Israel created the coronavirus. Prove me wrong

Israel created the coronavirus. Prove me wrong

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the ching chongs did it.

That picture is racist

>Israel created the coronavirus
I have no proof of this being true nor untrue, and I would like to know the truth. I can handle the truth!

Fuck off... you're the one making a positive assertion, prove yourself right.

Oy vey. Goyim stupidity is boundless.

Does it kill exclusively Palestinians?

You are the biggest faggot who eve rlived. proof me wrong.

See, that is not how things work.

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No but Iranians and chinese. Both are viewed by Israels elite as the arch enemies

china wants to conquer the world. everyone should view them as a potential enemy.

Everyone does. This why we have wars


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Every nation wants to conquer the world and this leads to war

Chinese here come on judas declare war on China you pussy fags. Stop your sneak attacks and propaganda and meet us on the battlefield like real men. Bunch of pussies

but very accurate

Wouldnt surprise me. They are a tiny nation of milk and honey but with BIG ambitions to dominate the world and enslave all goyims genitals

How is it ?
It’s like the vampire from blade
Usually the racist image is the guy rubbing his hands together

And I'm guessing Argentinians introduced Bubonic Plague to Europe?

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Dont mock OP for now. I dont trust the zionists either. And what could be better than releasing a deadly virus upon your enemies undetected?

Oh look an antisemit oh wonder


the best you'll get from me is a post saying "no"

Because you cant prove OP wrong?

israel has the right to exist why shouldnt we be allowed to have our own sovereign nation? and no on your accusation, i cant prove but its sound like chinese propaganda


I support Israel.

the Israeli ethno state is a slap in the face to all those who suffered because of the Nazi's

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Kill yourself jewfag

Burden of proof lies with you.

The Queens minions did it, and she owns the patent.

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Doesnt bill gates own patent US7220852B1?

A company called qinetiq owns this one

I’m sure this will get buried and none of you care and I don’t have a lot to back it up but here’s what I’ve been thinking.

This isn’t some major plague. You’re really only at risk if you’re old or a baby right.. China’s population is fucked from that time they spent like 6 decades drowning all the girl babies. So many old people that will need a crazy amount of care from not a lot of working adults. Might be nice if some of those old fuckers checked out early.

I don’t think they caused the virus but I mean maybe they’re not helping as much as they could because that’s also what they’re thinking.

The virus can also cause infertility in males, by the way, and this trait seems to be an added function.

And I guess Germany created the Spanish Flu in revenge for WW1.

>they caused the virus
I agree with what you said, but with this quote. I believe they did cause it. Short term gain is getting rid of excess old people.
The real goal is creating bio weapons, and this is a test. Do you really think China (or Russia or N. Korea for that matter) gives a fuck about the Geneva Convention?

Well atleast since this outbreak nobody will give a fuck about any conventions no more. US is a bully and israel the sneaky mastermind never exposing themselves since they are so small and innocent. But from now on you will see a more hostile china.


The picture is offensive to vampires

I created the coronavirus. Prove me wrong.

I find it more likely that the CCP created it

Were you behind the october 2019 threads "reply to this thread or you will catch a nasty pneumonia in end of 19"

If yes then i believe you

Yea so what if true? All im disappointed of is that these fucking insect chinks were so fast to contain it and only wuhan got hit and not all the chink cities fucking insects fuck. Fuck man i only regret it did so less damage to these subhumans. Let me tell you fucking chinese WE HATE YOU AND WILL WIPE YOU OUT BUGMEN.

Greetings from Israel

They won't undelstand my bwoda

Ching chong ding dong

You stole Kurt Barlow's image for your propaganda.


You can have your open sovereign nation if you can take it and defend it like everyone else. Instead you're just some useless psuedo isfake state propped up and enforced by hundreds of billions of dollars from those stronger than you because you know you ain't shit, and that's all you'll ever be. A record with an asterisk.


it was me (im gentile)

Nah. It was Jin Ping Xang. The cheif who created Bat Soup.

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How did it start in Wuhan then?

Why wouldn't Israel make caucasion and turkic immune?

How do they benefit?

>isn't it more likely Chinese made or a natural mutation of the flu-virus?

>Prove me wrong

Yeah, no, that's not how it works. If you make a claim, the burden of proof is on you.

>China stands for most of the pollution in the world
>Corona virus started in China
>Corona virus has cut pollution in China by 25%
>Greta Thunberg does not like pollution
>Greta is from Sweden
>Sweden created the Corona virus

China is a major consumer of rice
Uncle Ben’s just launched in China
People are stuck inside because of the quarantine
Uncle Ben’s is convenient
Uncle Ben’s started Corona Virus to increase consumption


The stock market is down as a result.

Sheckles have been lost, no fucking way it was the joos

Wait! You are the one, who made a claim. Burden of proof is with you!

You won´t trick me again, OP!

The thing with jews is they dont start anything what can be traced back to them. If they do and fail, they get atleast in the past got kicked out of that country or be exterminated.

Wtf are you talking about? The medieval jewish merchant who at full moon poisoned the well to sell a cure to the sick? Thats a old german fairy tale

I dont think Israel did it. They dont have the guts to attack China. America on the otherhand.....

>Asking us to prove a negative
>thinks he's smart
fuck off

This thread post has made me realize that people will make shit up they purposely know isn't true just in the hopes they can have something to believe.

Yes its sad to see anons get so deep into conspiracy that they almost lose their sanity

actually covid19 was distributed ny zionists, but was engineered by reptillian aliens under the control of archons.

my sides

not if they moved their shekels to short the stock before the virus took hold

The sky is red and dragons live in sewers.
Prove me wrong.

One way or another you faggots will learn the difference between presenting a valid argument, and ranting about your psychotic theories. Just because the filth that spews out of your mouth can't be proven wrong doesn't mean it's true. It just means you said complete nonsense that most people don't even think is worthy of a response.

Well how sad must it be when you cant prove filth wrong. You are literally helpless

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i am jewish and op is a propagandist and antisemit


kill yourself nazi/muslim

youre as jewish as im white

it's racist towards vampires

jews look nothing like that

imagine him holding you in his manly arms. He crushes you and tells you everything is going to be okay. and ruffles your hair

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Makes sense, but will my mother die?

why would they spread it in China, they have no beef with China afaik.

America created it and i hope it backfires real hard would be le ebin kek

Watch what youre hoping for foreigner. Things can get really rough in an instant for you and a thousand Fahrenheit right around you within seconds youre toasted