ITT: infographics

ITT: infographics

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But what if I got small hands?

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kill urself

is this real or this a clever fucking ruse to get my dumb ass to look straight at the sun



then you likely have small arms and it will all work out with perspective

P.S. haha manlet

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What is this shadow clone jutsu?

Caveat: Works only at moderate latitudes.

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I miss the days when these were the types of posts on chan. What happened?

Im taller than my father but he has bigger hands

These are the types of threads you should chill and scroll through for hours, they aren’t meant for Cred Forums

Chan got flooded with new users who didn't know the difference between quality and quantity

These are the treads ive missed most on Cred Forums

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right... and putting my iphone in a microwave charges the battery instantly

Don't do this it makes mustard gas

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Fuck off Bernie

probably because your father worked with his hands for a living and u didn't

Read the infographic and give a reasonable argument against socialism
>protip, you can't

yes, but saute them veggies. just throwing them sucks

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Not Grandpa, user. I'm still mourning.

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Good to be cautious on Cred Forums.

It's real, but is less accurate the higher up the Sun is, and the farther you are from mid latitudes (say 30-50 either side of the equator). At the Equator the rate of descent is more rapid (15°/hr or 1°/4min), and the poles it can take months.

As you go from the equator, the Y-component of angular setting speed is about the your latitude times 15°/hr. So at 45° lat, it's about 10°/hr = 1 deg/6min. Then there's a fudge factor: the closer the Sun gets to the horizon, the slower it seems to set due to atmospheric refraction. So doubling the time is the fudge.

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Amazing how spry that man was at his age

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Ew why i gotta be Dawkins. Cant i just stand and the corner and get in the robot?

not only is that a completely retarded graphic, but in fact it has been proven a million times over to be 100% false based on numerous published studies
not sure who even started that old nonsense from hundreds of years ago, but any moron with half a brain ought to realize in 2 seconds that variables such as deviations in the height of landscape on the horizon, the thickness of ones' fingers, the length of ones' arm, and the differences in angles from the height of ones head (and thus eyes) in comparison to ones shoulder (from which the arm extends), leads to all kinds of different numbers that vary drastically

only a complete moron would even post that "info"graphic as it is the opposite . . . ignorant misinformation

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The amount of product placement in this jesus christ

Are you okay?

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Hi Trump, I didn't know you were on Cred Forums...

This But then literally every one of these infographics are retarded. They range from being complete bullshit to being half-truths at best. If infographics were useful, they'd be in textbooks. There'd be citations at the bottom as it took someone hours to make it so why not include a simple line of text with a citation in small print at the bottom? Oh yeah, because they are all bullshit for retards.

this is fantastic.

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But then what if it rains?

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>10 thousand pixels wide

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Carry a real one as well

What the fuck is parecetic acid?

this on is completely fucking stupid
keeping your testicles cool actually has the opposite effect--decreases testosterone
also, lifting weights is also known to DECREASE testosterone levels long term and that short and very small boost during workouts is balanced over time by the body down regulating testosterone
the study in the 1980s that showed an increase was funded by a supplement company and it was shown after that they selected specific age groups known to always have increasing testosterone levels so anyone over 20 is going to see the opposite effect
put another way, increasing release during a workout does not mean increasing production levels, and certainly not during the resting state--you know, 98% of your day--when the exact opposite occurs to compensate for increased rate during a workout
if you measure net circulating testosterone levels throughout the day, and over time, they actually decrease
it's also precisely why bodybuilders need to take testosterone on the side--because their bodies stop making normal levels, and also why when they stop lifting later in life they shrivel into nothing

Yea. That's how communism works -_- fucking liberals I swear, never learned history

5. Lower Estrogen
"Fat converts testosterone into estrogen." What? How fucking retarded is this? "Fat" doesn't convert shit to shit, anywhere, at any time, ever. Fat is nothing operative in the body at all. Fat is nothing but energy to the body. To suggest your love handles or fat ass is actually acting as an enzyme or part of the Krebs cycle in biochemically converting anything is complete retardation.

>avoid bpa's
>avoid canned food
>don't store fatty foods in plastic
BPA's (bisphenol A) haven't been used since the 1980's at any significant level. There have literally been thousands of studies showing that the level of BPA's needed to cause negative health effects would have to be 10,000 x that of current levels in the very few products they are even used in at all to this day. Further, while BPA at those ridiculous levels have been shown to affect fetus and infant brain development, there has never, ever been a study to show they affect testosterone levels, nor does that even make any sense at all given the chemical nature of BPA's and how the body would store and deal with them. Absolute rubbish

Are idiots actually taking the word of some moron who put together some ridiculous graphic?

so by this graphic, nobody should ever watch porn because it decreases testosterone and makes you less manly

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did you yah know read the line directly fucking under it?

Oops. I forgot *cosine times* your latitude.
Still... it's rough. Don't set time bombs by it.

Hand techniques/positions/mantras for the purpose of masturbation.

This graphic must be a joke. None of the hot dogs on there actually exist except the "Coney" which they got wrong btw, and that's it. There are no "Sonora" or "Tijuana" or "Colombia" or "Japan" or any of those other hot dogs. Mexicans don't eat hot dogs at all. My uncle literally owned what was a pretty famous (mainly) hot dog restaurant for 16 years in Chicago, went to all the conventions, knew every vendor and everybody in the industry. I worked with him for almost 5 years but had no desire to take over the business so he closed it. The only type of hot dogs out there are the regular hot dog, the Coney, and the Chicago style. Idiots from Michigan argue they have a Michigan style, but everybody in the industry laughs at them because it is nothing but a poor man's Coney. The "Germany" one is not a "hot dog" at all--it's simply called a "weiner wurstchen" (little sausage), served naked with no bun, etc. (unlike a hot dog) and the mixture of meats is different from the American hot dog. There is only an American hot dog. All the rest of that, Mexican states, Japanese, etc., is 100% false, not to say it's impossible to ever find an American hot dog outside America, but it doesn't get a new name and label just because one restaurant, one time, in Timbuktu served an American hot dog.

Actually lots of hotdogs in LA are bacon wrapped and offer cheese and jalapenos

thank goodness, ive been eating canned chicken noodle soup for ages because sometimes i dont have time to cook and i was just thinking my dick was about to fall off.

thank you informed man. you saved me many anxieties

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errr, i'm mexican and we don't have hot dogs in mexico
some ameritard must have made that up

this hot dogs were derived from the german franfurter, which is technically different from the hot dog, which was invented in chicago directly by extensive german population
the hot dog became famous from the chicago world's fair because of they were then referred to as "dachsund sausages" due to the germans propensity to have dachsund dogs
in germany, they were always served cold
chicago made up a different mixture of meats, made them larger than the german frankfurter, and served them hot and in a bun, with toppings (unlike germans)
the name got changed at the chicago world's fair to "hot dog"
there were no documented instances of the use of "hot dog" prior to this

No doubt people eat all kinds of food in all kinds of different ways all over the place, but . . . this doesn't make low frequency use a "style". There's only 3 recognized styles of hot dogs. Standard dog, coney, and chicago-style. Nothing else. Just like there's not 287 genders, despite idiots recently claiming otherwise just cuz they say so on the internet. Somebody saying something doesn't make it true. People have opinions, lots of them, but reality is reality.

Example: if I mix cat food with dog food in a 2:1 ratio and feed it to rats, I have not invented "rat food". Why? Because my neighbor mixes his in a 3:1 ratio and feeds it via funnel into his wife's ass before he extracts it via pneumatic siphon pump into her mouth, thus creating "wife food".

Who decides the 3 styles??

>hair conditioner
>don't do it
anyone wanna take a stab at this?

this as a poster in hr offices
>please point where you see yourself
>hmmm, your parents names suggest youre a toaster, kowalski

>7 items in your home that might start a house fire

1. leaky dishwasher
lol, there is zero chance of this
not only is it impossible for water to leak into the "heating element or electrical components" (because they are double-sealed by law) but also because a heating element in a dishwasher doesn't get hot enough to do anything but to heat water to not even a boiling temperature and the electrical components are "zero" as all of them are in the display well above where the water falls inside the sealed area
2. batteries
>when terminal touch each other
are you literally retarded?
do you literally think a 1.5amp battery shorting (it doesn't short at all, it'll just get hot) could start a fire? try it. good luck. you'll see that it barely gets hot even. even a car battery with 700 amps barely produces a spark, let alone a "fire"
3. coffee creamer
fucking what?
4. pistachios
so retarded
5. birds & bees
are we still in my house?
6. oily rags
evidently i live in a car repair shop or am a dungeon explorer armed with a torch in the middle ages
who the fuck has "rag", uses it to clean up "oil" and decides to throw this with all the other, many oil-soaked rags together in the oil-soaked rag heap in the middle of the living room?
wtf even
7. flour "it can explode"
just go try to light flour on fire right now
see how far you get before you decide that these "infographics" are all made by retards for retards

fyi, not one of those 3 citations exists
just look at all those dashes


> Step 1: Use your hand to lift your phone.
> Step 2: Say aloud, "Google, how long until sunset."

> cat is idiot
> all chart is full of idiocy

Kinda make opposite sense...

>> Step 1: Use your hand to lift your phone.
>> Step 2: Say aloud, "Google, how long until sunset."
>> Step 3: Google replies, "What? Today?"

The *theory* of socialism is fine, but it doesn't work in practice. It never has, and it never will. Even so, most of the planet will end up socialist, and this will lead humanity into a new dark ages.

>Who decides the 3 styles??
Again, time decides. This negates your "who" inference of subjectivity.

Certainly, no idiot, or band of idiots with an agenda, or some fake organization self-proclaimed expert on the internet. Oscar Meyer doesn't get to say, so why should some idiot get to say who decides to post on a wiki or whatever? Time weeds out all falsehoods and flashes in the pan.

wrong on each and every level
-the heatr in the dishwasher easily can glow red if fired without water cooling
-a car battery can make almost anything metal glow red, then explode and splatter acid everywhere, which is sulfuric and will burn organic matter
- coffee creamer is fat powder and will explode if dusted over an open fire
- same for pistachios. not the 500g bag you have at home, we're talking big shipping bags
- a birds nest in a chimney will tell you what. bees can nest in between walls and generate a whole lot of heat
- a few oily rags in a bin are enough. just spill a bottle in the kitchen and try. or do a renovation and paint some doors or something. you'll see
- flour -> dust explosion. go search on youtube. try "birthday sugar explosion" or something: a sugar powder coated cake plus candles and someone blowing them = no hairs. same goes for flour: just spill some in the kitchen, have a candle or gas oven ready and blow the dust away.

No matter how faithfully you implement socialism, or how much of it you use, eventually you run out of other people's money.

honestly, those stupid brit babble shit graphics are about the most retarded things on the internet
imagine how retarded the moron is that takes the time to make up nonsense
also, if there ever is anything even remotely funny about them, it gets old as fuck after about 2 seconds
i'm sure kindergarten teachers read tons of that type of crap all day long
isn't funny even a little . . . unless you're retarded yourself

this socialism has never done anything but fail
the reason is simple: someone has to pay
redistribution of wealth towards making everyone economically equal sounds great because they use the word "equal", but it is the opposite of that
at some point, those that actually create wealth are disincentivized to do so anymore and the whole house of cards falls
what is incentivized is NOT working at all
then everyone gets in line for their free government handouts
then the government runs out of money because no other governments want to do business with a nation that creates nothing and has lazy workers who don't want or need to work at all because the government is taking care of them
socialism always, always, always causes collapse
no economist of any higher level has ever done anything but laugh at this concept of governance
it is just something imbeciles who want to get elected and want more power say to retards to get their votes, while laughing at them behind closed doors

>self-organizing network of autonomous communities and cooperating workers

In other words, "It just works"

Top yikes, my guy.

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Maybe I've been to much in this chan: this kind of idiocy was fun when most of us wanted to make some sense and even got into real arguments trying to make a point.

From like five years to now, this place is full of this crap and people trying to get attention about how stupid or disgusting they can be.

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You've only been here five years? Shut up newfaggot. Eventually you'll look back and realize Cred Forums is as it ever was.

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maybe you should learn to read before sitting your ass in the keyboard

just saying

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This is the correct one. Stop posting that one. I left that shit on the bottom there just for you

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Bernie is not a socialist. He is a marxist, plain and simple. I have no idea why people even label him as a "socialist", and even more deceptively, he tries to spin it as him being a "socialist democrat" yet socialist democrat does not exist. It mixes two disparate concepts that cannot co-exist, like a "colorful blackhole". Socialism is incompatible with democracy because democracy is based in market capitalism allowing choice and power to flow to the individual. Socialism negates capitalism and prevents choice with power flowing only to the government. In socialism, the people become sheep and are limited in what they can do and what they are allowed access to in life.

Anyone that uses the term "democratic socialist" is a sheep that ate this contrived and totally made up term first invented in 2000 by Donald Busky and adopted by Bernie Sanders in 2016 when he realized the polling of the more accurate term "socialist" was ill received by the public, however, and in fact any scholar will tell you that the two concepts cannot co-exist and are at odds with each other. If the government controls everything, how can there be a "democracy" at all? In any form of socialism, the government never changes and those in power always stay in power and those in power control all the (fake) "votes". It is capitalism (an economic concept of free markets and choice) that gave rise to democracy (a form of governance by the people with choice). Socialism and the laughable fake term "Democratic Socialist" which does nothing but signify ignorance as to the speaker in commingling two diametrically opposed concepts, give no choice, either in free markets nor in voting as it concedes all authority to the government alone, which always winds up being a dictatorship in the end whether intended or not as an inevitable result. It has never ended otherwise in centuries of practice, anywhere for any people, and has always resulted in decimating a nation and its people.

> hurrr lokatmeh imma stoopid!!!

Ok discord tranny

Damn haven seen this in over a decade

i agree with you

not him, but i've been here from nearly the very beginning
you clearly haven't
/b was in fact very good, up until about 2 years prior to m00t leaving when he became completely hands off
most threads were oc
he also banned most of the threads that are allowed to run rampant on /b today due to ineffective mods
threads like "bbc" "cuck" "kik" "celeb" "pics you shouldn't share" (due to posting body parts alone), and all the billie eilish type of pr team crap that is here daily now, would have been permabanned immediately
if no one cleans up /b, what you get is third-parties that don't give a fuck about Cred Forums coming here to simply use this to promote their agenda and in the process, alienate all the users actually looking for content and contributing to interesting threads
/b was good, and the memes that say "b was never good" were always meant to be a joke
if you don't know this, you are the newfag

This There is a reason the traffic counts on Cred Forums have declined in recent years. Mods failing to ban the bullshit threads. Who would want to come here anymore.

Cred Forums and thus Cred Forums died when m00t left because nobody did anything to maintain these boards

lmao imagine being this fukkin dumb in 2020.

not him, but you sound retarded
in contrast, the user you reference sounds like a genius
how ironic you call him dumb
good job proving berniebros are retarded with that imagine comeback that anons stopped using like 10 years ago

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Yep. I used to live almost precisely on the equator. Sun goes down damn fast there.
Also given the different lengths of day summer to winter, it’s general at best.
I honestly can’t think of a scenario where this would be helpful anyway.

Weird. All I saw was coherent facts in his post. What was your intelligent response to him again?

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Acid that sucks your blood.

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> being this optimistically naive about socialism

bullshit. I'm trying it

Yikes, man.

Talk about kneejerk obsession. TDS is real.


Pretty neat video on it. That thing was crazy neat and its another thing we can blame on the commies for ruining

Thank you, this actually is really easy to remember when laid out like this

Superdog in chicago is the best goddamn thing ever.

Also, detroit (michigan?) style is just coney island without cheese. meat chili, onions, mustard, and a dash of joy

socialism is trash, and if you try to impose it on me I will shoot you. Does that resonate?

Research pistachios. I thought it was trolling too but apparently they do combust easily if not transported under the right conditions

Bernie Bros better hide, we are going to pound you into the dirt.

I'm a Buttbuddy

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why doesn't this cover fair catch free kicks?

Drop a bunch of wrenches on your head. Wake up when it's done raining. Ezpz

fucking sheeple on this fucking retard website. fucking retards say hes a "genius" lmfao wheres your sources dumb cunt? wheres anything to back up all the bullshit you're spewing from your mouth? nothing? didn't think so kys faggot


so... that guy must have a gun because he wears a coat that is either open or closed, his hand is somewhere near a pocket, and his gait is not perfect... maybe three guns

paranoid much?

Lies! Depends on latitude. DELETE THIS.

Yeah that cylindrical breech is the best thing ever. Especially when it jams at a super high speed and blows up in your face

well, he can still roast you

This is absolutely not true.
A socialist can absolutely be democratic. Just take our current system of law making. President, Congress, and the Senate. And then abolish private property. What is hard to understand about that?
Also Bernie doesn't want to abolish private property, which is a fundamental tenet of pure socialism.

Most of these other things are wrong too.

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Yo soy El grande smokio y quiero El weedo

Don’t do this. This creates an autistic midget.

>This creates an autistic midget.
Not another one?