How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?

How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?
I'm gonna be visiting my uncle in America next week. Will they spit in my food if I don't tip?

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I usually just throw down a few single dollar bills, no matter how much the bill is. Like $3 or 4

You do realize that niggers Never TIP?

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If you're not tipping at least 50% than you're a bigot asshole who doesn't support the single mothers with mixed race babies who have to put up with your shitty customer attitude

I don't owe them shit for them doing their job.
>still leave a couple bucks
Just round up my bill. if its 84 I leave 90.


They won't have the chance to spit in your food for a poor tip because you will be paying after the meal. Tbh I never tip the waitstaff but if the food is exceptionaly good I will tip the chef

If you make minimum wage, you don't need tips, and if you don't make minimum wage, report your boss to the police. Tips are fucking stupid, theres no reason its still common practice.

Fuck tipping. We don't do it in my country.

For the love of god stop making this thread.

I tip like 33% to make up for the people who don't tip. I may be a Cred Forumstard but at least I'm civilized as long as I don't have to talk to anyone..


friendly reminder foreigners opinions don't count

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>My White friends all seems to tip 20% to 30%, more if the waitress was not a slampig. The few times I went out to eat wit nigger friends, they didn't tip noffin, so no more going out to restaurants wit niggers.

Are you a nigger or a jew?

Friendly reminder, enjoy going bankrupt because you called an ambulance after being shot.

Why do you post the same fucking thread every day?

You tip after you eat so it's only a problem if you come back with regards to shit in your food.
It isn't 'mandatory' but it's pretty rude not to. Generally 10% if they just did their job, 15% if they were friendly and/or service was good, 20% if it was especially good.
On small bills just round to a nice number.
Also, if the food was bad or the service sucked, it's okay not to tip.

People already expect foreigners not to tip. Plus how can they spit in your food? Tipping is typically done at the end of a meal. If ever asked if you want to tip before hand (in the case of paying with card) say no and that you've got cash.

American and I dont tip unless its exceptional service. Shouldnt be on the guests to make or break an employee's check.

Neither, I'm just a grumpy sous chef who is sick of listening to waitstaff cry. If they badgered politicians half as much as they come crying to me they would probably be making a decent wage by now

Wither wait staff get boku money and do alright, or they move in and get better jobs.

The turnout for wait staff is usually pretty quick. That's because most people aren't up for that shit.

this, also

tip. noun:
a small amount of extra money that you give to somebody, for example somebody who serves you in a restaurant.

i have a question: in USA the waiters do not receive payment or it's just the greedy personality from every american? in my country it is completely optional.

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It's a data collection agent. Do your part and fuck with the data. Same goes for Bernie and Trump threads. They just record responses and sell to info agencies. They think because we're anonymous that we're being honest because we have nothing to hide and no one to impress. Sure there's real responses from filthy casuals to this site who haven't caught on, but you can only educate so many.
You can always tell when OP doesn't respond that it's a b8 thread meant to generate responses.
This is possibly for the IRS so they can estimate how many untaxed tips are going unreported so they can adjust payscales or wtvr.

I say if you're not coming to Cred Forums with a small hope of somehow contributing to fucking up the natural order of things, however small that contribution may be, I don't know why you're even here.

In America typical minimum wage is between $7.50-9.50/hr (depending on the state).
But certain jobs, like waiters and pizza delivery boys, don't actually add anything to the business besides customer service, so they make like $3.50/hr because the customer is meant to subsidize this ultimately unnecessary service by tipping them.

All in all it works out for them. I'd say 90%+ end up making way more than minimum wage.

$0.01, just to let them know I know how to tip but I hope they have a shitty day

30 y old with a job that a 10 y old can do detected.

I usually dont tip, unless it brings my bill up to a solid number and stuff like that. But I live in the UK

actually, that's a good answer, thanks, mate.
I'm going to pet pizza boys well, from now on.

Regardless of the bill I just tip enough to make sure they are a couple bucks over minimum wage for the hour (extra couple bucks for them having to tip out).

European. Where you tip if you are thankfull for their service.

Why do you have to constantly fucking post this garbage? No one cares

Tipping is like washing your hands after you shit. No one is going to force you to do it, there is no law that says you have to do it. However if you don’t do it, you’re disgusting and you will (rightly so) lose the respect of all of your peers.

Only niggers tip less than 20 percent.

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In America waitstaff are typically underpaid the federal minimum wage under the assumption that their income will be supplemented by tips. I’d say most make $5 on average per hour without tips, (Outback is like $4.49 and Applebee’s is like $5.50) where the minimum wage is currently $10 per hour. Most people aren’t waitressing by choice and unless in some fancy ass restaurant, are likely living check to check. If you can’t afford to tip or are too proud of not tipping, you do not need to be dining in establishments that do not pay waitstaff a living wage. Should this be illegal? Yes, probably. Should you prove a point by “sticking it to the man” by not tipping? No. All this does is hurt people already not making enough money.

you know who should lose respect of their peers?

Grown ass 35 y olds who do a job a 14 y old highscooler is more than qualified to do then expect more than minimum wage

My Creative Juices are Pro

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Fuck off with that logic, its bullshit.

If a pizza in a restaurant costs 15 dollars and I have 15 dollars I should and I will go there and eat.

What you make for your job is ONLY between you and your employer. Idgaf.

Im a programmer and if I would cry to someone buying my software that I dont make enough they would laugh at my face.

Do a job that a 10 y old can do, and then you can expect to get paid.

Clearly never been involved with anything close to that position lol. There’s a reason most servers are about 30 years old on average. You need some thick skin to deal with the amount of demeaning shit many go through on the daily. You’d off yourself by week two.

manchild waiter detected

So you’re just a dick. (At pizza places since they have phone numbers/addresses of shit people, they will mess with your stuff).

You are retarded. A lot of high schoolers and college students are waiting.Thats what that job is. Part time for teens. If you are 30+ and your only option is to work exactly the same job as the 15 y old part timer maybe its you who should be offing themselves, pal.

At least im capable of doing a job where I dont have to beg so I dont get less than minimum wage.

How pathetic do you have to be to fuck with paying customers' food because they didnt give you a completely optional tip.

Then again, what do I expect from a 35 y old manchild who can only do a job that 15 y old part timers can do.

I don't tip at all if there's other people in the store. They'll get their hours worth of cash one way or the other

Saved this from the last thread as it's true.

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What they don’t show is the items ordered cause chances are they ordered a couple expensive steaks and nothing else. Most waiters spend about 10mins waiting on a table. I think $15 is pretty good money for 10 mins of work. ER workers and EMTs could be saving someone’s life for an hour and only get $15/hr. We should just make servers have no tips and get paid $10/hr


If we need to tip fucking waiters and waitresses then we should tip Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, and all the other people who's jobs are 100x more important

Whatever crumpled bills I have in my pocket

You don't tip your lawyer?

I feel bad not tipping those construction workers who rotate the STOP sign.

Be me in a pool hall few year back.
The bar is like 6 meter away of our table.
Waitress stop by and ask if anybody need anything.
Gets a 5$ bill out of my pocket and ask for a beer , waitress says a beer is 4.50$ and she won't walk to the bar to get me one if I have only 0.50$ as a tip.

Took our shit and walked out.
I'll give a tip for a good service.

But as soon as you act like you're own a generous tips for basic task or start arguing about the tips not being enough it's over.
You just lost tips and customer.

as a Eurofag it's fucking hilarious that this is a controversial thing in the states. some absolutely fucking crazy mental gymnastics to think that I should be paying extra on top of my bill to cover servers wages. I don't employ those cunts, the restaurant does.

some of my favourite service has actually been in Spain where my American pals thought the servers were rude because they would take your order and go with no chitchat, or talk amongst themselves while coming up to or leaving our table. I don't want servers to fucking talk to me, let me eat and leave.

>in b4 eurofag
lived in America and Europe nearly equally in the last thirteen years, cucks. America has some good stuff for a visit but you couldn't pay me to live there anymore.

I only tip vietnamese people