I havent drank alcohol in 2 weeks and now i feel great when i wake up...

I havent drank alcohol in 2 weeks and now i feel great when i wake up, i have more energy and are morivated and excited to get out of bed and do stuff. You should try giving the booze a little break for a while and see how you feel. Just a friendly message from user, have a nice day!

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OP is a faggot

Alcohol is a depressant. Good work user keep it up!

Same. I quit alcohol and coke 3 weeks ago and shit's been looking pretty up for me. I feel good and I finally have a plan.

>I've stopped poisoning myself and now I feel better!
Wow, who fuckin' knew.

I tell myself I'm gonna do this and yet every weekend I end up getting fucking hammered, like clock wise. Shit is fucking depressing honesty.

>Thinks "depressant" means it makes you depressed

I don't drink at home. Only drink when I go out to socialize. So I only drink 2-3 days a week. Since I am driving, I automatically drink less because I will NEVER get a DUI. Because of this, I drink about 80% less than what I did 10 years ago. Never a hangover.

>Just a friendly message from user, have a nice day!
I agreed with everything you wrote right up to there. keep your useless well wishes to yourself.

>like clock wise

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Yeah and where did you get the idea that I was talking about depression?

will do. im sick of it. love you


Its natural for men to want to get fucked up after a long day of stress. We have been doing it since the age of time. Whats not right is when women drink. They add all these sweeteners and have to dilute their poison to ingest. Men (atleast me) drink straight whiskey which literally feels like drinking posion. We know its not good for us just by the taste yet we keep on. Its natural and i dont see a problem with getting hammered after a week long of stress. Btw im middle class and work 60+ hours a week. Not an alcholic by anymeans

I get what you're saying, but it kinda does depend on the circumstances. Making rounds at the bars is one thing. But staying at home, drinking alone and ripping off a liter of hard liquor is a whole different animal.

>age of time

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Alcohol is poison and shouldn't be had regularly. Save it for occasions.

I drink a box of wine every night.

I'm also a lazy shut in.

Every 3-4 weeks I sneak the empty boxes out to the dumpster at night.

I should be happy my life is good, but every morning I wake up to the sounds of the rain white noise I put on the night before my first thought is that I should hang myself off my balcony.... I then start to drink until I cant think enough to get off the couch.

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Oh yeah in moderation yes i do agree. But after you work a 10+ hour days sometimes more you want a drink. I work as a mechanic. Its a labor job. The first thing i want went i get off is a whiskey on rocks when i get off

Best way to get a 15 year old in the sack. Don’t give up the booze.

Break the routine. Absolutely nothing about that is helping your state of mind.

Do you have a job?
Like how do you pay for everything?

Oh well yeah, if I were a mechanic I'd want to drink every night too. I'd be a raging alcoholic if I had to do that shit all day.

Do you have the morning shakes yet?

I work maybe 2 days a week and take home about 85k. I've gotten a lot worse since I started this job.

Tried to kill myself before, but it messed up my family so I wont do it again

I quit drinking 2 years ago
Now I just want to die as my life is boring as fuck

he has been drinking

I'm not sober long enough to notice, my urine is always dark and I often wake up in the night to puke.

Are you fuckers looking through the looking glass, I'm in this shitty spot now.

I feel for you man. That's a dark place to be. Know you are not alone, and help is there for you. You just gotta want it more than dying. It'll happen, or it won't.

I haven’t drank is 2 months, I feel no change at all besides my stomach thinning a bit, but I only drank like 1 time a week, energy wise I feel completely the same

What do you do? I work 30 hours and get $135k plus stocks for drinking and being charming

>I feel no change
>I only drank once a week
I honesty wanna bitch slap you for making me waste my time reading that

This is my problem. Have nothing to do so I smoke cigs/drink/smoke pot out of sheer boredom.

Relationship management.

I’m influence and market development. Just do drugs man...

I thought I was an alcoholic because I woke up every day feeling like shit

I stopped drinking for a month and continued feeling shit when I woke up. so I started drinking again

I mean I’m just giving my perspective being a non-alcoholic
Is this an alcoholic thread?
I just imagined Op as a guy that might have been drinking to much and stopped, there is a huge difference between drinking to much for a little while and being an actual alcoholic

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It will kill you I have seen it kill many and it almost killed me

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Wait what is that?
What do you do on your days you work?

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Also does anyone know of jobs like that?
Where you work little and get payed good enough?

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Why are you still here? Go back to that fucking gay porn you were wacking off too

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>Where you work little and get payed good enough?
US Congress

I get too introspective when I do now.

I've approached homeless people and gone out spending $1500 on crack or meth for a bing while crashing at trap houses. I share produc, provide minor medical treatment and sterilize peoples kits just to feel like I matter for a week or two before going back to my apartment.

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Sound like every girl I've tried to save. Hope you're able to stop and get better.

> OP's pic
Yeah, I can understand not wanting to drink booze, but 15 year old single malt down the drain is the worst crime ever.

You do coke? That other shit if dirt. Ahrooms are good too, sometimes I do both.

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I shake hands and pretend I care about arrogant people. Mostly taking people out to lunch/dinner.

I need help.I cant't do it alone.Thank you for caring for these people.

Good for you man. I have never been a drinker. Shit is poison. If you can enjoy the odd drink that's cool. If you drink in excess often you're in for a shit life.

>I shake hands and pretend I care about arrogant people
Let me guess, you're a lawyer?

I'm the worst on the comedown from coke. about once a year I'll get some shrooms and go out to nature, I'm good for a few days after, I've thought about microdosing, but I dont have a solid connect I'd have to grow my own

You want more I have many more

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Relationship management for a large company

Try coke. Then you can drink AND wake up feeling the way you just described. It's a win win.

works for me too.

OP, I thought I would quit for a week because one night I had a beer then took a shot of turkey 101 and I had a sharp pain in my abdomen just off center left at the base of the sternum.

Come the end of May it'll be two years for me. I ned to get back to the gym, but ever since then I've been more energetic, I can actually remember shit, and I save money too. I don't smoke, or use any drugs either so maybe I'm a secret Mormon or something, but if you want it, you can have it.

Good luck. Don't let anyone shit on you for it.

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I'm an alcoholic, I know it's bad and kills me. That's the main point, I'd rather people be pissed at me for drinking myself to death than have to see me dead from hanging/shooting myself

Are you kidding me?
A united states congressmen is one of the most hard-working and most important people in America. They have to read thousands of bills that can change your life forever. To think that congressmen to little work is completely retarded

They dont read them and that has been attested to countless times. The vote on the buzzword name of the bill.

I haven't drank in 6 months due to being in jail and now having to do urine testing.

I die inside a little bit more each passing day

Don't do it Cred Forumsrothe, i'm in the same spot, we need to try and get better. I've lost so much but we need to get on our hands and knees and rise up.

did it feel like a heart attack? I drink a lot and have had some stomach pain. then the other day I thought I was having a heart attack because I feel two waves of sharp pain move up from below my rib cage up my chest.

Wish I could, but my job random hair tests monthly.

It's a matter of hating myself and idk how to change that.

If it's not drinking, its meds. If it not meds/drink, it's sex. When it is sex, it's me being bad to the people who try to love me. I dont see an alternative

Get outta here with this pseudosciency shit.

Damn I didnt even read that, apparently it's the illuminati and not me being a bastard that cause all my problems, nice.

I have life long depression, but shit son there is a time and place for everything. I've done the meds in high school and it sucked but don't jive up!

You can't be serious. You really think those people actually read every bill that comes across their desk?

Listen you pussies. Coming from an alcoholic Mexican family. Do your fucking shit. If alcohol gets in the way then you're being immature. Sure you're gonna take some time to learn the relationship but work hard. And don't get in that hard alcohol. If you need to, switch to weed

keep it up user. Btw, does anybody know how or hackers prevent you from creating instagram account and installing apache servers ninja style? Someone is fucking me over.

you have a nice day too

Hackers? Sounds like insta banned your IP kid, wrong thread

guys, whenever i drink too much i feel bad, but i keep drinking because i am so used to it. and once i start, i feel good, and keep going.. but guys...
alcohol is bad for you and kills you fast
for me, it is the thrill of the constant struggle. my nigga, you never know if you'll be on the street, or fucking a model.

My guy, for how long have you been empty inside?

>My guy
Why are so many people saying this now? Everytime I hear it I cringe

my guy, i am not empty inside. i just like to drink and think that the only reason i do, is because it makes me feel good. then i stop drinking and feel better. What a paradox!

Not really actually. Bam! Two adverbs in a row...anyway, I think you do but you do not want to talk abot it...anyway, take care of your liver.

my nigga! are you sure you are not the one who has the drinking problem?

>just man up

Not how depression and true alcoholism works user. We drink to stop the thoughts, beer doesn't get there. I dont laugh or have a fucking fiesta when I drink, I'm trying to black out before I can walk down stairs and dive right into a tree going 80.

I already have a tree picked out, but tell me more about your "alcoholic family" and how I should just try harder

I don't even drink, I just depressed.

You justify your lack of control instead of taking responsibility. You have a responsibility problem first and foremost

as an alcoholic, don't crash in to a tree, please. kek, i used to think about that. i had my special tree too, but i never did it. i made some girl jump out of my car threatening to do it one time, though, (something i don't remember, blacked out)...but yes, try to cut it down if you can. get periods of sobriety. you probably already do, you wouldn't be alcoholic if you didn't. for me, i got tired of going to the er and detox and letting people down all the time, and am now doing better. feels good and bad at the same time

Oh fuck, Hi me, Whats goin on?

My bills are paid, my credit is good, and to any random observer I'm successful.

I'm not irresponsible, I'm suicidal but unwilling to hurt my family so I drink myself into a coma when I'm not at work. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Waaah boo hoo you couldn't control yourself. Now you think you have a leg to stand on when it comes to regaining control. Take it from a person who never lost control. You act like a victim

Now one knows how bad I've gotten and I plan to keep it that way. Feels good to vent a bit though

This, I drink because I don't want to think about how I'm spending another weekend alone, broke with no money. I don't even bother going to bars anymore because I don't want to deal with the embarrassment of having to explain I still live with my parents. As soon as a young girl hears that it's game over 9/10 times. So now I don't even bother.

Yes I do. Your thinking is shit, that's why you wanna kill yourself but people on death row with nothing to live for cling to life. People in wheelchairs cling to life and their dick doesn't work. You are a huge pussy, go man up and fix your thinking. I recommend stoic philosophy but find what suits you

what in the absolute hell? i was just trying to talk to a fellow alcoholic user. i haven't seen b8 like this in quite awhile, but i guess i'm welcome to it. you are a faggot.

Lmao instead of moving out. What a pussy, what are you so afraid of? Why don't you try being homeless for one weekend and see that your fearing something you could overcome

Why would I move out when I'm still in college? So I can be a broke piece of shit, living in some roach infested apartment like you?

I enjoy alcohol most when I drink it no more than twice a week.

>feels good about himself when he can throw criticism at others.

Good for you user, I'm sure you are making a difference.

My shit is nice. I didn't go to college because half the degrees are worthless. Maybe you should have done research?? Enjoy the debt. My advice was free ;)

You must be a redditor, can't take real fuckin advice when it bitches you in a thread


You really come across as a happy, sucessful person. I'm sure your shit is real "nice" user. Keep working that job at the Taco Bell. I'm sure that sweet promotion to night shift manager is coming anyday now.


has anyone ever known you are alcoholic? i hid it for around 6 years, but it eventually became too much. it will happen to you too! you can't hide it forever, hell, you can't even hide it from strangers. I smell alcohol a mile away now haha.

Instead of arguing the points I made you try to make it about me. Shows that you are losing the argument

You haven't made any fucking points. All you've done is manage to rant about literal bullshit.

I wont drink in front of coworkers or family which leads people to think I'm a recovering alcoholic. Honestly I just cant handle social drinking and I won't risk driving drunk and injuring others so I do it at home. I dont live near any family so it's been under wraps fairly well

Pathetic that you think it's a big deal to go without freaking alcohol for a few days.

He's just baiting for attention, everyone has a vice.

College boy here
College is a joke 80% of the time
But I wouldn't want to be working at a retail store or restaurant
Trades seem like the only middle ground

Point number one. Stop being a victim. Point number two. Move out of your mommy's house (trust it's dope af)
Point number 3 being suicidal is called "bad thinking" when even people on death row fight for life


Alcoholism is the same anywahere, you don't need to be from a certain country to feel it diferently.

I got a trade. The guy who was called out for working at "taco Bell" owns his own electrical company

True but he's mildly entertaining so I'll humor him for awhile

It depends what you're going to school for. If it's not STEM, law or medical you're better off not even going at all. Even business is a waste of time unless you have connections, with the exception of maybe accounting.

You're a filthy communist, aren't you.

Exactly. And Mexicans have a culture of both drinking and working hard. Some people know how to have a relationship with alcohol. It's like a woman who is a bitch. If you can handle her, the sex is great, if not then you have to be able to walk away like a man

What difference does it make that people on death row fight for life? This is such a ridiculous take. But why am I not suprised a fucking Mexican can't go 5 seconds without bringing up criminals.

So now you're larping as owning an electrical company?

i see. i'm not sure if i can relate too well with these extra details. drinking was always mandatory for me to work, and i always kept jobs for around a year before quitting on my own because of withdrawal and paranoia, or getting fired from alcohol on my breath. I never really had any friends, only one or two drinking friends, and i already lost my liscense to duis. my mom and dad don't care for me too much because i'm an alcoholic, and my brother is a heroin addict who is still shooting up, so he isn't in the picture much..
Not sure why i'm saying all this shit, but I figure you already know you can't hide alcoholism. Hiding it would be absolutely ridiculous, you are a human, and there are smart humans observing you every day. You'll eventually get too sick, or get found out and get worse and worse until.. shit who knows

No larp bud. And it matters because even though you think there is nothing to live for. A fucking guy in a wheelchair who's dick doesn't work fights to have a good life. And the things you think are bad aren't half as bad as a guy on death row. They fight for what matters in their small life.
You on the other hand act like an ungrateful pussy and wanna throw it all away like an emotional woman lmao

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Are the majority of careers in psychology part of STEM?
t. Psych major

I want that shirt

If you're in a wheelchair what else are you gonna do? Sit around and be depressed all day? Yet there are people in wheelchairs that live like that and have massive drug/alcohol problems. Of course you willfully just ignore those people though because it doesn't fit your narrative. It's still a retarded take.

Exactly, this beaner probably drives around in a fucking minivan asking people if they need electrical "work" done outside of a fucking home depot. That's what he considers to be a business.

No but you can make bank if you own your own practice and have a license. I hope you're not just going for a 4 year psych degree because you need to do more than that, otherwise it's a waste of time.

I switched to MDMA when I was getting urine tested for 18 months probation. I did drink too but my tests weren't random, I always knew at least 3 days in advance.

One time I had a Piss test less than 24 hours after getting shit faced. I was stressing out. But it came back negative

Yea were gonna listen to the guy who lives with his mommy in college. Fuck outta here. You don't know what makes bank. Keep justifying your alcolisim

shut the fuck up

Psych major here
Pls help am noob
What do I do?

Apache ninjas are fucking you?
Literally no idea what you’re even asking.

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Lol this is why people cannot stand you retarded beaners. Do you even live in America or are you shit posting from that dump of a "country" called Mexico?

Do your own research man. Why are you majoring in a field you don't know anything about?

>If you're in a wheelchair what else are you gonna do? Sit around and be depressed all day? Yet there are people in wheelchairs that live like that and have massive drug/alcohol problems. Of course you willfully just ignore those people though because it doesn't fit your narrative. It's still a retarded take.

If you're in college what are you gonna do sit around and drink all day? Yet there are people who drink in college yet still lead a good life not acting like they have a bad life. Of course you just still ignore people that give you advice because it doesn't fit your VICTIM narrative. Still retarded

Is this Alaska b/ro?

I fucking wrecked you kid. Anyways goodnight. While you're living with your mommy, help out and clean up would you. Show some fucking appreciation for once in your god damn life

I'm Mexican as well, and you should read Octavio Paz...

>I-I w-wrecked you k-kid
>I'm going to go cry now
Don't forget to wipe down that toilet again on the way out. I just finished dropping a huge turd in there, just for you. Didn't flush either :)

Chido, Will do. Thank you sir


? Not a plumber, Electrician is a different trade, fuck you arent learning much in that expensive college that doesn't allow you to get pussy like a man (because you live with Mommy) maybe that's why you think I'll clean the toilet? Mommy usually does that for you

Shidded on

>why are you majoring in a field you don't know anything about?
Like I said, Im a noob and it doesnt help that I have only myself to rely on

It's the most common major. Enjoy heavy competition in a vague career path

Come on, nigger.
It's just savoury. It doesn't affect your behavior like excessive sugar, alcohol or medication.
It's not like one can get severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms if he doesn't eat salami for a week.

I never had a problem with alcohol, but I'm happy to hera you're doing better, user.
A healthier lifestyle serves us all.

It's not the lack of alcohol.
It's because you feel you achieved something.

To be fair, I picked it as my major on a whim but law also looks interesting

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No I expect you to clean the toilet because that's the job your family members are commonly doing these days. And no, you driving around in a fucking minivan and offering your "services" to people walking out of home depot is not considered a business. Maybe back in Mexico that's the standard operation but that's not how shit works in normal people countries.


>Law School
How's your GPA? Law School is crazy competitive. There are people who have perfect GPAs and high scores on the LSAT and they still dont get in. Going to law school isn't something that people just decide randomly one day. They usually start preparing the day they first start undergrad.

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started drinking like a year ago when i turned legal, ngl definitely has improved my life, OP is just a sad alcoholic probably

Good for you, I understand your struggle, I hope you continue to do good for yourself

>Wow, who fuckin' knew.
please no swearing on our Cristian mine craft server

You on drugs, dude like not alohol but something way off

It does

Those really sound a lot more like the short term effects
Shittiest poster ever

My name is Dave, and I am an alcohol.

My only poison is coke. I buy every two weekends.Next Saturday is the day.

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1. Turn 30+ with kids, you'll soon discover why men become alcoholics

2. My mother didnt raise a quiter


Stfu bitch, non-alkoholic here. If you don't drink regularly you can drink massive amounts in short period and then weeks or months no at all. No change in energy or anything. But I'm from Poland, we can hold our liquors better than most you fags

I believe in you OP.

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Stay mad™ kiddo. LUL

I like that feeling when you just take the first few glasses after waking up. You feel so good but that is one reason why I started to steer away from alcohol. It's meant to be fun but it stopped being fun at some point. Instead I eat healthy and work out so alcohol becomes the "grand prize" again you feel you've earned.

>change the habits

The choice is yours but I won't be easy in either case.

I've been to detox once and I've quit numerous times. The longest length of sobriety I've had is 30 days. I just felt so bored and uninterested in life. I had no ambition to do anything but physically I felt great.

Now, I have no idea how to quit. I can't afford detox, insurance won't cover it and my body turns into a war zone when I try to stop. I haven't drank since 10 PM last night, my stomach feels like it's going to explode and the panic attacks will start soon.

I tried going an entire shift at work without drinking recently and had non-stop panic attacks. I looked drunk walking out to my car and could barely use my legs. I sip on vodka an hour before work and an hour during lunch to get through the day.

Believe me, I want to quit. I just don't see myself coming out of this one.


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Then there's the morning sip. Every fucking morning, I try to take my first sip and have a gag reflex. I'll sit in my car swallowing trying to prevent myself from dry puking for a few minutes and continue on for the next hour until I'm buzzed enough to go to work.

Do you know how many times I've weened myself off? I don't know, the number's really high but every single time I thought to myself "there's no way I'll be able to get out of this alive" or "there's no way I'll be able to fight through the withdrawals this time".

Sounds to me your body is already giving in. Get help!

When I don't drink for 12 hours, my liver is in pain. It's uncomfortable to sit but when I drink, it feels fine. Am I fucked?

It's healing. You probably have inflamed and fatty liver. Take 1000mg milk thistle and dandelion root. It'll be gone in 2 weeks.

Good work user I'm almost three years booze free my self. Keep it up.