Hunger Games - 24 tributes

Hunger Games - 24 tributes

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Goro Akechi

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Bork Laser

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Dlanor A. Knox

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Ummm Mmmmmmmmmm

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Andy French

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god king

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Richard Rawlings

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The Arbiter

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Thot Patrol

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Dan Schneider

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Liz and Lilly

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Rosa "Best Mom" Ushiromiya

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Chester A Arthur

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Juice tube™

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Juul Cat

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i wanna die

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Not yet, not until story mode 5
Let's roll

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Hurry the fuck up OP


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܂Goodluck Megumi
District 3 got this!

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Good luck

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Fuck. Previous champion dead

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Can't read shit OP

The multiverse's a bitch

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No slide one death for me.

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Enable desktop mode


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*phone comment goes here*

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What happened to /fa/?

>Joins the Girl Scouts
I'll just turn it into the Inquisition.

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This wasn't even a federal building!

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Bork Lazer gonna winter it all

coomer took his place

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RIP District 3

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Damn! /Fit/ is Chad enough for anime

Hey can I get some Inquisition cookies then?

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I hope you all do really well!

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I may or may not have sabotaged his bike.

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i want thin mints

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That's gay OP. That's not what we talked about

Fine, I'll make some cookies.

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Son! Wished you had made it in, now we're stuck with Chet Arthur

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based God, fuck tha fake prophet
>That's gay OP
well... yeah, it's HG

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I was busy

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woofer no


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Bruh, why do I need to buy them? I work for them...

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Like this?

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>feast this quickly
oh no

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Hurry the fuck up OP


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Sorry, but no cookies.
Couldn't afford them.

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Is it my fate to always kill you Miss Liz?

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oh... ok

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lol no

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On the other hand, I also killed Mr. Rawlings

F Bork Laser

that's just the universe saying we have awful chemistry

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Fuck you man. Gone too soon

/fit/s gonna win this!

I had one day left before I retired!

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I dare to challenge the universe...if my head wasn't in a box

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and everyone died

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Help me make some steaks for Drills and Horns then

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okay father

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i think i'll stay eating thin mints with dlanor
thanks for hosting OP!

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Thanks for hosting KR, ily

You're gonna have to throw 23 next time

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Thanks for hosting man

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Thanks for hosting
>Thumbs up

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I actually knew it and rigged the game against you

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Thanks for hosting

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Wait what?! That's one of my tributes. I thought they all died.
That means I've won two HGs in a row!

thanks everyone for playing

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