.

A good friend of mines wife tried subtly hitting on me while they were going through a very rough patch. I shot down her attempts though. Not worth fucking up a long friendship over a woman.

Was she aware she was blowing u lol

there will be an extra virgin for u waiting in heaven

i did almost everything, cheated, been cheated, sharing a girl with friends, fucking married girls and guys sometimes both at the same time, threesomes with 2 girls, girl and male, heck even did a threesome with 2 other guys, right now i have a girl 15 years younger than me, i will not give more details but im just 29 tho

I got a good story for you Cred Forums

>be 20 y/o on vacation in Caribbean
>at club on resort with brother (18)
>drunk and high as fuck on coke and weed we bought off grounds keeper
>dancing with a bunch of different girls, sexy latina milf keeps gravitating towards us
>we take turns bubbling her between other girls on dance floor, gave my brother a handjob while dancing
>weird looking older guy with glasses keeps following all of us around
>start talking to him when my brother is dancing with the milf, asks me what I think of her
>”pretty hot, why?”
>tells me she’s his wife and they’re celebrating their anniversary
>weird, guess he doesn’t mind her having fun with young guys
>brother comes back with milf he tells him same thing
>”if you think my wife is sexy you can both come fuck her tonight”
>lol wtf me and my brother deliberate, but guy then adds that it’s their last night on the resort and will give us all their leftover drugs
>the forces degeneracy in strong in us, so we head over to their room
>me and brother proceed to take turns getting our ducks sucked and fucking the milf while the other does drugs and drinks while the husband tells us stories about his Texas mansion
>turns out guy is a millionaire and wife used to be a stripper before he knocked her up and divorced his first wife
>stripper turned trad wife looks after his kid from first marriage and the two he had with her
>whole time the wife is acting like a pornstar with one of us while he tells the other one his life story
>all happening in the same room
>says he’s a millionaire and travels a lot for business, so he buys escorts when he’s away and when they’re together he will let her fuck guys in front of her
>getting tag teamed by two students is her 10 year anniversary gift
>finish the night by coming all over her face while he and my bro finish smoking a joint and watching
>she let me reach the finish line without a condom on (was against the rules he set out from the start)

Wow that was an interesting turn out

Made a chick I was half dating half using as a cum dump, blow my single buddy for his birthday

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that's pretty hot

Part 2
>told me me dick is bigger than my brothers and that she wishes she would be able to fuck me again
>me and bro put our clothes on, they both give us hugs and thank us for hanging out
>her face still covered with my cum
>they hand us a gram of coke and an 8th of weed, and thank us again when they let us out arm in arm like a happy couple
>mfw he kisses her on the lips with her face still covered in my cum as they’re closing the door

I swear to god this is a completely true story. I’m certain she must have done porn too, but I’ve never been able to find anything online that looks quite like her. Kind of looks like Tila Tequila. I’ll never forget that night and would do it all again if I could

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Did they say what you did that they liked more?

Wut? So you broke up for two years after this threesome?



more stories?

I have two:

1. The first was a single incident. Was hanging with a buddy and his wife, and we were all plastered. His wife was acting out of control all day. Taking out her tits, flashing etc. Eventually they go to bed, but she comes back outside. We basically immediately begin going after it. I rubbed on her pussy and got her off like five times. Then got her on her knees, and she proceeded to suck me like it was her last meal. Was awesome

2. Had an intern who married a guy through her church when she was 18. She was beginning to mature and realizing that her husband was WAAAAY below her pay grade. Fucked her about five times. He knew. She dumped him but also moved on to fucking someone higher up in the office. She was in crazy good shape. Had the tightest, blonde pussy.

>gave my brother a handjob while dancing

Say what?

Done that too, basically made the last few girls I fucked into sexual currency

Slept with a married woman. Found out she was married after we fucked. I wasn't a fan of her after that and lost respect for her. Had to meet the guy at a later time felt bad for him that his wife was a cheater. Learned 15 years later they had both remarried and are happy.

what state did she live in?

She reached into his pants and jerked him off in the middle of the club

Currently a bull for a older couple right now. Its fucking great, wife has a pornstar body and dad is a total fucking cuck.

he also introduced me to some of his friends and they pay me basically to sext their wives or partner

What in the blue mountain fuck

Had a coworker who I randomly commented on her hair. She must have like the attention because she started talking to me after that. We ended up banging like six months later. Immediately afterwards she apologized and started crying saying she doesn't usually do this. She tells me the next day she had a bf and couldn't see me. A month later we binge drank for a week and fucked. She ended up going back to her bf and I was hung up on her for awhile. We'd hook up every now and then but she'd always be cheating on her bf.

I've done all 3. I can greentext if you'd like

Many times, cheated on girlfriends, many times hooked up with married women. Or even gf's of someone.
Including a couple of friends gf's.
Women don't GAF
It's kind of sad.
But if I didn't, someone else will.
One of my friends wife pic attached

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Ok, thought you said YOU did. Seemed like that would beg a little more explanation! Sounds like an interesting evening...

According to them I'm better at foreplay and really good at telling them what I want, while he was better at tempo and stamina. Weirdly enough he has a longer dick than me so he goes too deep too often, but my dick is girthier which they like more.

Fucked an engaged girl back in college. She started making the moves on me at a party but I couldn't reciprocate until our mutual friend went to bed. Saw her wedding photos on Facebook a few months later.

I fucked a friend after my brother died and she came to the funeral. She lied about her boyfriend and we hooked up for almost a year before I broke it off. She was a bit too crazy for me.


Yes to all three

Fucked a girl in Uni while she was technically still in a long distance relationship, but they were breaking up (i was beeing a good friend and consolidating her).
Three weeks later they both stayed in their home town and she went to break it off officially; she was sending me nudes those days up to like an hour before she went to see him.

Fucked here for a while a few months after that.

I fucked many gfs of other guys. Considered myself a bull.
Then I got into a relationship with an exotic petite. She got a lot of attention of other men. Since she was submissive it was only a matter of time before another guy would fuck her. When it happened and I found out, I was jealous and frustrated but aroused as well... Shared her quite a few times since... and enjoyed it...
A thin line between being a bull or a cuck

All the time.... Cucks either watch or listen from the other room

cheated on for over a year by girl I was with for 5 years. She's pregnant and I will kidnap torture and kill the child at around 3 years of age.

Yes, the whore lied about being broken up with her "ex-bf" for the six months of our "relationship."

Found out while we were "dating" not only was she fucking him still, she also fucked some random drug dealer constantly in a month long trip to Spain (plus a dozen other guys I can only assume). On top of that toward the end of our "relationship" she was fucking with some random guy she met at a club and I'm pretty sure one of my coworkers who she started dating basically right after I found out about all her bullshit and removed her from my life as best I could.

While she was dating this coworker she was still with her ex-bf as well, and lied to my coworker as well about being broken up with him. Even when I tried to convince my coworker he was making a bad decision and she was a crazy bitch she found out and tried to get me fired.

This has made me so fucking paranoid and anxious with women I can't even describe it. Thankfully my current gf is totally sane and basically a pure maiden in comparison. We will be dating for 2 and a half years in April. She's relieved a lot of those feelings but I think if we ever broke up I'd relapse really quickly.

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I hooked up with a co-worker only to find out she basically fucked every decent looking guy there. I remember everyone started looking at me different after I started fucking her so I assumed she was talking shit. When I left, she kept coming around my department and sending her friends to keep tabs on me. The other day I couldn't help but laugh because I was in a room with two other guys she fucked and we all knew it.

Do tell, please

fucked this bitch with a bf, she was a virgin, fucked her and came in her mouth.

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I share my gf

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Nice, she is really cute

What do you get out of it, is she out of your league or something.


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Glad to hear your teaching career has its perks.

Just find it hot having something that other guys want

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I let my best friend lose his virginity to my girlfriend on a school trip in high school. I was in the same room.

I feel that, don't know if i'd let someone fuck my girlfriend though, bravo to you for being cool with it

damn, I would love a turn with her

Yeah it's hit once you get into it. The build up is usually the best bit, guys get real desperate when she's being a tease

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I crave build up, but always disappointed with the end result, in almost all things I enjoy chasing it more than I do having whatever it was.

i want to know more

There was this guy who used to bully my gf when she was in college, she always complained about him and made her life at school a nightmare.
He ended up fucking her in my apartment while I was practically next door playing smash with the boys


Daaaaaaamn how did you find out?

I went back really quick to my apartment to get my bong and I heard her moaning like never before.
They didn't saw me and I pretended I didn't saw anything

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more of your girl

Nice. I like to think my gf was used the same way.

got kik? more pics

I dont cheat and get rid of the girl if there is any doubts over her integrity, commitment or loyalty.

Unless youre degenerate, enjoy being cucked, or in an open relationship (which always ends with one of them being unhappy anyway), follow my lead anons.

so this time im horny in ohio, find a hooker,
fuck hooker, sister shows up, sister is 2x hotter, i ask if i can put it in her, she agrees,
her bf is at the door ringing while im pounding her.
see her another time later on, sadly couldnt keep on fucking her due to jealousy of the 1st sister. when she noticed i really preferred the sister, she decided to not have me as a customer anymore lol

I’ve been cheated on a few times and finally said fuck it. So a few times, from 21-24yo I went through a period of just fucking taken women. Married/engaged. 3 coworkers and one random. Two of these we went on for awhile. One I was with her when her fiancé was gone for training for 4 months and we were practically in relationship. She posted our pictures all over social media and everyone knew we were together even though she was engaged. It felt pretty risky. Sex was great, frequent road head and constantly wanting sex. Her fiancé came back and found out and wanted to “talk to me” I said fuck that no. He dropped it lol total bitch move. He also worked for my company. She told him she didn’t know whether she wanted to get married any more because of me. But she ultimately did.

There was some powerful psychological thing about fucking and having taken women desire you more than their man.

So back when I lived in another city I was fucking this girl that had a bf. once I invited them both to my house and kept fooling around with her every time he left for a piss. Once even with him in the same room when he was having a smoke at the window. Later she married a different guy but still was fucking with me even with their kids in other room.

Also when I first met my current wife (pic rel) she still had a bf as well.

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Had my nephew's girlfriend come onto me. Found me on Facebook. We talked for months before it ever became sexual. Long story short I ended up meeting the teen and railing her about 5 times before I grew some morals and stopped.

Met a couple at a swinger club and fingered and groped the wife through a gloryhole
She was hot

>be me
>be 18
>go through epicly shitty breakup
>Highschool sweetheart from freshman year gets in touch with me again shortly afterwards
>We decide to hang out
>Asks if bf can come with her to meet me
>He gets along with me instantly
>She's eyeing me the whole time
>They leave and we continue talking
>2 weeks later she asks to hang again
>We're chilling being pothead teens
>Things escalate cause old feelings get brought up
>We fuck, its everything i thought itd be freshman year and more to be honest
For context, she's 5'11", blonde, 36 triple D tits, wide hips, nice ass big blue eyes. Those fucking legs are to die for.
>She leaves and goes home
>She tells me later that night she loved every minute of it
>Another 3 weeks go by
>We keep fucking
>4th of July rolls by
>she invites me to her BF's party
>I go, cause fuckit, im tryna get fucked up
>Any moment she can she gets away to get all over me
>Bf suspects nothing
>We fuck at the party
>I end up staying there because she gave me a ride there
>She turns down sex with him while im "asleep on the couch
>Eventually gets to the point where she does feel guilty
>Leaves him for me

For an anticlimactic ending, i ended up breaking up with her and going back to the ex that cheated on me many times. Im no longer with eother with them, and the girl who i was fucking is married to the guy she cheated on with me. Its been a few years since then tho. I like to think we've all matured since then.

On and off fucking my mate gf, he fucks her just after I leave. She like feeling like a slut like that.

Fucked my friends girlfriend when we were both drunk 3 years ago still feel bad about it they're getting married next summer

Matched with this Korean woman through tinder, pretty much all she wanted to talk about was sex so I thought it's a dude pretending. I play along a little and she wants to meet so then I knew it's to drug me and steal my kidneys. We arrange to meet up at a bar (so there are witnesses) but damn, an actual female showed up. We drink and talk and she gets pretty hammered and mentions that she has a husband. I'm way too horny by that point to care thanks to her dress and bra that are too big for her boobs and her nipples show. I take her back to my place near the bar and fuck her like a savage. She is out drunk on the living room couch so I go to bed. I get woken up by couch banging against the wall noises so I go out to the living room to find my roommie, who just got home, banging her. I don't know what horny demon got into me but without saying anything to him I pulled my dick out of my boxers and put it in her mouth we fucked her until we both came. I woke up a little later and fucked her again.

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>Fucked my friends girlfriend when we were both drunk 3 years ago still feel bad about it they're getting married next summer

fucking shitty friend you turned out to be, hope someone returns the favour.

My mate pays us £500 to fuck my wife. Only happens twice but still.

>be me
>some girls stalk me in bus for some reason, always giggling and shit, annoying
>eventually find me through facebook after realizing I'm friends with two other girls who go to the same school, one of them used to go to my school
>one girl starts messaging me
>still annoyed
>make plans to go to cinema on fb with bro publicly (I cringe at the memories of my online presence back then)
>girls show up at cinema
>creeped tf out, start to reply less to girl who kept messaging me
>eventually stop talking
>4 years later, christmas
>messages me, start talking
>seems less creepy now
>realize she's also gotten prettier
>meet up
>she's actually pretty great
>start hanging out more, pretty much dating, minor sexual stuff
>find out she has a bf
>don't care, at this point I want to steal her
>apparently he's away for some reason, haven't seen each other in over a month
>only found out because I left a hickey on her neck and her friends apparently asked her if he's back
>kek if only they knew
>at this point I enjoy how much she wants me over him
>breaks up with him
>he knows
>is super dramatic about it, apparently her previous boyfriend (the one before him, they were friends) tried to commit seppuku after she broke up with him
>enjoying the drama over it, feel powerful
>end up dating for a year

found out later the reason her bf at the time was MIA for a month because he was taking care of stuff he inherited. Apparently, his father committed suicide just a couple of weeks before we started talking.
>his dad literally killed himself because his wife had been cheating on her
Felt horrible after finding out. I was glad he didn't kill himself too. Women are fucking heartless.