Feet thread

feet thread

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face pic?

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Fan of hers for ages now

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same, I feel like Cred Forums has an unnecessary hate for reddit, well in some areas. It is a shithole but it has some cool small communities and so many honestly great oc porn posters

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I'm trading gf feet, kik me: slappera

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God i love stocking, please go on

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This thread could use some, you know, pictures. Of feet. You know, like In frame.

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Bonus round

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GF's feet

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Fuck sell me your gfs socks user

She has considered selling her socks before (they smell delicious btw)

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Id no joke buy a pair lol should post some pics of her in dirty socks on reddit and im sure others would too r/smellysocks and r/usedsocks

MOAR bitches in this very position??

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anyone got that set of the chick in pink fishnets on the couch (as well as her other shit?)

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well dont stop now

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Toś dojebał xD

My gf is setting up an onlyfans for her feet. Would anybody be interested in subscribing and how much would you be willing to pay for it?

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If it's just a foot onlyfans, make the subscription free and post some teases, then sell individual shoots and videos. Easiest way to build a fanbase imo, then add a $3-5 monthly fee once you've got a good following. Would definitely be interested.

Sounds like a good start, ill post the link when we begin!


Footfags are literally worse than Pedos imho. Kys.

well then your view of the world is a flaming dumpster fire...so good luck with that...



I did see it posted to a vola at one point. anyone save it?

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lmao die in a fire, nigger

Share wife/gf feet on kik Hyg3iolatry2

I want to cover these feet in cum

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Is this a child wtf is wrong with you

Incredible user, any more?

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No one on Cred Forums hates reddit porn newfag

I agree with this guy!

shameless self bump

sister in law anyone want more?

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Any of you know someone that's worth buying from? Don't say Jade or that cunt Bri. I want someone that knows she's a Goddess and into taking anons money.

Heard chlo_bunny on ig is great

>Kate's smelly feet

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Am I alone in thinking that nice, clean, and not stank feet are better? No judgement either way...just curious...

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Im sure your not alone the world is a vast place I’m sure theres someone else who shares your wrong idea :p

I messaged her 2 months ago. She never saw/received the message. Not sure if there is an option to ignore messages from people you don't follow or what. It's a shame too because she is a QT.

Haha. Cheers. I dont dislike eitherway...but I do like them clean I guess.

Obviously my girl

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Are they more cheesy or vinegary

How much does she charge?

>dat toe jam

If you like asian girls lilly aka asian arches is my QUEEN

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What are interested in? If you want to talk I'm on discord too

Feet/findom stuff but if you're involved we can get more creative. Looking to spend $100 - $300 per month.

I guess we can talk about it, I'm waiting for her approval. How can I contact you?

Post some more of her.

plz post more!!

have lots of her to trade

I'm a footqueenboo fan because she's a cute and very sweet college chick who's kinda into selling her feet online. she's done all sorts of requests for me

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Oh damn I kind of forgot about her. Always loved seeing her.

Bump again

yeah after she moved to Twitter her snap isn't active and I don't see her posted as much. @yoursolegoddess on Twitter

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Any idea if she is doing in person meets again? I remember she was posting about them right before she deleted her reddit page.

not sure, doesn't hurt to ask. I hope so, would love to worship those feet in person.

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Unnecessary? You faggots created fucking Wojack. You might as well have invented ovarian cancer and purposefully infected everyone with it. As far as im concerned. Fuck reddit. Fuck its faggots. And FUCK their unfunny ass spam memes

Yeah only reason I keep coming back to Cred Forums is the oc porn and discussing classic foot sluts in these threads

More of her anyone?


Definitely not alone. Girls' feet are my main kink and have been since as long as I can remember being attracted to girls, but I'm not at all into the stinky dirty stank aspect of it.

That being said a super clean and "sterile" foot won't really get me going as much as say a girl's foot that isn't gross or smelly, but just smells like her.

god tier pic this one

Yessss, Poki!

Hello Millie feets c:

Right. Im talkin like after a shower. Thats best to me. Still her, not gross, but not deep sterile.

based trap server /q3XQyZc/
referral code (post this): 1858

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We are in total agreement, brother.

Love my girl feet. Mor?

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you got girl feet?


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Lets see ass and soles

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. dont have ass n soles together on this phone

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Interest in this set?

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Depends on the shoes/footwear situation.

When she wears tights and works a waittress shift they get vinegary

But when she wears socks and skating shoes or smelly boots then they get pungent in a very cute way

I have some more from the session I posted and some just feet/socks pics too.

She wants to sell her socks/profit off her feet so I may just head over to reddit and start there

Ill post some more pics in the meantime

Traps should be gassed

More of mommy GF's stinky socks

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This is wrong

Anyone else love busted ass ballerina or gymnast feet? I love how they abuse themselves.

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If you're gonna draw feet, at least make it so that they dont look like huge disgusting man feet.

Last one for now

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Any interest?

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Sure...what the heck.

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nice. moar?

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I love ankle socks half off like this. Insta bone

Woah I know that girl

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Any moar or IG? Shes amazing

She thicc now

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I'm in love

she's pretty famous on Reddit, you sure you know her? the pics you posted don't look exactly the same

He knows her on reddit....geez

Well fuck, those are some pretty feet..
Super cute too

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who is she?

More like this

More gf? Kik?



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Kik me feet for good shit in return uhhfck10 I love sleeping feet too


as I said... look at the mole on her mouth (from the ig pics) it's not on her reddit pics.

lookalike, but sadly not the same girl

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Want more of your gf

damn that's hot


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lots more!

I don't have lots more, she doesn't post a lot of feet stuff on her IG

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Friends feet

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Here i made it 4x larger with my AI

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been trying to dig up pics and vids of her for a couple of years. i need everything. im not even joking, im obsessed.