Would you?

would you?

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Would I what?

would you?

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no. ugly

Maybe, she looks pretty toasty


I think she's a qt
toasty but cute

Great, now I want toast.

Nothing wrong with that on a Monday morn while listening to birdsong.

Post her feet.


she be fucks dogs doe!

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Lucky doggo

Proof or it doesnt happened

wwyd if u stuck alone with her on an isolated island with no hope to be found or survive?

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Sure I'd bang her on an island, even if not.
Look up the various books and movies The Bounty.

How can I send her money or gifts?

>ywn blow raspberries on her tummy

She's a qt without a doubt.

CALL 8675309

She doesn't look like a Jenny to me.

Got use the right area code, either 212 or some cali one.

she asks you to have a threesome with black male from Nigeria with 10 inches cock. what ur response be like?

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None, I wouldn't be involved with a cunt like that in the first place.

Makes me more interested.

What kind of human would be involved with a nigger?

Tell him to hurry up and get there so I can prep him and watch them go at it.

hmm let's see. i'm a guy, check, she's a cute girl, check.


she does not fuck blacks.

Trusting a nigger is shit right out of bizzaroworld and anyone that does trust a nigger deserves what they get.

I would serve her a nice dinner, yes

hell naw
now if it was you and me...
no homo

You pay for that bitches dinner while she's fucking the plumber. Don't be a sucker.

ugly whore

The Clash - Magnificent Seven - Tom Synder Show 1981


Damn you should have seen some of the ones in my HS class, a lot of those hotties were good friends though some went down the wrong path and ended up in prison, like this zoe chick. Total hottie but got into check kiting and forgery and got busted for it, then this Julie chick, she was drug dealing. Some of this shit is just plain goofy.

tldr faggot

Apparently you're the faggit, I bet you've never met a cute chick in your life.

you write like a hole. kys slut

At least I've fucked some hotties unlike a faggit like you that's never met a qt.

Challange of the Yukon

straight projection. have sex incel freak

That means so much coming from a faggit that uses a meaningless term such as "incel." Use English, bitch.

fuck off Emily

I'll get right on that one you faggit boi Lance.

Is your middle name Harvey?
Lance Harvey Cunt?
I got your name right there.

i know where you live Emily...

You may think you know who we are but we know who you are.

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pics or it didn't happen

you'll see, slut.

I'd need a microscope to see your little pecker, that's eurofaggotry.

you'll cry



Link to doggo-master love?

link plz now

No hope of being rescued?

Probably try and spark some relationship with her while we work together to survive. If she refuses and the situation seems like we are both going to die anyways. Probably wait until she falls asleep, and Jack off over her. Cum all over her face, ass, tits, hair, feet, etc. Eventually leading to touching after a few nights, and if she wakes up, just full rape her. If not, just keep going until she does.

more dsl

OP why have Ye abandoned us?