Cred Forums i need help i won somthing and i wanna know what do i do with it?

Cred Forums i need help i won somthing and i wanna know what do i do with it?

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buy a gun and kill yourself gg

buy a gun and kill yourself

holy shit dude what are the odds

same as winning 1000 dollars >.>

Odds of dubs are 1 in 10.

I'd say buy a gun and kill yourself

Buy blow and have a hooker fuck you to death

OP here- How much to fuck a porn star lol?

What is that, 1K? What currency?

OP here - US so dollars

no I mean that we posted the exact same thing

Methamphetamine, Marijuana, and series of loose woman who only requires the latter, and tacobell.

OP here- sounds fun however i live in a small city named johnson city not many escorts here as far as i know.

he probably saw your response and just copy posted.

If the time stamp was much close, say, within a few seconds I'd be impressed

Is that Tennessee money?
It spends differently

1K won’t go far will will it? Just go have a weekend somewhere nice and do something fun.

it won't go far, but use it on shit you'd actually get years of use from or fund a hobby. use whatever's left to keep playing and see if you get lucky again

A plethora of butt plugs, a pallet of Doritos and a subscription to Disney +. You should be good for awhile then.

Buy guns and ammo OP
Also get /fit/ if you haven't already and get yourself a good Hatchet

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kill yourself bad spam

Do something good and donate it to a heroin addict

Put it in your Roth IRA

If you don't have one, use it to start one

Then stop buying lottery tickets. The expected rate of return for most state scratch lottery tickets is negative 2%