How many inches do you need for greta?

how many inches do you need for greta?

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Hard to say. Shes a Virgin but she masturbates regulary, doesnt use dildos though.

More than what OP is packing.

Thats a secret user.

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bout three fiddy?

no bra or is it photoshopped

Nothing worse than a narcissistic butterface

She is European so you should propably use the metric system instead of inches
And I would think about 17 centimeter

bra, lol

And it was about this time I noticed the spokesperson of Fridays for future was about 500 feet tall and from the paleolithic era
God dammed Nessy

You just know she'll produce strong, mixed race swords of allah.

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Only her father knows, those Swedes are freaky, especially the jewish ones.

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I once gave tree fiddy to a homeless guy, I don't think he got the joke.

she should really go for this upgrade
id hittite like I was Ramsex 3 storming her fortress

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72. straight down.

36. 12 for each hole

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truly we live in the darkest timeline, our climate loli has downs

1.5 inches per 1 foot. So assuming shes around 5.5 around 8.2 inches.


I'm guessing 8 inches will go 2 inches past her belly button meaning she will be able to taste the pineapple I had this morning.

She may not be the hero we wanted, but by god she is the one we have.

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could be better/worse
she could ALSO be a tranny

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idk why I'm surprised people beat off to her. After all these years you'd think I would expect it by now.