Why don’t americans care about the environment? They are the biggest cause of global warming and they don’t even care

Why don’t americans care about the environment? They are the biggest cause of global warming and they don’t even care

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>They are the biggest cause of global warming

You have seen how they conduct themselves in politics and economics. They actively seek to destroy the world.

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Because we'd rather fight about slurs and toilets than actually do anything that benefits anyone other than ourselves.

I'm going to be laughing non-stop when Panafrica eclipses the US in importance. China's been getting mineral rights all over that continent. And every middle eastern area we get out of after fucking around the chinese swoop in and acts as their buddies.

USA killed the USA

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Oh man the look on your stupid ass face when you find out China is the #1 causer and burner of fossil fuels and America is barely 3rd/4th

China is the biggest cause and we were among the first to create federal park systems

Yes they are. They use more oil than anyone else

Greta pls leave.

Are you stupid?

Indians literally shit in the street and you think Americans are bad?

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We do, its the big corps and leaders who don't. The people don't really have too much pull and most of us do what we can for the environment but if our leaders and big corp. lobbyists call it all "Fake News" nothing gets done...

i don't know if you're aware but uh china isn't having the best time right now, you may want to check into that, sorry you can't edit posts

No. That is a very false statement.

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Why would they care? Seriously what's the worst thing that could happen? The human race and a couple of dozens or hundreds of other species go extinct. So what? Species have gone extinct before, it's a natural circle of life. Just as animals and people are born and die, species come to be and go extinct.

Allow me to introduce you to a terrific three-step program called "How To Stop Caring About Global Warming"

Step 1: don't have kids
Step 2: that's it
Step 3: you're done

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