What are the most effective ways for non-medical professionals to commit suicide - which do not involve pain?

What are the most effective ways for non-medical professionals to commit suicide - which do not involve pain?

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What's the matter

I know you're not going to do this. You're just going to make excuses of why you don't want to do this. But...

If you get extremely drunk and go sleep outside in the freezing cold it would be a painless death. You just go to sleep forever. The alcohol takes the pain away.

You're still going to find a reason of why you don't want to do this. Pussy.

I don't want to do that. Can anyone think of some other painless way to off myself?

>The alcohol takes the pain away.
... not how reality werks.

Of course. Of course! Finding excuses

Yes. Scientific reality is an "excuse", if you want to phrase it like that. Correct.

Get an older car (without a catalytic converter) lock yourself in a garage, and leave engine running until you go to sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Firearms would be an ideal way to go. Quick, easy, the only thing you might feel afterwards is an ever-so-slight headache. But that goes away after a couple of seconds

So the scientific reality is that alcohol won't numb the pain of freezing to death, are you sure you want to make an idiotic statement like that?


Non-scientist detected

ye shall receive ... lets say 1/10. For your effort.

That's right, alcohol is useless when it come to numbing pain. Not even a massive amount of alcohol will numb any amount of pain. It's basic grade 3 science you mong.

>So the scientific reality is that alcohol won't numb the pain of freezing to death

Yes. Alcohol doesnt "numb" anything. It never did BUT people can delude themselves into being able to ignore it.

>are you sure.


Thank you for the suggestion. Though I have been outside on many cold nights on the mountains, shivering and miserable. It’s possible that alcohol will numb my senses, but I am still concerned that I will just be drunk and shivering as oft. before, until the sun comes up.

Any suggestions with regards to an effective, easily gathered, concoction of drugs?


Why did you reply twice?

OP is just looking for attention

you have two options to die painfree. narcotics to make you slumber and never wake up or a rapid destruction of your brain.
Having something very heavy falling down form like 10 m smashing your skull into a 2D art sounds horrific but when you think it through, it's the very best 100% painfree death you could find.

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... are you high right now, son?






This is a good suggestion. However, I was hoping to be up on a mountain enjoying the view as I slipped away. Though I will keep this in mind

Firearms are a bit gruesome, and there is a risk of non-fatal injury. I appreciate the suggestion, though I was hoping for some means to die peacefully, and without marring my body

terrible nausea, stomach cramps, a lot of vomiting, dehydration ... and probably a painful death because of alcohol poisoning. Also : hypothermia, apparently ... which does not feel good at all.

Do you have a suggestion about the particular narcotics I can take? Thanks

Put a bag over your head filled with helium and you'll die soon after your oxygen supply is replaced with helium and you die without realizing it

if you have to ask, then the knowledge is not for you.

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I've done some research on this before and I'd go for hanging. Quickest and least painful if done right. There's loads of websites that'll help you calculate the drop needed based on your weight.
Most foolproof way for anyone without access to guns like hunting rifles or the like.

Narcotics aren't super easily obtained, your better off slowly dying from lack of oxygen without pain

But I side with some of the anons here. As long as you're worried about it being painful or leaving a nice enough corpse you're not going to do it.
Someone who's desperate enough doesn't care anymore.

Then don't kill yourself, you aren't ready

But why should anyone want to end their suffering with more suffering? Beyond the symbolic significance of reducing pain, there is the desire altogether to avoid it if I can. Further, I should still not wish whomever finds my corpse to come upon some bloody or indecent scene for their sake if not mine. Also, though I shall die, there is a possibility in my mind that the way in which I commit suicide (by marring my body for example) will be reflected in my form in whatever follows death if anything.

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Were I able to find some way to cut off my oxygen, without having the feeling of drowning or such similar effect, this might suffice. But I should not wish to die with a bag over my head, and be found in such disgrace as a corpse.

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trying not to commit suicide is also a good way to go commit suicide.

Thank you

I appreciate that hanging is a tried and true method. But on two main accounts I am drawn away from it. Firstly, I should like to die on a mountain overlooking some natural scene. Secondly, I should not wish anyone to find my corpse hanging

Donate your organs, there are people who need them, don't be selfish

I don't remember where I found this but I hope it helps.

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shotgun forehead

This is useful. Ideally I should like to find a lethal quantity of cyanide, or if not, discover which household “toxins” will result in an effective concoction

I don't know if cyanide is legal in most places but I wish you luck.

>What are the most effective ways for non-medical professionals to commit suicide - which do not involve pain?
>do not involve pain
>Shotgun to head agony 5.5
>Cyanide agony 51.5
>This is useful. Ideally I should like to find a lethal quantity of cyanide

You are so fucking stupid that I am in agony.

In appreciation, thank you

I did not look over the document carefully, but upon revisiting it, now I should not wish for cyanide, but rather some concoction of (illegal) drugs which will, in effect, slip me out of consciousness

>most effective ways
>illegal drug overdose lethality less than 50%
>you're still fucking retarded

literally just shotgun forehead, dumbass. It's cheap, instant and 99% effective.

I wanna fuck this bitch.

Shotgun to the head. I guess it's one of the easiest, nothing much for prep besides a shotgun but you have to make sure that no one has any contact with you or anything. If you survive that shotgun blast, you're going to look fucking ugly for the rest of your life and wish you're dead again

I will mention once more to clarify -
My intent is for suicide, but my necessary constraints are: nearly painless in sensation, without marring my physical body, and such that I may die in some scenic natural place with an overlook

>without marring my physical body
Oh, so you're just a complete fucking faggot. Got it.
Protip: you're not ready for it if you're concerned about stupid vain shit like the state of your body afterwards. This is literally just for attention. You need a fucking therapist, not technical advice, because at this point you would purposefully fuck up a suicide attempt (even one with a 99% success rate).

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Then get a dryer hose (only a few bucks at hardware store) and rig it to the tail pipe and route it to empty inside the car, through the window.

i did this without meaning to do it and im still here user. i just woke up to the sun coming up and i was very cold

Go to the nearest train track and stand close but not so you can be seen by the train driver. When it's close enough, go lay down and have your neck/shoulders on the track so the train decapitates you. It'll be scary but your head will fly off and hit the underside of the train so fast you wont feel a thing.

Why hasn't this been posted yet? Here you go, just get it done. Goodnight, faggot.

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Holy shit the excuses just keep coming. What the fuck do you care, you fucking faggot? You'll be dead, which is the point.
>scenic natural place with an overlook
Get the fuck out of this thread you retarded piece of shit.

Why are you killing your self dood?

This may be the best comment. Thanks mate

No problem, hope it all works out.

Is this faggot dead yet?

>Train guy
Put your death into the nightmares of some innocent man for the rest of his life? Imagine being this selfish.

All helium is now sold with oxygen content to prevent this.

suicide is inherently selfish, so it should be surprising