No KIK thread? Let's get it going

No KIK thread? Let's get it going..

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Looking for someone to roleplay with


Show me your gfs and wives

Acousticfall m/27

Looking for pictures of your fat titty wives/gfs to rate and degrade as you see fit

Degrade / cheese / fucked up


Add paigemunroxx lesbian bi an fun


BBC bull any cuck that wants to share their wife gf ex anything at all contact me

She didn’t add this

kpm_777 - bwc bull, looking for females and cucks

Willing to loyalty test, message or send their own nudes to girls u know to see their reaction, wwyd, nude swap looking for cucks, possible meet ups, fems, taboo shit, cheese, anything goes really

big cock in cali, let me fuck your gf
will loyalty test

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Add rfreiz for stolen sis wins

Wife 44yo Think shes a woher. Test her and Post if She replies.


Trading pornvidz
No scat no pizza
No other limits
Kik yourown10
The harder the better

It's my birthday and I wish tributes of my girl! Kik: XanadosNRW

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CplTurtle send your girls moms sisters daughters anything no limitis

Don't trust this larping faggot

Very experienced horny Dom bull in Vegas , looking for meets Kik under vegasrod, pic related

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sharing gf


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milf that loves dick pics

I don't have anything to share because my link went down for all my pizza. Please give me pizza links or vids.

Cucks show me your current gf

Kik checki888

Will send your ex,gf,sis,cousin, or anyone you want, anything you want me to

Correction I have one pizza video to share in return for one. Greyboy68

Would love to trade..

Still trading...
Also doing BM with good material

Kik kde668 to trade pics of my fiancee 20f
State that you are from Cred Forums when messaging

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Update got two pizza vid to trade for other 2

Cuck sharing sister non nude. Humiliate and expose me

Kik: throwaway3399


Kik mr.niceguy5656 for vid trade


No limits. Do your worst

Looking for femboys/ traps.

Kik: nfn980

Just some slut from bumble

any pics?

Kik arizonabullforu

Looking for pics of ur wives

Looking for bulls to comment on and jerk to my chubby gf

Kik qazplmwsxokn

One an only bumb


Send me anything and everything.

Kik gimmefoodplz69
Doing loyalty tests or just grabbing nudes from sluts u know

kik Jackwalk19
jerking off, looking for pics of your girls



showing clothed and live pics of wife

Still looking

Sharing sluts I know
Let chat

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>lesbian and bi
You wanna think about that user?

So I'm at work with an empty office. Can you get me hard at my desk? I wanna see the best shit you got. It's especially hot if you know the girl.

We can talk dirty about all this shit we want to do to them.

Kik: cenryhavil

Big white cock here.
Will bang your non-white girl’s brains out.
>you and her must be 18+
>she must be non-white
>she must be down to fuck
Kik: nicholascatz

kik: garseen3

trading ex pics


25 m uk

Looking for new beast vids, anything with big tits, to discuss sunny biker tits and how we’d abuse her

Chanman8811 bull and looking to trade

Try hotmilf_ash
She shows

Sister cuck looking to be humilliated with degradation and exposure threats... Only looking for real aggressive scary bulls..
Kik XChangeSam

Looking for some trib/wwyd

Cmon guys

KingGyal - Trading pics, vids and links.

Send to receive.

Looking for rates/wwyd/tribs of girls I know. I don’t have nudes of most of them though

If you want me to show off your girl to someone who knows her pm me

If anyone still needs a tribute for their girl or needs a place to post her pics try posting her to Cum On Printed Pics. (Just use the desktop site version. Even if on a mobile device)

Threads on Cred Forums 404 too quickly

Mrsenpie we can trade, sissys a bonus

Still open

Sammypoke haven't came in a week

Send me your sluts cucks

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