Would you fuck my friend’s thicc girlfriend?

Would you fuck my friend’s thicc girlfriend?

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I've had worse. My life sucks


Would you let her sit on your face?

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Her ass is fucking huge

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I would literally fuck the shit out of her my goodness. I require more


Again, yes.

That is not "thicc," that is brink of death whale. This is unhealthy and disgusting to be promoting people with bodies like this.

I have lots of her content so you’re in luck :)

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Fuck off and go jerk to a anorexic trap fag

That's not 'thicc' you nigger, that's obese.

Yes, post her fucking nudes op

more of the girl on the left

I once had my 250lb GF try to straddle my hips, I heard a definite crack, haven't been the same since.

Gotta die of something, I guess.

Mmmm her nudes

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I want her in doggy so bad

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there's a difference between a fat ass and a fatass

I'd rather fuck a trap than that creature, faggot

Hell yeah! Show more of her.

I would love to have my face buried in her pussy.

I really wish people like these commenting fags didn't exist. Natural selection would get rid of the whales and the world would be better.

Damn she is so hot

I have so much of her big ass

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Mmmm me too

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Imagine her in lingerie and in doggy... god

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Fuck yeah.

just post her nudes, you fag

Wish you could take her

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If you don't have her nudes then you're wasting your time

look at that big ass how great it must be to push against it

I found the feminist landwhale, disguised as one of us!

Shes not thicc shes fat and sloppy morbidly obese

I might fuck her tho

the people who say yes are only doing so because they also are morbidly obese. this is the only kind of body shape they can possibly hope to attract. pretty sad shes in the state she is. be pretty cute if not so fat

She's a giant fat pig, absolutely not

morbidly obese does not equal thicc.


This lady is proof that it's mostly about how you present yourself, I know tons of fat fucks with beautiful girlfriends, but it's because they know how to not appear like disgusting monsters.
So to answer the question, yes, I would absolutely, I want her to sit on my face.

Bro she's fat not thicc.
But yes, absolutely. I like'em fat.

>leave Cred Forums in 2010
>come back to find out Cred Forums loves fat fucks now

Soooooo keep posting

I wonder if she likes black cock?

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Jesus she's fucking hot even thouhg shes a fat bitch. more? whats her IG?

Bro. Shut up and post. No need for your cringey commentary

Why don't we just double team her?

can't you just fucking dump more pics already before the thread dies?

Feet pics please

OP is happy to be getting attention since he doesn't get out of the basement. Agreed, he need to post up noods, or gtfo


Cred Forums would fuck your sister

Cred Forums would fuck your mom

Cred Forums would fuck your cousin

Cred Forums would fuck you

Cred Forums would fuck your daughter

Cred Forums would fuck that chubby redhead at 7-11 with the glass eye and clubbed foot

Cred Forums would fuck you up the ass with a strap-on the size of your ego

Cred Forums wants to know why the fuck you keep asking it if it would fuck something when you already know the fucking answer

Cred Forums would fuck your dog

Cred Forums would fuck the hole in a tree trunk

Cred Forums would fuck a horse, a midget, a goat, twin lesbian sisters, and Joan Rivers without her makeup on a liferaft while playing Moon River on a badly tuned ukulele

Cred Forums would fuck an electric eel on its period

Cred Forums would fuck a dead kitten

Cred Forums would fuck mud if it thought it would wiggle

Cred Forums would fuck a grapefruit peel left on a Las Vegas sidewalk for 3 weeks

Cred Forums would fuck anything it can see, think, or imagine

Cred Forums is tired of hearing you wonder if its standards have somehow magically improved in the last five minutes, five hours, five days, five weeks, or five years

Cred Forums s most of all tired of you using an excuse to dump pictures of some chick that you like in order to get communal approval of your horndogginess


She is substantially less objectionable to half the shit Cred Forums would fuck given the chance.

Are you happy now, OP?


Cred Forums would fuck a drunk camel if it pushed back


Is that Honey Boo Boo? She grew up to be a better looking version of her mom.

Bump if you want her insta

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Yeesh, your autism is showing

Cred Forums would fuck a rusty coffee can filled with ground glass

Sure would fuck this slam piggy

You get pussy, I’ll get her asshole

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fuck yeah I would. would fuck, marry, breed her. would have 5 or 6 children with her


Fuck there it is

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>long answer
>short answer

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That’s not thicc, that’s a hambeast. No

give Insta pls,

I did

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I'm ok with THICC, even can make some exception for huge cowtits but that is just beached whale, I probably can't even touch fingers behind her back

this, this critter is gigantic


Don't ruin it!

Fat girls like this with cute faces are a gold mine - they let you do literally anything and they’re soft as hell for cuddling afterwards.. plus you know they down to eat after too

Ding ding ding
100% this

Post nudes. We need them

Perfect. I'd love to have her riding me, while you pound her ass from behind.

Found her adress, idiot has it on her website thats linked on her insta

8465 Regents Rd, San Diego, CA 92122USA

What does Cred Forums think of Casey Neistat?

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He was hiring a pro gamer like a year ago and he didn't accept my application I must be too much of a noob


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