My gf wants to vote for Bernie but I want to convince her to vote for Bloomberg

My gf wants to vote for Bernie but I want to convince her to vote for Bloomberg

Any advice?

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Your both uneducated morons!!!!!

stop shilling and go fuck yourself kindly

get the fuck outta here Mike, you're using us to write your debate answers for you.



Go fuck yourself?

Killing yourself, or doing a murder suicide may be your best route in this situation user

Socialism has never worked
Hating the rich like they're Jews and you're Hitler does nothing productive
Taking money from the middle class to solve them not having enough money makes no sense

>>Hating the rich like they are the jews

The rich ARE THE JEWS, YOU FUCKING RETARD. I see what you are doing jobowitts

Not all of them

Shut up JEW, I can see through your trickery.

Makes no difference Trumps gonna win

Youre so evil you should kill your self.

My advice is to not post the same thread every single day if you want people to believe you are for real and not just part of Bloomberg's shitty social media team. Fuck off retard.

yeah, kill yourself

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Bloomberg got caught spending $10,000,000 on online "influencer" groups to make him look popular instead of the Democrat's poor attempt at a knock off Trump but with leftists flavor. Are you a paid off shill? You're acting like a paid off shill.

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kill yourself faggot?

that's my advice

Feel the bern.

Last one faggots

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Vote for bernie

I would advise you to vote for bernie

Why vote for a milquetoast woman-hating billionaire when there's already a better one in office? Bloomberg is just Trump in a blue hat with the capacity to form complete sentences.

Fuck off, Mike. Get your own material, you scab.

I hope you are not doing this for free, most of blomberg supporters are being paid so it would be sad if you are not.

Vote libertarian


Suicide is always an option.

just burn your house down, it's full of retards

Vote for Trump

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kill yourself, that would show her.

You're fucking mongoloid if you unironically support bloomberg. Just fucking vote for trump at that point, dumbass.