Thermostat thread

thermostat thread.

What is the optimal temperature, and why is it 72?

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Way too hot. 24 is best temperature.

fuck off this is a freedom units only thread. Why would I want to have huge swings in temperature with each degree? Freedom units allows for more precise temperature control.

Mine's at 67 during the day and then at night I drop it down to 55. This is for winter

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Like 78 degrees in summer, 71 in wintertime.

>night I drop it down to 55.
Jimmy Carter is no longer president dude, live a little.

I don't use AC for the summer, the highest it ever gets round here is 90F

I'm in the south so I basically just turn it off at night and get under a blanket if I get cold. Colder is always better than hotter.

78 is fucking ridiculous. Are you a permanent walking swamp?

21.5 is more comfy.

What are decimals nigger.
I suppose you could go up to 72 and one sixteenth of a faggot unit if you want it slightly warmer

>78 is fucking ridiculous. Are you a permanent walking swamp?
You will understand when you get older. There's a reason why retirees move to florida.

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>no AC
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62 in the winter and I sleep with a fan on.

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Are all you guys living in saunas?
22°C the optimal livingroom temperature.
16°C the optimal bedroom temperature.

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For the eurofags who think they're so superior pretending that there's only one temperature system in the world
>22C = 72F
>16C = 61F

I prefer 22c for work, 20c for sleeping and 18c for sex with dog.

There's only one temperature system in The World: The SI system.

True there are obviously two systems that make sense and that are Celsius and Kelvin. Sorry to have missed the conversion.
22°C = 295,15 k
16°C = 289,15 k

fine we can all switch to kelvin
295.372 is the optimum.

No, no, mate. We have the Rankine scale too

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Fucking everything in AZ was 78. It's like the best the AC can do there cause it's perpetually 187 degrees.

buy a bigger AC unit.

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Fahrenheit is just retarded. There was this guy and he was like "uhm this winter is really cold so let's take it as 0". Meanwhile Celsius is when water freezes and Kelvin is from real 0.

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Bitch, 0F is cold outside. 100F is hot outside. I've never experienced 100C outside in my life.
Why use a system that only works from -20 to 40, why not make the system work from 0 to 100? Sure, for scientific experiments, use Celsius. That's a better indicator. Sure, for physical experiments, use Kelvin. That makes the math much easier. What the fuck is wrong with using Fahrenheit for outside temperatures when the scale is from 0 to 100 for normal temperature outside?

>criticizes F
>uses kg which is just a random weight decided on by someone
hows that cognitive dissonance working out for you?

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Congratulations, it took you two posts to fuck up perfectly good bait.

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1 kilogram is the mass of 1 litre of water, dipshit.

You're responding to bait and being an idiot about it, fuck me if people like you also use the metric system I almost want to switch.

the archaic 72℉ = 22℃ or 295 K
which is way too warm for me to call it "optimal".
I normally set my thermostat to
18℃ = 291 K [ that be 64℉ t'ye olde troglodyte faggots ]
If I am expecting visitors who are nesh due to their low metabolic rate:
I do them the courtesy of turning my thermostat up to 21℃ ( = 70℉ ) an hour before their arrival, then turn it back down again after they leave.

I had to google what that meant, now I feel bad. I'm now going to call you a faggot so I don't have to think about all the cognitive dissonance.

So what do you use when putting meat in the oven? At what F is your roast beef perfect? Or do you also use celsius for that? What output does your CPU tempreature sensor give? What's the temperature of a sauna?
You see it's totally stupid to only look at possible outside temperatures to define a scale. There are so many other temperatures to measure even outside the scientific community.

So you already knew what "nesh" meant ?
You do surprise me.

and how much is 1 liter?

*At a specifit temperature.
Thats important because water like everything else expands and retracts with change of temperature.
But anyway the KG got redefined in 2018:
"as equal to the mass of 1.4755214 x 10^1040 photons, each with a frequency matching a cesium atomic clock."
But you are right, the KG never was actually arbitrary.

Exactly 1 dm3

wow lets keep going back until you find the arbitrary unit of measure it is based on

120/80 dude.

Apparently Cred Forums dosn't like the cube-3
What I mean is 1dm^3 so 1 x 1 x 1 dm (or 10x10x10 cm for you uneducated cave men)

>2 shitty political parties
>A formely US based image board now owned by small pee pee chong
>Miles instead of KM/H
>Inches instead of Centimeters
>Thinks F° is better than C°
>Month/day/year instead of Day/Month/Year e.g today in America : 02/24/20 // Rest of the world 24/02/2020

Yeah Americunt, it's indeed a "FreedomTM" thread.

tbh I prefer the ISO date format YYYY-MM-DD

Well we are already at the base as meter is defined as
The length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1/299 792 458 of a second.

But let's put the fun aside, even if the meter was defined arbitrarily, the beauty of the system lies in the connection between the units. You don't have to memorize actually arbitrary conversion rates to get from one unit to another.
Everything is just logical and thats the beauty of the metric system and why it should finally replace the imperial system in the US like it was supposed for decades.

>not arbitrary
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>pretending the light definition wasn't a post-hoc definition made up to try to give some sort of consistency to what was an arbitrary unit of measure


Everyone knows that it's 69.

Also: woosh
>even if the meter was defined arbitrarily
I know it was arbitrary you fucking brainlet. But that dosn't matter it's not about the definition of one measurement but the relation between them...

90 F°

that's too hot for sleeping

Off unless summer then 60

I barely use the heat in the winter. It was like 64 when I left the house this morning.i just temp run it to 70 if I ever get cold and that lasts a while.
Summertime it’s 77 when I’m not home and then 73 to sleep

Wow! Superior measure indeed!
72 = 22.23 C°
68 = 20 C°
65 = 18 C°
55 = 12.8 C°
40 = 4.5 C°
20 = -6.7 C°

Why live

68 heat, 64 sleeping, 76 for AC in the summer.


Are you trying to troll, cause this sure makes you stupid.
>I'll just take arbitrary values in F convert them to C to show... That one unist obviously dosn't convert to another without decimal places.
You are a real genius.