The grass was greener :(

The grass was greener :(

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The light was brighter

By far their worst album.

in your opinion, what's their best?

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1) The Wall
2) Wish you Were Here
3) Dark side of the Moon


Bruh, go listen to Animals and Atom Heart Mother right fucking now

1) Dark Side of the Moon
2) Animals
3) The Wall
4) Wish you were here

Oh yeah. Listen to Dogs 5:00'ish solo is fucking Gilmour at his best.


Without question - The Final Cut


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Who's gonna see Roger Waters tour This is Not a Drill? Date and location?

I saw the wall tour 10 years ago. Fucking phenomenal performer. Phenomenal show.

Life changing

Orlando, FL, August 13th.

Not my favorite album but my favorite song.

no. They did yards of insufferable shit.

I was lucky enough to see the Division Bell. Live, in Philly. The photos don't do it justice.

>insufferable shit
Ummagumma, Atom heart mother, obscured by clouds, more ... most of the late 60s 'experimental' stuff was cringey

1.wish you where here
2.darkside of the moon


A saucerful of secrets
Piper at the gates of dawn

One of my turns on repeat

Arnold Layne...

On speakers. When you heard this album, and all the shit of this era, you owned a hard copy. You weren't listening to it with earbuds, like a chipmonk. You listen to it on an Onkyo reciever and Infinity speakers, like a fuckin man.

The patrician's PF list:
4 - The Final Cut
3 - The Wall
2 - Animals
1 - Wish You Were Here

there's a lot of Arnold Layne's on Cred Forums

Why no fucking Love for Meddle.
Grrrr, One of These Days

Also The division Bell is AWESOME
people who say otherwise are just Rogerettes
who can't cope with Hitlercomposer not being in the band

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Well I reach for a peach
slide a rind down behind
a sofa in San Tropez