Do you like French women?

Do you like French women?

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What's it like cumming on a cute French girl?

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Don't really know how they'd be different from any other women, explain.

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Well, all women have their own personalities

That's very general. Do I like french women? Are all french women clones with the exact same properties?

No, I'm British so could never do that to my queen and country

That makes the point moot, then

Someone doesn't understand national stereotypes

French girl's feet smell good

Only if they’re hairy

the french are motherfucking pieces of shit, so probably not

I blitzkrieg their pussies like its 39

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who wants more of this french slut ?

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hop hop hop on balance les nudes là

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another one

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quelle pute

more ass

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pourquoi pute? on voit seulement des photos artistiques et en lingerie

elle fait ça pourquoi a t'on avis?

1/ c'est pas honteux, chacun fait ce qu'il veut avec son corps

2/ une pute c'est un métier comme un autre

3/ le respect n'a rien à voir avec la façon dont les autres décident de disposer de leurs propres corps

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Can someone please sauce this image