Who wants to see more

Who wants to see more

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Go ahead

Don't wanna give away the good ones right away

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Then peace out.


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What do you guys think? Should I keep going?

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Not really.. no.

There is already a post for slam pigs

Your my friend and your at my house. You walk into the next room and see my wife like this what would you do to her

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I second this, save this beauty for yourself.

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Get on top of her and get at it rather she wants it OR NOT.

Take her ass or pussy?

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Hop in dat ass

Fuck her vajay hard.
Bounce her cheeks on me.

Her pussy gets super wet

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and swollen

Any hole you want

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Her bag is hawt stuff.
Looks tight and so wet.

My dick isn't very big. So I wonder how she would do with a big dick..... I'm the only guy she's ever been with

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thats a really pretty pussy

What would you do to this pussy?

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9/10 must see bare ass

Her vajeena is so good looking I need it in my life.

Like this?

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Show gaping asshole

I don't think in big enough to get her to gape. Closest thing I have

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KeEp showing her ass

Does she like to be rimmed

What would you do to her ass

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I'd rim her for hours and hours
Skype or discord ?

Rough or gentle

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Say hello to it, then steal a big kiss on it.
I want her.

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I know what I'd do, put her on a strict diet and force her to go to a gym daily.

Nah, her thighs and ass are perfect.

Dude post her ass standing up.
If she has any thong pics that's good too.

Like this?

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Gawd. Yes that is PERFECT. You lucky.

nope they are fat and disgusting

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