22 male does anyone know what the fuck this is or have it themselves

22 male does anyone know what the fuck this is or have it themselves

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Had it for a couple years but I haven’t had a check up in that amount of time either I just wanna know if this is cancer

Looks like an old burn scar.

Hard to tell w/o a close up, but if not a scar it would simply appear to me pigment... so a birth mark.

No irregular edges or raised surface, plus with the bi lateral symmetry there is no way it's cancerous and has no evidence of being ring worm.

Are they tender or at all different from the surrounding tissue (softer, painful, firmer, etc)?

I've had this for as long as I can remember. No idea what it is or does. But it looks exactly the same and is on the exact same spot.

I have the same thing and was told by a dermatologist it was just excess skin pigmentation.

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Just change in skin pigmentation. Where you taking any medication or supplements last 3 years? I was getting allergy shots as a preteen and it caused one leg to become piebald

It doesn’t feel any different or itch or anything like that it’s just two discolored circles
You think that’s it I almost assumed it was some kind of rash but it doesn’t feel rashy and I shower every day

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Just a birthmark, its a minor genetic defect. You can tell because it has a mirror copy on either leg

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No not really I’ve never taken any prescriptions besides like pain pills from wisdom teeth I’m not even vaccinated

Yeah I mean I’ve had eczema as well and looks similar but more red and kinda of scaly. Mine look exactly the same, same area as well, but my spots are larger. As long as they don’t turn too dark, start to become raised, or start itching you shouldn’t really have any issues short of it looking odd.

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Looks like bilateral gaids pigmentation
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lookin like a fungal infection dog
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thats ringworm man.
without question.
T. nurse for 14 years.

It is the rare Double-TickBite, you have Lyme Disease and will eventually die. 100%

That’s almost certainly some type is psoriasis, probably inverse. It’s harmless.

Its 100% tinea versicolor caused by fungal overgrowth, same family as ringworm. Get lotrimin on that shit itll be gone in 2 days



Just pigment.

Do you wear briefs, jocks, tight jeans, or do anything that would cause light but extended friction in the area?

You can use a simple bleaching cream to lighten them.

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its jock itch...got mine from the first girl i fucked..you have to get a steroid shot and a z pack..or some over the counter jock itch cream...the cream will only help a bit

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Looks similar to ring worm. I would try anti fungal cream from the shop, try it for a week. The location between your legs is warm and sweaty. If that doesn't work go doctors but get some cream it could save you the trip.

Best of luck user.

100% ringworm

I have them, but I'm pretty sure it was from being a fatty for a solid decade. My thighs would rub together there and it created a darker area.

It’s called a hair suit. And it’s gross, but not fatal.

I have the same thing, its a skin fungus and appears in areas where you sweat. Go to a doctor, he should prescribe you a ointment. If you use that it should go away after 3-4 days.

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can confirm. MD here, definitely ring worm.
You'll need a script for topical anti fungal

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