ITT: cursed images

ITT: cursed images

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what does Cred Forums think of my new guitar?

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I'd probably be offended, if I knew anything about guitars.

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Unironically based.


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that's a male piece of cabbage, therefore this is gay

nice dildo collection

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I wish I knew

Dear Christ, delete this shit!!

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Fukurou no Yubi

Oh god I wish I never typed it.

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Neat. Now I'm looking into it.

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It's kinda cool

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God damn TR3B's, you know the neighborhood has gone to shit when you got TR3B's flying around at night.

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The drawimgs are cool yes, but the problem is that my dick is hard

Ah, yes, I think it's supposed to be a hentai.

Imagine dying and letting your family know you have such material in your hd

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I am related to them and we are going to take the planet you belong to us we created you and you

is that a reverse harpy?

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You fucking bastard

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This lowkey reminds me of SCP-096