Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
Old Codes Edition
First 24

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Nao Kaizaki

gracias SeƱor

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Good luck :)

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have fun

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Smoll princess

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Horny Greg

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M'name Jeff

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Good luck smoll one

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The Forgotten Anime Girl

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Group of trannies

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The Arbiter

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Divine Cat

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Too cool for school

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Nagato Yuki

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We using a (somewhat) old code that doesn't get used as much. Mado likes it , though
Everyone ready?

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Yes, I can't wait to lose on the first day when they all kill themselves.

>nb4 all the cute waifus die first

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I'm ready!

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but mado no here?


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Mado is dead. This is in memorium.

Goro killed Mado, the natural conclusion to the life of a host

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Nice trips

I guess we have enough room for too uffkins
We're going to have to add climbing to the to-train list, Riamu

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i can't believe Mado is fucking dead

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It's not easy, being squeezy...

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I think it's a meme

I'm sorry Megumi ;_;

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It isn't.

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Didn't mention it yesterday, but Very High Deathrate games usually take from 10 to 15 slides, excluding deathless ones

That in itself is a meme

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I cant believe Goro was poniko all along

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I hate unbeatable challenges.

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Speaking of wich...

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Consider it a valuable life lesson.

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Oh hey a feast

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Snufkin gave the Gators cancer.

I'll try

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Only one nuffkin left

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I'd like to vote for the weird hippo.

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Buffkin kills moomin amd rapes the corpse as victory.

Are these related?

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Winner! I'll g o get the lube...

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and stats

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Congratulations strong snufkin.
thanks for hosting rigs

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thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting Rigger :)

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Anime gang on suicide watch

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thanks for hosting, man

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RIP district 9
Thanks for hosting

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>4 kills
So much for being a pacifist.

Thanks for hosting.

And congratulations to Buffkin, I guess...

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new game?!??!


Thanks for playing yalls

Maybe later

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