Canada thread need some 519

Canada thread need some 519

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Annie D, cambridge

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Why the fuck would anyone here want to see some clothed 6/10? Post nudes or dont at all.

any 450 514 up to trade?

Katie 519

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Kik frequenthead to trade 807

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you only looking for 807 ?

My name is kasia majewski 604

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Kingston couple

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Still clothed you fucking meathead.

newmarket wins
kik nytb65

lol he's been posting the same shit for years anyway, most of these threads and just people reposting the same shit pics

Anyone got the cord code for Canada or land o slut

Anyone know Christina or Vanessa originally from Brampton

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Shannon B,est of Barrie and grande prairie area anyone?

just go back to posting her on reddit and cumonprintedpics, no one cares about her Agacb

I have GP area yes

And Shannon now has a couple kids and isnt anything to look at anymore...

anyone got Natasha Aughey wins?

she looks good to as much of her as you have!!

who has lily ehm?

Just waiting for the guy to request Sara W from he does every time there's a Canada post, never posts anything himself though other than an old facebook photo



I’d beg to differ, this is a couple months ago

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But I’m looking for anything from 2012-2018 really anyways


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If you were giving her cat-fish for me please kik countryblis145 Jaclyn f

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No one, you know that because you've asked in every thread and nothing has come up. These threads are why people are just sticking to trading on cords and volas

i got saint john 506 nudes, send first jimlaheyanon on kik. Sahara E and Mary C also Hannah M

fuck you bitch boy lol

Good one.

Anyone got the cord btw???

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Definitely need more 519

Stop trying to act sophisticated in a nudes thread man


Please share GP wins

Toronto wins?

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that the chick with the cuck husband?

More 604


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Aren't they fucking all fuck husbands?

Yes I agree



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Who is she? I always see her posted in these.

I feel like that is literally what half these threads are nowadays

xhamster com/photos/gallery/fresh-meat-canada-12474865

Not bad


name is shayla from outside calgary

Can someone post the cord?

Anyone got the Canada discord bros

Nice tits. What area of 306? And more?

i have a big save folder of her but havent seen that fuck pic in the gallery. More of those?

Someone post some GP and ill post some from 07-15 grads..

Any Tia Stang from Etown, now lives in GP?

Where'd she grad from? Looks familiar

Been looking for more of her. From GP.

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how many pics you got?

shes from grassland alberta

a lot. Had all those ones in the gallery saved already except for the fuck pic, which im not sure is real. heard about a BJ vid, looking for that too.

oh where did you here about a bj vid?

Name, address, social account names, and workplace please

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Are you her OP?

Both look familiar, have nudes?


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ahh - i was talking to her OP one night.

Any 905?

is the guy asking about 514/450 still around

705 jessica ellis?

what city?


[email protected]

Post her icloud wins

tiareskye7 is the pass

pwd is incorrect

Is this Danielle .m from kingston

No way i have hamilton. wbu?


still no luck :(

Damn, thats her FB pass, try other things SC ect

I am also looking

post your kik

Got more? Am local

>[email protected]
nada, whats her fb name? (email addr doesn't work)

Kik: Obama290

U try for icloud?

705 ssm?

Any 204 winnipeg?

Any 403?

Any 403 from FFCA?

Jamie? From Brampton

I got some, who you got?

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403 reporting for doodie

Who the fuck!?

Damn dude who?!!

>[email protected]
2 factor enabled dummy

Anyone got anything from 905? kik jjabrams21

What do you have?

Bout 30+

Any names?

Any Shelby t?

Sadly don’t think I know this circle of people. I’m Hamilton mountain

Any Samara S?

Ah well

Love to see those Eiryn C wins

You know Kristen G or Kayla M?

Last name on Jess M?


Any 902 here?

Who you got?


hey she goes to BU! :O

Got some niagara-hamilton

KW. 905 thorold. Anyone got?

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Her too

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very nice niagara

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any more of her?


Some York tits nice


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>I live in 403
>Literally no tard posters from here in Red Deer
>Literally 3 years ago found out one lived on the east end
>Bitch pussied out on the meet

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got any of the Deroo sisters?

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905 bumpity. Cord?


Any stevee/stevie? 905


More 250

I'm in the mood for some butter face bitches, anyone got 709 nudes?