Cuck thread, does your gf tell you when she has sex with other men?

Cuck thread, does your gf tell you when she has sex with other men?

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Cuck looking to be humiliated with degradation and exposure threats ... only looking for real aggressive scary bulls - I have a whole folder of my gf (face, tits, ass, feet etc) & KIK is Jreidshare !

fucc forgot to add pic

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That's a nice ass user.

Cuck me

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Let's see her tits

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>other men

Implying you're a man and not a complete beta faggot that can't satisfy his whore.

>I'm LMAOing at your pathetic life

u have no clue, virgin zit boi


I really want to watch her being fucked by black men.

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Plural? I like that.

She told me about her first as a "how was your first time" kind of question. Just that one tho.


I'd definitely not pull out of that, wouldn't marry her or anything but i'd like to keep her open as a baby momma option.

>Plural? I like that.
She'd really enjoy it. I want her to have black kids.

Atleast you know her purpose

My ex gf used to tell me.

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Being fucked by black men is her only purpose, I fantasize about her begging for white genocide as she's held down and used.

My girlfriend and I have an open relationship. One of the rules is that we need to be honest if asked otherwise we aren’t under any obligation to tell. Also can’t lie, I.e, I say I’m working late when really I’m banging some skank.

The only time I ever ask is if I think her fucking a guy is interfering with my plans

She shouldn't be able to speak. She should have a cock in her mouth.

Looking for cucks

Kik - Arizonabullforu

lol, lil' cuck. post more, I want to see all of her

Mine tells me about her exes. Quite a few I know. Don’t mind sharing stories. Kik gatorr99

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Kik hornydoggie8527
Sissy wannabe cuck boy who dreams about his wife fucking a heap of black guys

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Experienced Bull in Vegas, Kik under vegasrod

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Not actual sex, but her boss got my gf drunk and she ended up sharing the same bed half-naked with him. She even let him grope her bare tits and ass

any more of this beauty sucking superior cock?

Nice tits.

She takes BBC and either makes me watch or if I'm not there she will make me clean the cum of her

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I would love to see my gf take a big black cock

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Shes got a great ass.

Chanman8811 bull

i would like to see her getting fucked by another dude.

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Body like that is asking for a creampie.

nah creampie for sure

I'd impregnate that bitch

perfect little wench

I wish she would, doesn't really seem into it

More pics of her

My wife is 27 now but has been used by loads of men and women from day 1 we both fuck around and send pics or make lives video calls during to show off, she's usually with 3 or more guys at at time I only seen to get 1 maybe 2 girls at a time, seems sluts get more than guys lol

What did she do?


My gf and another guy

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I love posting my chubby gf and imagining her getting raped and used by a group of men
Tell me how you’d rape her on kik

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She used to blow strangers lol

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Kik ?

Can I see her boobs?

Sir is making me post some pictures of my (now his) spanish gf

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Nudes or gtfo

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Please don't save these

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Post yours



Not yet, but when she finds the right guy she will. Pic related

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message me or I start posting these on other sites
Kik: rvrb90

Cucks and couples can watch me suck my own cock


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Yes. Wife has been cucking me for a few years now. She went on vacation a few weekends ago with a girlfriend and told me about two guys they fucked that weekend. She will also sometimes flirt and pick up guys when she's out at other places and tells me about it. Usually she tells me her plans before she does it

She's only done it the once and yes, she checked I was OK with it before she did

Most of the time

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Show me your wife gf ex for wwyd rate tribs or trade.

Kik Johnsont214

I'll message you right here, right now - Fuck off, retard

what the fuck are you bitching about

Some small-dicked cunt threatening to post pictures elsewhere. And you can shut your fucking yap, you beta faggot

My wife of 10 years fucked her Ex boyfriend at a party a few years ago. she waited two days to tell me that she let him fuck her in her friends basement while the party was still going on. said she felt like she needed to tell me because some other people walked in and she didnt me to hear from someone else.

Way to project you moron

>ex wife cheated on me
>forgive her and she does it again
>obviously upset and end things
>still have to admit that it turns me on thinking of her getting fucked

We still hookup every now and then and she tells me about the other guys she fucks. Next I want to watch her get fucked in person. Pic related is her ass.

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Anyone have more of daisy?

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Wanna put a camera in her house and watch her be a slut

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Kys faggot

Lucky boi

looking for a bully type bull to be an asshole who wants to fuck my girlfriend raw like some cheap whore and nut deep as he can in him call her a stupid hooker

looking for specific type aggressive bull will respond if i am interested...

my kil is rolf.n7 and say who u r i will show u my asian girlfriend

I been on the fence of allowing my wife to cuckold me while I’m deployed but I’m also nervous. Should I let her do what she wants?

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Kik dnick1223

Bull here. I will treat your wife/gf like my own. I'll request her pics. Nudes, face and all. I'll set her as my background. Send her to my buddies, save her collection as mine forever. Kik me p.swizzy

doooooooooooo it

she only does it if I'm watching, usually, so yes

Anyone have my wife saved I’ve shared her before

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Not worth saving cuck

Want to share my gf. She's open to the idea, and we've had some success but I want it to become a thing

Kik ar64920

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I would love to fuck your wife, will you share some nudes with us?

Do it bro, those tits need to be abused

Kik me at Quadz8811 if you want to submit.


My tiny wife

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Sorry no kik

share more bro.

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keep going man shes hot as fuck.

Gf recently told me she wants to try a poly relationship, so far she’s fucked two guys and I haven’t done anything. Kik me to talk about it: nepice, pic related

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what is she, 4'11?

Kik: anono325

Would love to hear how others would use my gf, especially bbcs. Also would like to see other cucks girls, 8” inch cut cock here.

My gf is setting up an onlyfans for pictures of her feet and i know this will lead to people asking for her nudes. This our first time doing something like this


Not set up yet, will return with the link when we do

My wife has never cucked me. I’ve expressed to her I wouldn’t mind. But she has been sharing a lot more stories from her past lately!

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Post nudes I'd cum deep inside your wife

I'm not the dumb faggot with a small, limp dick wanting a real man to fuck his woman for me. Cope? You can't even cope with being male and having to satisfy a woman, lmfao

Snapchat for stories?

snap: christrocco

Fake and gay

Send your MOM / WIFE / INCEST pics

If you want to talk...

KiK: johnscott1

Bring trannies home and fuck them

You were cool with this?

I'd love to fuck her brains out.

Anyone have that teacher that hot posted and shared?

You should let her man, I would. Jon_343 if you or anyone else wants to talk about this.

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Looks like a deepfake

Nice ass. Hows her tits?

Don't have it sorry

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002


Don't have kik

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Make one cuck

Know her?

Tits are small, but I think they're cute.

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Started seeing my current girlfriend in June 2018. We took a break from July-end of August because we were both travelling. Ended up finding out she'd been seeing a dude in July while she was at camp and I was pretty upset but made sense cause it was pretty casual at that point. We started seeing each other when we went back to college in September and it was super intense. In September 2019 I asked to know about everything that had happened over summer 2018.

Turns out she had fucked that guy from camp, gotten with another dude from camp before that who she has always been super friendly with and I had no idea. Then in September her friend I've always had an issue with came over to visit and he kissed her (and honestly i suspect more than that). She got drunk and went home with the guy from camp half way through september but says nothing happened other than kissing. Then she went on two dates with a dude from an internship and kissed him too (nothing more I believe). All this time I haven't got with anybody since September 2018. It's been tough dealing with knowing what she was doing all through that September, and she feels bad about it, but I find every single time we're fucking or she's sucking me I'm imagining it's one of those dudes and I can only cum if i do that. P weird i've never told anyone this cause it's p embarrassing but maybe you guys will appreciate

Tell us more

Amelia Thomas / Amelia Jane

Cred Forums "celeb"

Is underage.

Just an FYI

I've saved her now

Force me to share pics of my sis for you and all your group chat friends to fap to. Make me admit you own her.

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Heh....I think I know your sis...

This should be fun

U.K. bull, will tell you what I would do
To your Mrs and also do meets. Kik EightFootSprayer

Would love to discuss my gf with bbc if she is worthy of theM and what they would do kik j102991

Kik: ehwalnkp
Send me girls to jerk off to

Well I had my doubts, but at the same time I got rock hard when she told about it so I couldn't be mad. She admitted that her pussy was soaking wet afterwards although she never let him touch inside her panties

Meant for

Yeah, it would be a huge deal breaker if she would not tell me


Tits and face?

Bull here. Kik barabus12321

My gf

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Damn, keep her coming

Very interested. Kik burner1002

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Keep sharing her

Share your wife /gf with me on Kik hyg3iolatry2

Show me your wife gf ex mom and friends nudes for wwyd rates trade or trib

Kik Johnsont214

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Promising looking body. Strip her down

wife always talks about her old boyfriends in NYC? Like, I don't get it?

Couple here looking for other couples or VERY well hung guys. Kik kate105105

Sharing my gf. Kik soccerkiid11

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looks like such a good little slut

She is

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Gf Cucks me with old friend of ours

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Any lingerie

What’s yours

show that tight ass


Diff user but interested in ur girl, my kik is husky706



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Bull here send me your wife or girlfriends pics message me on Kik at winawins

My wife continues to meet up and blow her ex. She told me once that it happened and that it will never happen again but i've seen the messages and pictures between them and know its still going on. does that make me a cuck?

Only if you agree to it. Otherwise you're just a faggot getting cheated on.

Thanks man, appreciate the info

The lady I fuck has me take pics to send


If anyone still needs a tribute for their girl or needs a place to post her pics try posting her to Cum On Printed Pics. (Just use the desktop site version. Even if on a mobile device)

Threads on Cred Forums 404 too quick

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Exposed slut dianna. Kik dnick1223 if you want to chat about exposing your girls

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Yes. My wife and I both have jobs where we travel most of the year and are apart a lot. Both of us ar free to do as we want regarding sex with others. We tell each other when we have sex with others. A couple of weeks ago I called her one evening and she told me she was in the middle of giving a guy head and she could leave the phone on so I could listen.

Kik; syndicate_hyde for more of my 18 y/o GF, brutal degrading, roasting, insulting, wwyd etc encouraged, anything goes, racism, sexism, no limits

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Sadly I haven't been able to get her to fuck someone uet.

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Wife does a mix of going out for a night, films herself and also brings another over to have threesome with. Very intense watching it happen.

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My wife and I decided to give cuckolding a try on a trip to Barbados last October. It was hot at the time but she was so upset about it afterwards. We didn't talk about it for months but just last week she mentioned a guy at her gym so we may try again.

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Add this cuck jamessmith8793 on sc to c his girl. Just treat him like a bitch or even pretend like u got her nudes already n he’ll show u

How would you convince my gf to cheat on me?

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This is my concern. I know as hot as my wife thinks it is, she gets emotional and I can just see a scenario where she gets upset thinking she cheated afterwards.

Mine will hook up with guys at her gym sometimes. There are two gyms near us and she goes to one when she's looking to workout and the other when she's looking for cock.

Can you share some vids in a volafile room?

more of your slut for us to share


You still here user? I wanna see more

Yeah it kind of ruined the rest of our trip quite honestly. I did my best to communicate that I really enjoyed it, and that I still loved her the same and everything. I think that it's deeply embedded in us how we're 'supposed' to behave in a marriage and it got to her that she was behaving outside of those norms.

Nice Indian bitch

Closet sissy cuck with a gf. Put me in my place and wreck my gf. The more aggressive and disrespectful the better. Kik surferkid32

I hear you. Memes aside, it sounds like you're at a crossroads. You could totally break her of her conditioning as far as marriage goes and enjoy the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle or turn back and think of it as a one time thing. I'd probably choose the former.

Sorry still here just having trouble getting a video over.

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Yeah, I think it's going to be something that I let her decide. And truthfully, I'll be happy either way. We're starting to talk more and more about what our life would look like if we head down that path and it feels like she's starting to feel comfortable with it.

Kik veinman93
Love to see big cocks and imagine how much she’d be able to take

I had like the opposite problem. Wife wanted to try hotwife since we done lots of swinging in the past. After she did some chucking type stuff she feel in love with it. She is now hornier then ever. Some of the best sex I ever had. Still getting use to all of it. It's a lot to see her so horny for someone else but at the same time she only goes out once a month for this and is crazy horny for the rest of the month.

Tells me after

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Lucky you man. I want to get my wife to at least try it. She wants a threesome though, so I think that's a way to try it out.

Tells me stories and get texts from my friends

Kik is jmatks091

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I enjoy threesome more then her going out myself. When we meetup during that once of month session she gets so used up. Last time I think we did it for 5 hours and she took at least 10 loads inside her. Her boy toy is big on eating up after we finish inside her.

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Really want to watch her fuck black cock

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That's good for you both. From how it sounds, she'll eventually get into it and really start exploring her fantasies


Masterbaiting to each other

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did she like him more than you sexually? did she give you any details of the act?

How would you guys hook up with my slutty gf?

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You people hate yourself so much it's become a fetish, I feel sorry for you all.

I took the bait

Share thread!



Walk up to her and chat her up a bit, letting her grind her little ass against my crotch.

Kik me at fufusatan

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She'd fucking love it.

Wanna trade for pics of my wife? Kik me at marky.thom97

She loves being teased

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My kik is padfootspades

Her little pussy getting soaking wet as she feels up my cock through my pants, my hands teasing her tight body.

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Attached: Snapchat-1239500032.jpg (1334x1002, 99K)

Man now she's getting good. Looks like she's ready to start sucking my cock while you watch

She's more the type to go out to a bar and get picked up, wearing something like this

Attached: Snapchat-1883619695.jpg (750x963, 40K)

After a few shots of tequila she just starts thinking about cock

Attached: Snapchat-1428190559.jpg (750x683, 29K)

Anyone recognize her or saving?

Attached: Snapchat-1209550917.jpg (750x1334, 89K)

Pussy pic?

Bored horny bull here kik me in4urgurl

Love to degrade, wwyd and rp

Imagine seeing her alone at the bar

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Attached: Snapchat-1947921496.jpg (750x1334, 165K)

I'd just take her into the bathroom and fuck her in the stall

BWC. KIk me your slut to get covered.

Kik — ryanNfire

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simp simp simp simp
also traps /q3XQyZc/
referral code (post this): 7753

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I couldn't do this if she wouldnt

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Anyone else get off to Cuck and hotwife experiences that went wrong or poorly? Love stories about that. If anyone has any negative experiences they want to share, Kik is Klaxon33

keep going, im saving her

What's a example of a bad time you got off to?

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Strip her

Stole nudes from my friend of his gf hmu on snap dsds9904


Bbc kik beastmaster990

My lady is into the idea of having sex with multiple people at once, I think I am too. We’re going to make it happen soon.

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I'll try and find it. But a guy convinces his wife to fuck a guy with a big dick. Halfway through the husband is sick with regret watching and the guy was too big so the wife was in pain the whole time and didn't enjoy it.

Attached: 4843F586-1CC2-4D71-816A-D9B950C6C929.jpg (828x1792, 133K)

Post more

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Fucked my old friends then gf back in HS in front of him when he was blackout drunk after her other ex leaked her nudes on /b idk if he accepted he’s a cuck after tht kek
his snap bbaden

That's e-girl status holy fuck

Nein. Sie fickt manchmal mit einem Ex-Kollegen, aber wir reden da seltenst darüber. Sie sieht in manchmal auf einer Messe oder auch wenn sie geschäftlich unterwegs ist.

Got pics?

Pussy pic?

She's a tight little thing

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Er ist verheiratet und die beiden hatten als sie gemeinsam gearbeitet haben längere Zeit eine Affäre. Aus dieser Zeit gibt es auch einige Bilder und Videos

Bull. Long cock. Pretty hard rn. Morilmunch11


Holy shit, are you me? Broke up with gf a few months ago due to cheating, we still talk, now nothing gets me harder than her telling me about all the cock and cum she takes

Whoever gets to have fun with her is a lucky mofo thanks for sharing

Lost them years ago always hope they’d get posted again
He insta regretted letting me fuck her when his dick got soft nd our friends saw her nudes

Glad I'm not the only one lol. Idk what it is, I'm not like this with any other girl I've been with.

Any kik bulls who are brutal and not boring and have vids of how they would fuck my girl?

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Another of her

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I know what you mean. While dating, she kept asking for an open relationship and I firmly said no again and again. Finally dumped her after the third time cheating, but the sex is so good so we kept talking. One thing led to another and we started talking about who else she's seeing. Hearing about all the things she does, with all the different guys, idk it just gets me so hot. She's gonna take and send some pics to me soon of her sucking and fucking and taking loads.

Good advice

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this is fucking sad. ill die alone before id resort to this shit.

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She has great tits and tats, keep going

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that the same pic?

Clicked the wrong one lol

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Kik TheJoker317 with more

we all got drunk at a party and my girl sucked my friend's dick. she told me later. surprised by how cool i was with it lol

I want to share my gf

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coleslaw17 kik


My Kik is parsleysagerosemary6

Pretty sure I'm the biggest cuck in the room. Shared my wife here. Got doxxed, now hundreds of students are blowing loads to her on the regular.

post a pic or it didnt happen

More ass?


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Pretty hot man. I'm trying to get her to send me pics like that. She's up for a mfm too, so trying to get that going.

Keep it coming

You need to be very unlucky to get doxxed here

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Only one I could find tht leaked

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Attention: I am not a cuck nor a bull. Looking for someone cuck like to worship MY girlfriend. It would include making her your background, printing her pics for wallet, etc. Drop your Kik if interested


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Don’t stop

Why not a real dick?

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Couple looking for other couples kik kate105105

Ready to be plowed.

My bull sent me this of my girlfriend, why am I so turned on I want him to use her everyday

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Nice. Any in color?

Meanwhile I'll die sad if I never get to see my wife get plowed by bbc


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She ever been gang banged? got moar?

Really want you to post more


I've recently been getting off to porn when I reimagine the scene in a cuck context.

>>Friend fucking your girlfriend because you're just not giving her enough dick and he's just trying to help (usually POV)
>>Roommate fucks her whenever you aren't home, especially in the morning (works best with shower scenes or girl-initiated plots)
>>Dad wants to make sure his son's girlfriend is doing him right so he takes a turn with her (any old man younger woman scene)
>>Betting your girlfriend to do some ludicrous act and she does it happily (gloryhole or deepthroating or gangbang)

Those are just some examples but I do this with like every scene I watch. It makes it so exhilarating especially since my girlfriend is so hot and could get away with it.

Does anyone else do this? Do you watch scenes from an alpha perspective?

Pic is my GF.

Kik is longlostlegend91

Please please don't fucking message me and just ask for pics of Jen. If we mesh, I'll give you some.

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Post some more pics of Jen,I know but she is hot


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Added friends with fake snap and leaked my gf’s nudes to them to see is they’d save them
is that cuck?

I would fuck her butthole

Usually sent teasing pics of her and bunch of random girls and ask which they wanted to see