On/Off thread

On/Off thread

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Like this little slut?

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Bitch is cute but dem fucking toes are long as fuck


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Unless she's ultra-perverted kinky and makes the best sandwiches of the world, this bitch better hides itself under a burqa


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you got the videos?

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imig G5hTrxh

Seen her a million times now, but it honestly never gets old

dang, are you not the op?


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ain't clickinn that shit niggaaaaaaa

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I know this webslut

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Can post a strip vid of her somewhere if people want

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got kik?

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seen this a couple of times around here, what's the story?

The first time my wife let me come on her face....

I was having a cig and I came back inside. We had just had sex about 2 hours ago (we weren't married yet), she stopped me in the kitchen and went down on her knees. I was surprised, then she unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock,


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No. Also wrong thread

BZZZT! Piercings.

got a name or sauce for this cow?

Some asshole who she trusted with her nudes posted them to Reddit. The neckbeards doxed her immediately, sent the pics to her DAD's e-mail, he freaks out and calls her Dean, her name / photos taken off school's website and she's kicked off cheerleading squad and loses her scholarship.

Last I heard she dropped out, works as a waitress at BW3s and fucks black guys. Good job, Redtards.

Btw she's 17 in all of these photos

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Fuckin nasty bitch

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Any more?

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Jesus more Israelis please!

Not jews would fuck there noses

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Looking for more on/off pics with bush. Any help Cred Forums?

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anyone like her?

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>Jesus more Israelis please!
If you want more israelis, just advocate for Iran sending more troops to fight terrorism in syria. The jews will show up at your door within 24 hours.

hell yeah more butthole

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Can someone make this a collage for me?

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Nice! More?

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Those silicone tits always look terrible.

Who wants more,

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This is the reason some girls faces never get posted. Assholes out to ruin lives.

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Now that's a nice clean hole.

Got more??

Cool.any recent pics?

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Faceless trash


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She keeps it shaven

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Got moar

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Individual pics please

Perfect rack

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There are more

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Any interest?

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worst lie ever. kill yourself incel

Don't have BJ

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nbd, those tits are perfect
more tits and face?

why do you lie on a Cambodian table tennis forum?

Th biggest lie here is there is a cock worth sucking amd a wife to suck it

I think On/Off pics without face in the Off pic are utterly pointless

Thank you agreed.


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Too many cockless faggots out to ruin lives

kik or email?

Nigga it's Cred Forums. You think we really take ourselves that seriously.



No but too many are like you micrococked loser who never had a girl and lokely never will.

Fuck yeah. Keep going

Most definitely. Anymore like this?

What a fucking hottie. Well done

Bro I've had a GF for 4 years. She's hotter than any of you could too. Im not lying even tho you think I will. I believe more people on Cred Forums have gf then we think

Prove iy and prove your courage post her full frontal naked here with face or shut the fuck up


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Lol exactly you think I'm lying. Idc think what you want but don't get so angry about it user. I'm not claiming to have any courage or trying to argue.

Then stop being a face faggot and shut the fuck up.

Alright bro didn't mean to trigger you. FYI I have shared my gf many times on b before

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Who is this???

Doesn't look the same


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Then do it again
Mine is attached

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I need to see that asshole tattoo

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Only girls I've ever seen with those paw print tattoos on their stomach are the ones into fucking dogs (including my ex)

>also nice dubs

Imagine coming to the site to beat off, with dick in hand, like most of us, and then swapping goals to ruining someone's life.

Fuck, sometimes I just want to ask people if they use Cred Forums to punch them.



Shes the one thing from papa johns that's good
The pizzas are fucking garbage

Anybody want more?

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Videos please user?

On/Off Live


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So the dad fucked her shit up with the call to the Dean. Teamwork makes the dream work

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Do you have an email to swap?


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Yeah imma need some more