Nerdy looking girls that you wouldn't expect to have nudes

Nerdy looking girls that you wouldn't expect to have nudes

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god-tier thread


so glasses = nerdy? ok

I hope you're being sarcastic

got kik? more pics

I'm lovin' it

ba ba ba Ba baa


Sure, what'd you like to see?

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Post ass pics

Almost the same bodytype as my ex lol

lingerie pics? facials?

Show her tits

What do you think?

I don't have facials, what kind of lingerie do you like?

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Oh cool her again. Anything new?


Lol yeah, what would you like to see?

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Nice more

Post all the old stuff. Not seen her before

Her pussy also just any new nudes with face in general.



Lol she's not that cute

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God damn those tits are nice keep going

You asked and I told you what I wanted to see. If you don't have any of what I want to see then just say that

some with stockings or lace. amazing ass on her

Damn more


Comin' up

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Good. More like that but nude too

How about this?

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She's technically nude

More of that please

A friend of hers shot this

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But isn't this better?

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Hot as fuck keep going

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Absolutely better. Keep these coming

More please

I'll search

Her legs are long and skinny, but they'd look so much better on your shoulders

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More of her legs and ass

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Keep posting new nudes. She's great to see again

She looks like the kind of slut who would enjoy being raped by a guy she's never met.

Amazing thank you more

Her new bra


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Any of her holes?

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Here's her mouth

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Very very nice. Keep it up

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I love her ass

What about just ass and pussy?

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More of her mouth please

How about this?


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I want fuck holes so this with no panties d?

Any of her pussy? No panties?

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Great but what about without the panties



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Literally bout to bust to this slut

Fuck yeah more

Good. Please keep going like this. And more of her face

Sure, like this? Or like this

Thoughts on this one?

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More face? Or anything with her asshole?

More like the first one but this one is also good

Best I can do with bot


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Yes more like this

I’ve busted my nut

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Anything with anything inside of her?

Closest I have, sorry

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More with face?

Any more of her? I'm loving her so far!

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How old is she? And where she from?

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20, Scotland

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Gotta find out, she got a hairy pussy?

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any of her sucking / eating cum ? or facials ? please O_O

Expecting a girl to not have nudes reveals a failure to understand girls.

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Kik, Snap or anything else?

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And the nudes?


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>Nerdy looking girls that you wouldn't expect to have nudes
Actually, nerdy girls are the main ones that I'd expect to have nudes.

would you expect nudes from a girl like her?

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nope, post 'em pls

Yes. It's just been my experience that nerdy girls are more likely to be dirtier and less prude in the bedroom. Maybe it's different for other people, but I can only speak for myself.

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Post em now pls

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Fuck yes. Moar!


please post her nudes

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good god yes

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She must look incredible naked

Please show us her

post nudes PLEASE

Ii like when she dresses up

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fucking hot
more tits?

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keep going!

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tits please

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show us some ass

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have kik? I'm saving

Piss off with your kik you fucking loser. The pics are being posted here.

Fucking retard

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