This is how a man gets dubs

This is how a man gets dubs.

>gets thread.

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Watch and learn.



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Dubs confirmed. OP is gay.


czech 'em

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Three in a row.


OP needs to get better at checkin em

ayyyoh shit


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operator, you have dialed the wrong number, there are no dubs here

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Nice try faggot

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youre a big get
>For You

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repeating numbers!

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>tfw no dubs

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heyyy how bout some numbers here?

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>what are dubs

Stay faithful, my friends. One day our lord will bestow upon you the illusive dubs as a reward for your piety.
Checked and kek'd, brothers.
Now these are some fucking superb repeating digits. Kek has smiled upon you. Shadilay, user.

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watch 'em repeaters

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Check em

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look at my repeaters

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Double down

Gucken main doppel

sAMe DIgiTs

Watch me not get dubs.

>dubs checked


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