Why don’t any women find me sexually attractive?

Why don’t any women find me sexually attractive?

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You look fine so it is either your personality, your voice, or your mannerisms.

because youre fucking obnoxious

Fucking kill yourself, you ugly motherfucker
Seriously, you can't grow a beard for shit, you always look like you're about to cry, you look generally unkempt (learn to take care of yourself, damn), and don't get me started on your body


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Is that a picture of Jeremy but older? Fascinating

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Damn looks like we got a troll boizzzz

You're probably 5'7 so it seems that way

Explain it then. No other images of this found. Go fucking kill yourself.

GTFO newfags, brandon has been shitting up Cred Forums, whining about being an ugly piece of shit since 2010



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Imagine having a life so shit that you adopt an anime persona on Cred Forums.

keep growing the beard, looks pretty scrawny right now but has potential. Also smile, looking sad and moody is a bad look. Actual face looks pretty good though.

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I am :( should I kill my self

Imagine having so little worthwhile things in your life that you are bothered by someone posting anime pics of best girl

How's your life, user?
Genuine question. Most people on here spend too much time here, escaping from something. Why are you here, what are you escaping from?

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>no proof
>anime poster
Ok, troll.

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if you have to ask, you're overthinking it and thats half the problem
second half is you a bitch

try an asian country like japan or sth. Wait till after the plague though.

You're trying to hard.

lmaoooo you still haven't figured out that what makes a person attractive on top of acceptable visage is an outgoing personality? a certain type of brevity?


>at least 375 images

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You kill yourself you fucking misandrist

Ew no. I like my own race

I can see it in your face, it's a lack of confidence so project some when you go out. You ain't super ugly but you ain't handsome either so you should be fine

You look sad. You look that you have been hurt. You look like you don't workout. You look like you don't have anything going on your live other than video games. You are good looking and have potential but you pity yourself clearly and are insecure. At that state of mind you do not look like you are good time to a stranger and you look like you are waiting for someone to come hug you randomly and comfort you.

This thread is an astroturf

I'm not gonna spoonfeed some fucking newfag

Kys retard

>what are image scrapers
I swear, Cred Forums is full of digital illiterates

I only have a passionate hatred towards Brandon

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>only 375 images

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Stop saying things that are true!
You're scaring people

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I now understand this thread. This guy who has been here a thousand times berating himself is actually the Nemesis of the OP.

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Why am I not handsome?

For my height, not handles = bad!!!!

I used to think I was plenty handsome



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I only bring love to you, user

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Fuck off back to /soc/, Brandon


If we're counting all images, I got you beat easily

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I may have a lot of yotsubas

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because grammmmmmaarrrrrr

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1k at most, surely
Danbooru has like 500. Did you grab em from pixiv?

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Because you act like a depressed loser.
and frankly, you look more like a frightened deer than a man a woman would think she can depend on when it matters.

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Missed you Brandon

Justin Long?

Who's Danbooru? There's one other yotsuba poster on Cred Forums, I see him a few times. He has like 90 tabs open whenever he gives a screenshot. I'm on my way to work rn sadly can't post another yotsuba except the few on my phone I have

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And no, they're not all yotsuba. I completely missed reading that. I do have maybe ~2000. ~5000 cirnos, around 500 suiseisuki and the rest are memes

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Danbooru is a website where anime images are catalogued.
Pixiv is like DeviantArt for japs
How many yots do you have?

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Because you look like the offspring of Benedict cumberbatch and curious George

finally this fag is back, I missed this pathetic thread

probably either really skinny or an abhorrent personality, if not then maybe you are just too shy.

Look its luke smith with his pubes trimmed and a toupee

Are u sexually attracted to yourself and why?

No but I think I’m handsome and that girls should initially think I’m kinda hot imo

It's the sad look on your face. They find your lack of confidence unappealing.

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Because you're insecure.

This is why I’m insecure? Every average looking girl I talk to finds me ugly

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Trust me, it's the insecure look on your face, that's all it is. Maaaybe get some random haircuts, see how they look.
The thing missing in your facials expression is "I'm a dude, You're lucky to have me".

>Telling a woman your problems
So basically, you're beta

You have serial killer ears.

Holy shit its Brandon

Being in the middle of the looks scale is the kiss of death. Not good looking enough for them to want to date you. Tho not ugly enough to think you deserve that treatment. Tho you should prob work on how you carry yourself.

How? The comments about my eyes for about 10 years now have made me completely insane

I literally think I look good. Can you explain to me why I’m just in the middle? I think it’s fucking obvious that I’m above average and I’m obsessed at trying to figure out how I’m not to people

And I would fucking carry myself much better if ANYONE found me actually attractive ffs it’s not rocket science

I’m like this for a reason!

You could give him an extra two points because the guy who is posting it is a psychopath who is shitting on the guy in the pictures, and has been doing this for a very long time.

I’m actually the guy in the pic. I have severe ocd and anxiety and I’m literally obsessed with how people perceive me so fucking low, and how I can’t get a first date at the age of 27. I’ve actually been obsessed for almost a decade, hence why I keep posting. I have no self control even though this hurts me a lot and I take every comment so seriously

Do you take meeee seriously, Brandon?

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I’ve been ignoring your posts

Yes I know but you've read them.
Do you take what I say serious?

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>I’m actually the guy in the pic.
No you're not. I saw those pix several years ago. If you were trulu OCD brainfucked, you'd be posting current pictures. I know how mental illness works. You are not the guy in the picture, you are the guy who has a grudge against the guy in the pictures.

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Nope. Get over it already. No woman is ever going to find you sexually attractive at a first glance.

That’s just my best pic. Add me on discord and I can get on a video call with you

Please move to reddit
They have a lot of rate me subs

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Truthfully, pretty handsome, but I would rape you and fuck your mom

Fuck off Brandon. You have a small dick.

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His dick is actually really nice

ok incel

No it isn't Brandon.

I’m not OP but I’ve seen him post his dick and it’s practically ideal

You look like you cry at the end of every romantic movie ever

repost it and prove me wrong. I'm guessing you saved the picture seeing as you love him so much.

I didn’t save it but it’s around average length and way above average thickness.

shut up brandon you stupid faggot
all of you are newfags gtfo

>>no proof
New fag. He's doing it for years.


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it's your personality. women are attracted to outgoing, confident, independent men who can provide for themselves, first and foremost.

Can you read

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it's not his looks honestly. I know way uglier guys than him who get laid on a regular basis. as I said women are attracted to confidence.