YLYL Cred Forums edition

YLYL Cred Forums edition

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Cred Forums feelings support group

We've got like 3 YLYL thread running as we speak, now, come on guys, let's try to condense.

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Adrenochrome bitch

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I feel bad for the green shirt guy in front. He mustered the courage to bring his doll in public and he's got the shittiest one. It's not even realistic proportions, skin color or texture. Red shirt guy just chilling with his shirt partially unbuttoned, flip phone clipped to his waist knowing he's the alpha male.

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More ylyl ! Make Cred Forums great again !

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Unfunny meme guy here

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to each his own. he might have a thing for big titted midgets or some reaching pedo thing for 12 year olds with DD cups

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Sauce please

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3 ylyl and the rest is trap/trans/gay/white hate....
Never saw fags thay are trying to condense thoes cancer threads

yo i gotta learn more about this


Of course Twice could pull this off.

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People of the Commonwealth. Do not interfere. Our intentions are peaceful. We are the Brotherhood of Steel.

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The Coronavirus is in Italy!

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>minor procedure

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When English is your third language but you you're desperate to redpill Murca with your deep truthbombs

The guy in the back is the biggest chad. Hes got 3 of them lol.

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how do bost wemb?

how post webm?

this makes me sad... also how post webm?

i aint seen ol Cred Forumsuddy in a while. i wonder if flies ate him

hey! thats so cool! i invented that game!

Kek, sauce?

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>be me

>7 at the time

>beta loser who can't poop

>pathological fear of poop since middle school, when some bitch shat

>have a younger sister, 5 at this time

>my sister is poop, really wants to shit on someone

>announces that she's "shitting on someone"

>father and I start discussing plans on how to shit on the bastard.

>few days later, brings the dude home

>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses

>visibly nervous

>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the shitroom"

>discuss for a few minutes

>they go out and shit

>dad tells me "it isn't going to poop"

>sis comes home

>announces it was "Shitty"

>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously crapped on a college girl

>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back

>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother

>"We're not a thing anymore"


>tell my father this

>laughs uncontrollably

>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first scat date would go down

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put the chromosome in the bag !!

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this looks like a nigger acting like a chink

Carrier has arrived.

Story? How?

sorry for ur dick

This is painfully Japanese

when does someone post something funny?

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Lost a ring doing that

explain this

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Fucking he'll. Just imagine being the losers with the homemade sex dolls in that picture. You gotta really be questioning the direction your life is heading in then.

Say what you will about Indians, but they make some good comedy flicks. They make JoJo look normal.

Holy shit am I glad I'm not an American.


nigga what??

Next it'll be writing diaries.

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holy fuck these are actually real.

1. why would you want to wear shoes looking like they are covered in cum?

2. if you did, why would you spend that much instead of just dumping some elmers white glue on whatever kicks you got laying around.

I need to find a youtuber reviewing these or something, fuck.

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Actual poo story inbound

found video of dude reviewing cum shoes


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What seriously the fuck!

translation: "Slut is obvious whore, acts like one"


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"Naw, naw chitlins, don't cry fer yer baby brother! Gaaawdddd chose him, an we shud rejoice in heez name!"

God I hope she decides to drive drunk with all the kids in the Chevy some time very soon

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didn't someone recognise the old dude as their father on twitter?


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I’d rather have an army of AIDS-ridden gay men in the streets fisting each other shoulder-deep, than one, solitary Muslim.

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Because they'll all eventually kill each other without taking out bystanders with them?

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No thats just there version of scented candle cause of all the curry smell

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Sheeit, were the people of the 80~90 IQ range still too smart to be a cop?

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My wedding ring once came off while I was fisting my wife’s pussy. But that isn’t so bad, since a pussy in finite and bounded. Colons, OTOH...

that's not funny, it's sad, all these guys are unable to find a real woman, so they have to settle for a doll


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Pretty much.

“Live and let live” is a good motto. Don’t bother me, and I won’t bother you. Muslims don’t seem to get that philosophy.

>implying there is something more to women

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remember her ?
we fucked up her life

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I wonder what would a major procedure cost in wonderland

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Tell me more

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Isn't he a Jew?

everyone needs to expand this and see why its a good thing

this is not cringe thread

I'd rather 100% of my taxes go to her than one penny go to a nigger

her EX originally post her nudes on Cred Forums
and you know ...the internet

So where are the photos

lets see her nudes then

Too much cocaine.


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Asian/Caucasian admixture = potentially gorgeous

Asian/Black admixture = kill it with fire

>read the whole thing
>big mistake, would not read again

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more plz


I would never purpose that way. Sounds like a shitty way to humiliate yourself in front of a lot of people.

es gibt keine meinungsfreiheit, weil die anderen meine meinung nicht mögen, mimimi

pieallthetime - himiko can't resist herself

can i have them all she is really hott

Yeah I bailed halfway through, fuck that.

Y’know, posting someone’s nudes without that person’s permission is a shitty thing to do.

But it is nonetheless a simple betrayal of trust. A broken promise.

If I promise my wife that I’ll water her stupid cactus while she’s traveling and I fail to do so, should I be imprisoned?

Fucking feminists... All for a “progressive justice system” until it annoys them. Then it’s all “Lock ‘me up! Throw away the key!”


‘me -> ‘em

>Lock ‘me up! Throw away the key
the quiet part seems especially loud today..

before someone screams 'leddit' this isn't a person, its a GPT2 bot

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This is Bernd Höckler he is a famous german country music star

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Ok I've lost..... noods?

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Fucking hell the state of some people

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Bitched, don't share ur nudes until ur in a committed relationship.
Sharpy in pooper pics will be the engagement rings of the 2020s

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im guessing bhopal related or some rascal covered his rags in ultra-itching powder while he was wasn't looking

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I never understood why these were supposed to be funny

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In looking for that comic meme where a guy is sitting watching tv while his hot gf is doing dishes wearing a thong, then in the next frame shes a little thicker, then shes getting fat, & wearing plain panties, & eventually hes sucking his own dick.

Please help me out, its exactly how my relationship is feeling, & I want to show it to my gf.

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chad chair vs virgin human muscles

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dump her for someone skinny you wimp faggot

post the uncensored version you fucking pleb

Attached: EA198740-9C6F-497E-ADA9-3517879AA9E8.jpg (674x879, 50K)

Just help me find the meme you fucking loser

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It's from a basic Google search you ~pleb~


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Never heard of it before
This explains why Jews have been kidnapping and sacrificing children for thousands of years
It also explains why they circumcise and suck the blood from the penis

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Help me find it, & I'll post nudes of my wife

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the left can't meme

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Attached: 765758.jpg (1242x1118, 118K)

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can we just nuke whatever scandi shithole this is from?

Attached: 6dj7t3n80cb31.png (460x259, 97K)

then it shouldn’t be too hard to post you literal tard

I dont need pictures of your slut, im not an incel and im fit and good looking enough to reject every money grubbing thot that has ever approached me.

post self sucking memes or gtfo.

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lost hard. then i scrolled down and saw the police holy shit this one was fun

That's from a YouTube poop
Very funny though

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lol what a catfish too, he doesn't come close to the dude in the profile pic

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>Meanwhile in Canada

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same here in aus lol

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Or teach it golf

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You might call him a nigger
But I say he is a genius
He just exposed a major design flaw which could have got a lot of people hurt
Imagine if a bunch of whites were leaning against the fence before a nigger kicked it

the depths of decadence.

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its ok cus shes a girl. and cute.

this is what happens when you take just one hit of cocaine.

Somehow they don't look as bad as if fat white dudes did this.

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The text at the top is so true
These guys look really cool and smart
I would chill with them

Attached: f5cdlpks6xe01.png (1201x308, 241K)

i think he's asian.

Attached: 1574509832567.png (630x473, 493K)

Attached: j5J9omL.png (647x653, 395K)


Why delete file
What was it?

Attached: DONTFIST.jpg (800x600, 263K)

Attached: howlong.jpg (700x1065, 263K)

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lmao fuck




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>"I hope something can be done"
>Disgusting response

look, it's fucked up enough you got a doll for a girlfriend. but those 4 fuckers with their low quality dolls? can't you even invest in a good looking doll or is it that once your self respect reaches 0, nothing matters anymore?

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Attached: despair.jpg (311x345, 38K)

Attached: itsshit.png (513x700, 27K)

Or just kill it. It wont matter


you have no purpose either way

I think I agree with this, but can't really decide.

US healthcare is a massive fraud

That is pretty misleading
You're only more likely to be on prison have aids be unemployed or have more babies if you're black or Indian

Disguising and depressing
Kind of makes me happy to be a virgin

I hope trump gets rid of it so you stupid fools can start over again

What a pathetic little Jew you are. Shoo out of here and back to your cuck threads. Shoo.

Fucking auto correct

What a nice dude.

they want you to die

Imagine being such a vitriolic nigger that when you see someone grieving over their still birth your first thought

Do american doctors roll in gold and ride Rolls Royces all the time?

If anything they've just given up and totally accepted their fate, a part of me think how liberating that must be they don't even give a fuck their picture is taken and half know it will end up on here, but I like the gym too much to be like them, at least for now.

This is basically the end of Deus Ex 2

This picture always makes me laugh just at the pure fact those retards brought those knock off sex dolls.

Lol, that's me. Sorry guys, I got the yellow fever, but really, she came after me pretty hard, it was hot.

user, those plushies are like a thousand bucks
those are not knock offs, they are hand made and customizable , and only weigh like 10 pounds so those old fucks can move them around, it is like sleeping with a body pillow , the Japanese guys love those because you can put different pocket pussies in them..

Seems to be a male Tupper-Party.
Plastic everywhere...

That’s the grossest fucking lawn jockey I’ve ever seen

American doctors aren't Niggers, they're Jews so their cash goes into diamonds and human trafficking futures

dumbass, the Democrats control the House and will never allow that.

Mass Effect, you numpty

somehow less shitty than the original


American inventors are apparently mostly black

That filename

explosive cigarettes

Sounds like fun. Any anons want to give this a try?


Found the green shirt guy.

Why would a cop be robbing someone?

> Helicockter?

The trick to not being depressed is to remember you're only going to be alive for another 50 years, if you're lucky, so stop worrying about anything

Only in third world countries

The big dick energy emanating from this picture is staggering.

Wow I had no idea. Thank you Google!

How would that work?

All religion is bullshit. We have 21 century. Everyone still thinking religion is a thing is stupid

Holy shit you beat him

He just has to pay ten thousands for repairing it.

At least she's honest about it

Dubs of kek


He looks like if george bush and ellen degenerate had a baby


In order to hit center mass one must become center mass

Yeah I've got the yellow fever too, but she always comes before me.

what a retard lmao

AAAAND the Muslim spammer is back !

Stealing the audience of this thread !

Why ?

Because if he starts a "Muslim Propaganda Thread", NOBODY will read it.

Children, today we learned what ?
"Muslims are thieves and invaders"

Why Thai are literally black/Asian mix?

Flamethrower it. Just burn it jesus christ

I don’t care if they wuz kangs. I want her to be my queen

underrated, made me lose

Let's be clear- I am NOT a bigot.
If I catch a Muslim shoplifting, I don't say "Muslims are all thieves".

But THIS guy - is here to REPRESENT Islam.

When JWs come to your door, they dress well and they're polite. They REPRESENT the values of their religion.

So here's the representative from Islam - cheating and stealing.

Very wholesome.