Rekt Thread

Rekt Thread

Porn Rekts encouraged

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There needs to always be an active rekt thread

ikr? fuck pornfags

I fucking hate this site nowadays post some rekage

well if it isn't the pot calling the kettle a nigger

Where's that vid of that cute blonde getting beat up while she's sucking dick? It was posted in a failed porn rekt thread about 5 hours ago but I lost it.

i've got a really good vid of me getting punched in the face drunk but i don't know how to make it a webm

Idk but I wanted some head from her

Upload somewhere and drop the link


Wtf nigger post that shit

For real get that shit in here homie, and fuck yea she seemed decent


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add these lines together

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God damnit Chad.

That's not what we were talking about.

Go to bed.


am retar?

fuck i just want people to post here what is going on...

Pls give us webm

give these idiot s ther cake

Fuck u u r rekt op


Bump until we get good shit


no but we NEED rekts

rekt thread got rekt by op not dumping anything.

neiteher did you asshole


Ded, my friend.

Came here for rekt.

>I am disappoint

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shes alive its a dance move

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Fake and fake

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That's pretty cool