Reminder that COVID-19 is a man-made bio-weapon developed by the CCP in collaboration with the CIA...

Reminder that COVID-19 is a man-made bio-weapon developed by the CCP in collaboration with the CIA. it was supposed to be transferred between the organisations, however something went wrong during the exchange. There is a secret war going on between the world superpowers, which led to the accidental outbreak of the virus. The World Health Organisation along with the CDC have been paid off by the CCP and later ordered by the US government to keep quiet about the true situation of the outbreak. Everything the mainstream media reports on relating to the outbreak is fake news regardless of political spectrum. All public data relating to the outbreak is also false, any attempt to upload real evidence of the outbreak or the government's corruption WILL endanger your life. The disease has a 100% fatality rate where the main cause of death is Total organ failure, other major symptoms that weren't mentioned by the media also include seizures, pulmonary fibrosis and internal haemorrhaging. The hospitals that were built in 6 days are not hospitals, they are death camps. The structures have 3 sections, the 1st section containing the quarantined in their early stages of infection, the 2nd containing the quarantined being tested on during the advanced stages of infection. And the 3rd containing industrial sized furnaces where they dispose mass piles of bodies, these are carried out by state officials wearing specialised hazmat suits. There are now dozens of these facilities throughout China. In Wuhan 5 million people have already perished due to the virus and TENS OF MILLIONS in the Hubei Province. The disease appears to be airborne and can also be transmitted through the eyes. Doctor Li Wenliang was not killed by the virus, he was murdered with a heroin/mercury lethal injection by the MSS (Chinese secret service), collapsing his lungs which ultimately led to his death. countless other unnamed whistle blowers have also been silenced. This is the largest cover up in human history.

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>and the 3rd containing industrial sized furnaces where they dispose mass piles of bodies

Burning that many people so quickly would literally cloud the skies and be visible for thousands of miles.

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have you seen china on a bad day ?

you cant see more than 20 feet ahead of you.

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Reminder that the CCP is literally hiring internet trolls to spread extremist statements that go to max rhetoric in order to dispense confusion and make people doubt the validity.

Shit is *extremely* serious right now, but wild statements like what OP are making, make those of us trying to find the truth in this shit seem like a bunch of crazies.

Absolutely 0 info from China can be trusted, in any direction. Just completely ignore China's numbers and focus on the concrete stuff, like how fast things have spread and the fatalities on the Diamond Princess. That shit has been reported on by multiple different parties from many different countries, so its much much less likely to be falsified info.

The state of South Korea, Italy, and Iran are going to be a fair bit more reliable than the shit China is shoveling out.

From what I have seen, in most cases the fatality rate is sitting at about 17% under controlled conditions, and upwards to 35% in extreme conditions when you cant get healthcare.

Remember that the fatality rate literally cant even be 100%, because like 40% of carriers of the disease are asymptomatic, they had it and never even knew


over 10 percent of the worlds population is currently on lockdown, and risks being murdered by their government for stepping outside their homes

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fake news

Russia too

China has dropped the quarantines in most of their cities this weekend. "Back to work!" basically, despite the fact people are still dying.

Sister in law is teaching English in China and told us on Friday evening that the quarantine was lifted and she was told she could leave her home.

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yeah, so?

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I can confirm that is not the case in wuhan as of 36 hours ago. I have family there and communication is spotty at best.

Yeah, but I already know you're a liar, because nothing has 100% fatality rate.
I would have loved to jumped onto the /x/ bandwagon on this shit, but next time use a real fatality rate from an actual dangerous disease.

Im not surprised about Wuhan, from pics and vids Ive seen that place is looking borderline apocalyptic.

Zhengzhou is where my Sister in Law is working and I can confirm that city has had the quarantine lifted.

more meme than the holocaust

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>The disease has a 100% fatality rate
That's funny. Then how did my coworker, who was one of the 12 confirmed C-19 cases in my country, make a full recovery?

You're a bad meme.

>focus on the concrete stuff, like how fast things have spread and the fatalities on the Diamond Princess.
You mean the two old people with growth problems? Big shocker, a coronavirus killing the old and infirm.

It's basically SARS II. It will die off in the warmer weather of late spring. It has a fatality rate of around 2% in all confirmed cases that are reported by multiple sources. Keep safe, steer clear of people coughing and clean your goddamn hands and we will make it through just fine.

>with growth problems
health problems. Damn productive tent auto cucumber fucking up my typing.

The fatality rate is about 10% to date.

Many sources are downplaying it by using the formula:

Fatalities / Infections

But that is completely incorrect and the wrong formula, any textbook on the subject will say this, because infected people are still in that "havent died, havent recovered" limbo.

The correct formula for fatality rate is:

Fatalities / (Fatalities+Recoveries)

So right now using:

We have 22,401 recovered and 2,619 fatalities (if you trust chinas numberes)

2,619 / (22,401 + 2,619) = 10.4% fatality rate at the moment in China.

Outside China, we have 214 recovered and 27 fatalities, 27 / (214+27) = 11.2% fatality rate outside China.

This is the correct formula. Infected people havent recovered yet, so using them to artificially drop down the fatality rate is incorrect.

This, which sets the fatality rate much higher than "the flu" as so many arm chair health experts here falsely claim is higher.

i coughed once, am die?

Do you live in Asiaville?

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shits real people wake up

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At what point will this cover up be blown? The ability to hush a whole nation or indoctrinate them cannot sustain when a pandemic is occuring.

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Why would you make a bioweapon for which you have no cure? Then it's not a weapon

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Also with corruption rampant in the W.H.O and the impact it has caused the point of no return is nearing upon us. Medical supplies have been impacted on a global scale.

i am a left coaster, i'm sorry

and my bday is 420, i'm aryan, and honestly believe that i'm the only sane one in my goddamn state

Give them time and they would have a cure. Once cure is formulated use virus when you need to control a situation. But a mishap occurred. Virus was released before a cure was made.

Reminder that all new Apple products might have the virus. Be careful user.

It would be nice to have a legitimate thread on covid19 without the FUCKING CRAZIES but I guess that's asking too much for Cred Forums.

It's okay.
The irony is Chicken soup (or chicken bone broth) does actually have strong anti-inflammatory properties that have shown to reduce symptoms and improve recovery from major sickness.

Its been on the news, google it. Not even a joke, they even literally referred to them as "trolls"

China is a master at disinformation campaigns. Its literally impossible to find info on this that is trustworthy because its been buried under misinfo shit piles

holy shit actually? might mail some campbells across the pond

I have been living in Chengdu China for more than 3 years and I left at the end of January, I care very much about this situation and have been taking everything into account based off of what I have personally seen while in Chengdu, the reports of friends who are personally there, and the penalty untrue official numbers.

Things in Wuhan are worse than they have been reporting but things in other cities outside of China are starting to loosen up a bit. My university will teach classes online this semester though so I won't be back to see it first hand but I'm told the streets are beginning to have more people walking around and more stores are opening up. Still everyone is wearing masks and there is a general sense of fear in the air. Also you're not supposed to leave your house more than one time every two days to go buy food unless you have work, but it seems some people are going out. Mixed messages.

Contrast that with what is happening in Wuhan. Total fucking lockdown. Definitely worse than they are saying. Terror is all around. They are welding people who may have any symptoms inside their houses, or physically forcing them into containment without proper medical treatment.

And for anyone who thinks the virus isn't man made, please, consider the possibility that a new virus spawns from nothing super dangerous never before seen right next to the only laboratory China has to handle this level of pathogen.

This article is absolutely damning

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Campbells is inexpensive. Good if you have a sore throat. But if you're stuck in bed sick, skip the Campbells and go straight for the hi quality stuff like this.

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Good post and stay safe fren.

What. no governments don't gain power through mass deaths, just the opposite, but that geneticist has not been found, the woman kidnapped bout a year ago, from a major bio conference. Wonder what is going on with her. She could make something like this or at least teach someone to do it.

I think she might have been found it was headline on a slow news day

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The train to Busan was a really fun zombie movie. Watch it and enjoy.

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Everything you consume is a chemical. Stop fucking using “chemicals” as a buzzword you stupid fuck. It only propagates ignorance. Like those fucks who don’t get vaccinated because “muh chemicals”.

Is it true that Mossad planted a different strain of coronavirus in Qom the most holy site of shia islam with millions of travellers and the CIA planted ncov19 in right around for chinese new year in the transport hub in Wuhan?

Nah its just (((coincidence))) trust me

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So whats the real origin of this virus? Any science medfag here?

>All public data relating to the outbreak is also false
Good to know, sage and hidden!

This was a stolen bioweapon accidentally released by China.
China, like most asian nations, is horribly incompetent. Western levels of incompetence are nothing compared to what asians deal with daily.
Thats because asians actually are very stupid people. Just because they do well on standardized tests means they just can do testing well. Their level of intellect is subpar. Thats why the Chinese space program is made of Russian (white) technology, borrowed/stolen.

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>without a ton of chemicals.
But all of it is chemicals.

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They left out amygdalin.

How comes Iran got hit bad with a MERS-2 virus in their cultural religious holy site in Qom? No chinese go to Qom. You exposed yourself Mossad

Soups now contain lots of potassium, supposedly healthier for you than salt, but goddamn, it makes it taste like you're munching on match sticks.
Absolutely inedible soup.
Just make your own. Toss in a steak, some potatoes, carrots and celery and dump in italian seasoning, pepper and salt.

>How comes Iran got hit bad with a MERS-2 virus in their cultural religious holy site in Qom? No chinese go to Qom. You exposed yourself Mossad

Chinese people are all over the fucking world. Asians are traveling addicts and don't give a fuck about sanitation or common courtesy to the host nation. They shit in trash cans, piss in the streets, leave garbage in the train cars and hide their deadly diseases to authorities so their precious fucking vacations don't get ruined.
Iran has foreign travelers. I wouldn't be surprised if that death cult in china has been intentionally spreading it worldwide, chink fucks.

I get it the holy war has started. Jews, evangelists and sunni islam vs the rest. So it is a concerted effort of the three abrahamic religions.

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Any source?


>I get it the holy war has started. Jews, evangelists and sunni islam vs the rest. So it is a concerted effort of the three abrahamic religions.
>Lets see if jesus returns in the temple of solomon lmao you delusional shit
Thats your delusional myth, not mine.

Have fun being paranoid.

>Asian film wins the academy awards
>Asian virus outbreak ensues
Coincidence? I don't think so.

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Delusional myth? Why are you insulting your spiritual leaders? God is watching you

Life has a 100% fatality rate


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I have no idea if its as bad as OP says but, they are literally rush-building incinerators in the affected areas. Though officially the death toll is only 2000 or so people right? The CCP are delusional and very happy to cover things up, so I woupdbt be surprised if its all true. Anybody who is up to date on the state of China (not based on general media) would know how corrupt and idiotic the decisions the CCP make are

also, modern incinerators contain the ash for the most part. Everything else being released would not really stand out in China

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>fatalities on the diamond princess cruise
i haven't seen any news saying anyone from that ship died yet
ive been following the guy from southern californias blog (who is older with pre-existing conditions) and he says he has a mild fever, light cough and is chilling watching tv, taking ibuprofen and drinking gatorade
oh also he isn't dead
where has it been reported that anyone from the diamond cruise died?

First not only corpses land in incinerators. Second china did a great job they report few new cases and guess what italy dies? Exactly like china. The world can learn so much from china

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you can find his blog
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That message was put out by the CCP because their economy is spiralling. They have been purposely over estimating their economy/growth rate/etc for a while now. Their economy is almost stagnant in reality (most likely). So with the outbreak and nobody working, and their systems all breaking down as far as transport etc. Its starting to cripple their economy. The thing is thats all the CCP has going for it, that China has prospered in the last few decades. If they go into a recession the people will riot. Its a mess just waiting to implode

read about the wrsth of the dragon scenario. it describes that china has their own kind of samson option means if the communist party is in immediate danger that they will take their enemies with them. say goodbye to the united states and israel or do you believe the official chinese numbers of having only 300 nuclear weapons?


Honest question: what do you feel when you invent all these lies OP? some kind of pleasure? maybe you feel ''haha im gonna troll all these guys, i brilliant!''?


You still havent answered my question if you believe the official chinese numbers of having only 300 nuclear warheads.

Have your brain capabilities been reached that you cant reply to that within 10 minutes? Lmao

That im using my right of free speech that im allowed to say anything i want and if its a lie or not is up to you to decide. This how it all works

I could see the CIA behind it, but the CCP? I don't think so.
Pretty sure this is an American black op to hit China with an uppercut after a few belly shots like the trade war, pork infections and media exposure of human rights violations.

Hey, China wants our #1 global power spot and they've played anything but fair to get here. Welcome to the game bitches

yeah i dont really get the appeal, pissing in a river of piss when you could be trying it on normies

Chill, he might be looking up wrath of the dragon, and also the Samson option. I'm going right now but there's a lot of Dragon Ball Z and GoT shit to sift thru

Oh fuck off, if we outlawed free speech due to lies no one would ever say anything. Your rights have nothing to do with it

Why fuck off? Its free speech you will be exposed to it and your mind will force you to read this piece of text if you want or not if youre smart then you stop reading now but you see you cant stop and youre still reading this even theres no substance to it

Free speech is good

tl;dr it's more likely they were playing with something they shouldn't have been and that's why they're reluctant to be more transparent.


Mensa called. They said their experiment chimp escaped. I guess I'll call them that you're on 4chinz

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this nigga gets its. so you can't use total cases for anything yet cuz we don't know which way they gonna go. full recovery or death. fuck. ...that means 10% death rate. I'm freaking out even more now. thanks asshole.

>if you trust chinas numberes
China was always hiding informations.
China was always lieing.
For example in the 20th century when 60 million people died in China they lied that only 2 million people died.