>be me

>>be me
>>believe earth is flat and modern science is a fraud
>>builds a rocket that goes 10 times lower than a commercial plane
>>impulse it with steam
>>puts a low quality packed parachute with no reserve
>>slams the ground like will e. coyote because of GRAVITY, the same that makes the planets be spherical.


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Planes aren’t real.

he was shot down to hide the truth
RIP in pieces rocket man

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Well, he is flat.

>>"will" e


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He looked mad

At least he didn't double-down on the meme arrows, fukken wew lad cant even into sagetext

he could have just put a camera on a weather balloon

He should have launched himself at Iran.
That’s what a patriot would do.

Let natural selection take place

Cameras are government eyes. They will distort the footage

poorfag spotted

he could have launched himself with some weather balloons and taken a parachute.

He could have put weather balloons on a lawn-chair like that other guy

safer than launching yourself with explosive chemicals

No corpse pics yet?

Kek. What a dumbass.

What I don't understand is the science channel were involved with this. Why was a channel about science interviewing and filming a fucking retard that believed the earth was flat?

>No corpse pics yet?

so a greasy spot in the sand maybe?


I don't think he actual believed in FE. Pretty sure he just hopped aboard that whole Flerfer thing to get money off of them. He was doing the rocket shit long before the flat errf shit. Look into it. He's still a fucking retard tho.

Maybe not, Seems a bit odd to make it such a focal point if he didn't though.

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Do the patches on his jumpsuit indicate company sponsors? Who would sponsor a crazy flight like this

>Who would sponsor a crazy flight like this

sponsor was ACME Rockets Inc.

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Not when you start up a gofundme and have those retards give you money which is exactly what he did.

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Ratings and MONEY. do you realize the number of people versed in and interested enough in science shows to watch it are very limited. The numbers of deniers and conspiracy minded people is vast ....and gullible. Science channel wanted in on that loot.


Kek. That fucking Coyote always got bad parts from those guys though

True, i have actually considered doing that myself. I have no moral objection towards taking disposable income away from retards. I'd probably think of a less risky venture than firing myself into the sky in a metal tube though.

Kek. Yeah. He was doing that shit before the Flerfer movement tho. I'm pretty sure the guy that does the Flat Earth songs is just trolling those plebs for money too.


Looks like his parachute fell off at Launch. I was expecting him to get more launches in before he willie coyoted himself.

he took the test, and missed a door.

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The way real science looked at this idiot who didn't "believe" in gravity and a spherical earth despite the evidence, is the SAME way scientists look at the climate change deniers who despite evidence, spout off on their shit.

save a few bucks and buy an army surplus parachute they said.....

mount the parachute next to the rocket exhaust so it opens faster they said.....

save some weight by using only one parachute they said......

whether he was or wasn't an idiot at least he had the balls to test his faith

This wasn't a case of having balls.
It was a case of planned suicide by plummeting.

yeah, that guy owns

welcome to Trump's America

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This dude was liberal AF actually. Not sure what Trump has to do with any of this shit. Go shill at Cred Forums you dumb nigger.

>knowing you are going to die as you plumit.

whether they were or weren't idiots at least they had the balls to test their faith


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Was thinking this, trying to imagine. Bet it was tense af.


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The reason he was killed was the live video feed actually proved the earth was flat. The government had secretly installed an ejection app on the rocket and damaged his parachute so he would fall to earth and die and keep the game going.

uh, based?

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troll harder

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shitty bait mate

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Their bags were packed. Really, for all we know they might actually be on the comet right now.

Need I say more?

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Do we know how high he actualy went?

PS: I've put a camera in a weather ballon once as a school project, it took some really nice pics. Nowadays kids would just say "google earth is better"


Leave rocket building to the pros

Now I want to play Kerbal again