Fb /insta thread

Fb /insta thread

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all the sluts on the last thread sucked post good ones

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jesus christ shut up

Smash or pass?

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No u

Want her wearing less?

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1 and 2

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i'm on the crapper right now with violent diarrhea and seeing her ass like that made me think of her gurgling out a sewage waterfall



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Have her leave her glasses on as I do it. Then I'd slide down and spread those legs and fuck her missionary to start, watching those tits bounce...



More Dr.Hall please

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Continue please

OP continue these babes

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Go on

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oh shit im gna need some sauce

More of that body

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Standing in that outfit?

well holy fuck righty

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friend's slutty gf

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shes amazing

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She is amazing and so cute

wanna see both in bikini

fuck yea


After a few hours, you've really worked uo a sweat, and her whole house is looking clean. Still sitting on her couch, she asks you to kneel.

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need ALL

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Love this thiccc slut

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Okay then I'll kneel

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Then I'd throw her leg over my shoulder and continue fucking her. Watching her moan. Her phone rings... It's her boyfriend calling...

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Interest in steph?

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I wanna colonize that

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I'll fucking cum for her

very much

What is her IG?

more bikini

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Aw shit

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OP you here?!

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fuck yes more of both

Better? How many guys do you think she's had in her?

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She needs a good pounding

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want to see this black bitch's ass?

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is there a clear favorite here?

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Who dis

bukkake material

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There's one last thing, if you want to pass my class... pull out your cock and stroke for me.

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Right should suck me off

Very interested in this little fuck doll

Keep going please

That she is

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fuck off

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In tight dresses?

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i would deepthroat this bitch til she's on the edge of death, then nut in my hand and smack her in the face with it

I agree, she also needs to serve white cock

Glad you like them

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tits or ass?


can do

She says hold on.. picks up the phone and begins talking to him. I slowly fuck her. "Oh nothing just laying around", she says as her mouth drops open and looks me directly in the eye. I grab her thighs and slowly pick up the pace

OP from the other thread still here? Need more left

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You got it boss

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Saving? She's had a lot more than 6. There was a story of her taking part in a gang bang

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more bikini?

Left is great , moar

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Me wants see niggur bum good sir

He sadly abandoned us

You can see her nice round ass in that reflection.

any less clothed?

That’s fucking hot.

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itd be a shame if any of her friends or god forbid her dad found these

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big time stroking

Do you have her ass or some pics in bikini ?

Mmm left is cute

Keep her coming

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Who takes your cum and how?

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Yes. 10 at a new year's party! Easy meat. Saved her pics?

very cute

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Bad girl, finish her off

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Wow I wanna plow left keep going, amazing

what a good little slut

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go onnnnnn


want more?

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NEED more

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what a hottie

Younger pic of her

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Left by gargling hard, I’ll spitroast her



For sure

kindly requesting everything of her

God damn more plz

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keep goinggggg

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More pls

good tits?

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Hnnng feels so good to fap to her

Something about her is getting me hard.

Don't stop, I'm going to stroke to her.


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hot af

She watches halfheartedly as you awkwardly start to stand. "No," she stops you. "Stay on your knees."

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I love right

I begin to fuck her relentlessly. She's breathing heavy and her bf asks if everything is ok. She says "yea, hold on one second" she throws her phone on the bed and behind to moan for me again. It's sending me over the edge.. she begins to cum. I pull out and fucking cum all over her tits and face, covering her glasses. She opened her mouth as I did it to make a show of it. She grabs her phone and then...

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Fuck that's hot

Don't stop

Good choice

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can't hold it

god damn that ass

drop your kik/discord i got a modest folder to share

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Got any more?


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Slutty huh? She's had a lot of cock. Want more of her? Saving the pics?


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I know user. It’s amazing

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Nope sorry

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I gotta get off soon but do you have disc?
I’d love to fuck her ass then make her suck my dick

Hold it. I’m getting to the good stuff

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so goddamn hot MOAR

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Holy fucking shit I want her


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edging harddddd

Fuck yess

What a pity, but please continue her


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Don't fucking stop

I'm fighting back the load but still edging slowly. She's going to her a huge load when I pop


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So cute. Carry on



Bikini or ass?

"Because I said so!" she snaps. "Or don't you want a passing grade?"

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Her boyfriend says "what happened?" She says "nothing someone was at the door". I'm still straddling her and she begins to clean my cock off by sucking it. She's conversing with her boyfriend, looking me in the eye and sucking me off great. She pushes me off her and I lay on my back...

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damn i would fuck her shit up

made for cock

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absolute babe

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Want to guess the total number again?

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""photo of me and my sister"

She barely takes any bikini pics unfortunately

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Mmmm don't stop

outta pics but keep going


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Not the best but its the best I got

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Would impregnate/10

little pouty brat needs it rough

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holy fuck shes incredible! bikini?

hot af

Sauce me and I will

so glad I am saving it

WOW keep posting, stroking rn

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Its great keep her coming

Hey that's a good one though don't stop w her

She looks like she loves it rough

edging getting difficult

nice, bikini?

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holy fuck

good rapemeat

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god i want to fuck that armpit while she wears that outfit


Why’s that? You gunna jerk off to her again later?

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Post all you got on the blonde. Saw her yesterday

Fucking awesome

Don’t plan too

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sexy! less clothes?

Fucking hell she's so hot

I'd love her to tease the tip of my cock with those fingers before wrapping her hand around and jerking me off

Top or bottom?

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probably every day


Delicious chubby little body love her ass

She is. I'm so attracted to her

Love the dresses. So hot

You like her?

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her tits are insane. where she from

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can't wait to bust

Love this slut

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hows this

Attached: 77.jpg (491x767, 67K)


can you dump on volafile?

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you OP? post more

Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-15-18-33-09-1.png (585x720, 384K)

would smash

holy ass

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Hngg right

Love her, any bikini?


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omg wow, what a wonderful girl, please have more in dress

oh shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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built for fucking

Can't hold

any with bra straps/cups showing behind that shirt?

I would lick every inch of her body... wonder if she'd twerk on me?

I wanna pound her ass

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Sexy dress


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what ababe holy shit

Good choice her name is Chloe

Attached: FB_IMG_1582424867050.jpg (720x537, 30K)

Keep going. More flesh

thicc slut

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Attached: 9E88F5F2-7C91-4BA3-8995-3D3D631C4C31.jpg (1050x1211, 235K)

Interested, got nudes?

Sweet Jesus she's fuckable

tits or ass?

Attached: 1325088885.jpg (537x720, 90K)

Oh god. What a perfect tight little body. Those tiny tits are fantastic.

More please

Attached: Screenshot_20200224-102919~2.png (740x1490, 1.23M)

She works at a strip club and she’s from Miami

Attached: 0D7791FE-A4D3-4738-9885-27C747100E93.jpg (1242x1045, 506K)

best pic to finish?

Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-15-18-32-59.png (1280x720, 776K)

Attached: 1578473382892.jpg (481x805, 101K)

How is her ass

How do you cum for her?

Attached: Screenshot_20200224-103034.png (360x841, 426K)

Attached: Screenshot_20200223-223955~2.png (832x1920, 988K)

discord bro?

whats that goddess name ?

got nudes?

New Thread

Oh fuck, youll continue in next thread or discord ?

Love her and all her friends. I bet none of them even have panties on.

Of course but More in next

Would you dump all you have of her in a Cola if i start it please.

I could cum to that o we and over again

Continue in the next thread?

God damn, keep posting