Post girls from here... NZ

post girls from here... NZ

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En zed is fag core op like u

great thread

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any south or east auckland girls?

hah I get it cause she's from the southern hemisphere

surely someone has the patumahoe slut ricki?

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Agreed. I’m in NZ. Lower your already non-existent standards /b, this won’t be pretty.

Na they’re all busy hitting the glass BBQ.

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any maoris?

Holy fuck what happened

More kiwi girls :p I check the Vola all the time but it's been dead recently.

any vola link?


I think she's Maori but I'm not sure. It said Italian on her twitter page

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And another

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Hot but her bedroom looks like it belongs to a 5 year old lol

And some nudity.

From Christchurch

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Probably her little sisters room

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One more

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Do you know her personly

Yeah, knew her. These photos are about 4 years old now. When she was 19

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Could be her room, based on how many photos are in there. She was immature but knew how to work a dick

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Nah just fucked her. Then left her to my neck beard mate that had money

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This one usually gets posted nude in the bathroom every nz thread. A Maori girl from chch

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> country twice as wealthy as the US

> yea fucking right cunt

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What’s her name?

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Cushla nukunuku

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Saeunn Bjorgvinsdottir

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More of this big tit Auckland bbw

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Who wants to see her face?

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Sure why not

From Auckland

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How’s that relevant? Meth is easier to get up north than weed.

Fuck that’s pretty dangerous isn’t it??

Any welly sluts?

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Nope. Have you got a pic of Naomi?

its photoshopped you dip

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Any Auckland sluts?

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See previous posts lol

How the fuck do you even say that

Where's the best place to find slutty students in Wellington?

got pakuranga college nudes?

Jody L?

massey/vic parties

haha Sheridan D??


Sorry mate I don't remember it. I only saved pics from her account

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Dump them all. She look gorgeous.

last nude i got, got other hot shit of her tho

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Ya go on.

You should drop her face on the vola

what vola???

Volafile dot org slash r slash b0bnd3vw

theres nothing there?


Hannah from Auckland.

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Yeh boi

>Volafile dot org slash r slash b0bnd3vw

Post more of her please


Moreeeeeee please


like this thread

Ya just had the one pic?